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Warwickshire / BROOKS, John - Sutton Coldfield
« on: Wednesday 18 January 12 23:09 GMT (UK)  »
I am undertaking some research for a friend, and am stuck on some conflicting information regarding John BROOKS's parents, and I am hoping someone may be able to help with some definitive evidence.

John BROOKS married Dorothy FAULKNER, 10 Nov 1794 Sutton Coldfield. This information is fine, and I have all their children too, no problem.
BUT there is conflicting information regarding just which John BROOKS it was that married Dorothy and had all the children with her.
John no. 1 - born 5 May 1774 Sutton Coldfield, christened 6 May 1774 Sutton Coldfield.
(regardless of which John it is, he died 2 Nov 1828 Sutton Coldfield)
father: Francis BROOKS born 1737 Sutton Coldfield
mother: Anne MALLABAR
siblings: Ann, Fan, William, Amelia, George, James, Bessy

John no. 2 - born 5 Apr 1771 Sutton Coldfield
father: Charles BROOKS born 1740 Sutton Coldfield
mother: Ann BAKER born 1753 Tamworth in Arden
(married in Wootton Wawen)
siblings: Elizabeth, Mary

It is easy to see why there is some confusion. I have been hunting and hunting on ancestry for a tie-in document listing both Dorothy the wife and whichever parents this John has, but no luck. Nothing through google either. On ancestry, published trees have matched either John & parents with Dorothy and the children. And as far as I could read on their marriage banns, no parents were listed - and although there is a Brooks witness, I cannot make out the whole name.

Children of John and Dorothy are:
William, John, Elizabeth, Jarvis (Jervis), Jane, James, Mary, Ann, Hannah, Amelia, Henry, Emma.
While a match with the grandmothers name is found (they are the same for each possibility), neither possible grandfather's name has been used. Although, looking at possible sibling's names being repeated in their children, the information is leaning towards Francis/Ann as the parents.

I have names of John's possible grandparents from either match, and a bit further back, and it doesn't look like they are even related, as one line veers away from Sutton Coldfield into Nuneaton.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

Cumberland / Edmondson/Hodgson - Greystoke
« on: Tuesday 22 November 11 00:55 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for information on the couple John EDMONDSON and Esther HODGSON who married 14 Jun 1733 Greystoke, Penrith.

b. cir 1710
b. cir 1708

known children:
Ann b. 1734
William b. 1736

William EDMONDSON later married Isabel WHITE 1756, Greystoke; and Isabel GRAVE 1776.

I have found several possible matches on the IGI but nothing I can confirm.
Any help is much appreciated. TIA  :)

Cumberland / Todd/Mounsey - Dacre
« on: Monday 21 November 11 19:57 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for information on the couple Joseph TODD and Dinah MOUNSEY, married 5 Jun 1782 Dacre:

Joseph TODD
b. cir 1760 Watermillock
b. 1756 Dacre

children (all born Dacre):
Sarah b. 1783
Thomas b. 1784
Mary b. 1787
Jane b. 1789
Elizabeth b. 1791
Hannah b. 1793
Joseph b. 1796
Isaac b. 1798
John b. 1801
Dinah b. 1803

(Elizabeth TODD later married John ELLIOT, 1809 Watermillock)

I have found 1 possible match for Dinah MOUNSEY, via IGI, for a christening, but cannot confirm link as yet; and there are too many Joseph TODD's to pin down a correct match.

Any help most appreciated, TIA.  :)

Cumberland / Todhunter/Scott - Greystoke, Penrith
« on: Monday 21 November 11 19:28 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for any information on the couple John TODHUNTER and Esther SCOTT who were married 9 Jun 1757 Greystoke.

According to the IGI, several possible birthdate matches came up for each, so there are several similar people in the area at the same time.

I know of three of their children:
James b. 1761
Mary b.1763
Isaac b. 1768

(Mary went on to marry William ELLIOT in Greystoke, 1783.)

b. cir 1722
d. 1794
Esther SCOTT
b. cir 1725
d. 1805

All guidance appreciated, TIA. :)

« on: Tuesday 16 November 10 20:41 GMT (UK)  »
Harvey, John (have found no details for him)
married 18 Apr 1799 Puddletown, Dorset
Stickland, Martha b. 8 Jun 1779 Puddletown, chr. 27 Jun 1779 Puddletown
(her parents: Stickland, Richard/Ozzard, Margaret)

so far I have found 7 offspring, at least 6 are girls, and 1 unknown sex, all born Puddletown:
Elizabeth b. 1 Apr 1801
Mary b. 10 Feb 1803
Martha b. 1805
Martha b. 1813
Rebekah b. 1815
? b. 1822
Sarah b. 1825

Any help much appreciated, thanks. :)

Dorset / DAMER, Abraham & Mary (?)
« on: Tuesday 16 November 10 20:32 GMT (UK)  »
Proving elusive to find many details for this couple. :(

Damer, Abraham b: 1750, d. Feb 1826 Bincombe, Dorset, bur. 26 Feb 1826 Bincombe
occ: labourer, mentioned in national archives records re settlement and removal
married (details unknown)
?, Mary b. 1750, d. Dec 1824 Bincombe, Dorset, bur. 19 Dec 1824 Bincombe

two offspring found so far:
John b. 30 Nov 1776 Bincombe
Elizabeth b. 1779, chr. 17 Mar 1779 Puddletown

Any help or pointing in right direction would be most appreciated, thanks. :)

Dorset / COTE, George
« on: Tuesday 16 November 10 20:26 GMT (UK)  »
(other surname spellings include COATS, COATES)

b. (date unknown) Burleston, Dorset
d. be 1812
married 15 Mar 1802 Puddletown, Dorset
DAMER, Elizabeth b. 1779, chrl 17 Mar 1779 Puddletown (alt surname spelling: Dawes)

one child:
COATES/COATS, John b. 1803, d. 1848

I just cannot seem to find any more info on George, so if anyone can help or point me in the right direction, would be much appreciated, thanks  :)

« on: Tuesday 16 November 10 20:20 GMT (UK)  »
I have scant information on them, so they are a large brick wall. If anyone can help, would be much appreciated :)

Humble, Edward b. cir 1780, d. be 1841 census (it may very well be that he was born in England, but I really have no clue)
married 24 Jul 1802 North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland
Morton, Margaret b. cir 1781 East Lothian, d. aft 1841 census (I think she emigrated to NZ with her daughter Isabella Humble & s.i.l Michael Quin, and have her buied in a Wellington cemetery, but no date)

TIA  :)

Ireland / QUIN, Michael
« on: Tuesday 16 November 10 20:00 GMT (UK)  »
Born 20 Oct 1811, Ireland
moved sometime to Scotland
married Isabella HUMBLE (b. 20 Oct 1815 Prestonpans) 12 Jan 1840, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland.

In 1841 census he was listed as a blacksmith, and was probably away on a job, as his wife was elsewhere on census night.

In 1842, with their son John Alexander QUIN, and a Mary Ann STODDART (who I'm not sure how she fits into family, but could be Michaels from a previous relationship) they emigrated to New Zealand.

From what I have researched so far, I see that many Quin's are concentrated in one area of Ireland, but apart from that I've had no luck locating him, or even whether he went to Scotland on his own or with other family members, etc.

Once in NZ he became heavily involved in the Presbyterian Church - perhaps this may give a clue?

Any help or ideas much appreciated.

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