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Wexford / Mary Phillips (nee BURKE) of Ballinasillogue/Ballycanew
« on: Thursday 15 September 11 20:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I am looking for any info on the following:


BORN; c1902
DIED:  c1947

Any help would be most appreciated

Thank you

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Shropshire / HODGKISS of Shrewsbury-Madeley in Shropshire
« on: Thursday 15 September 11 13:17 BST (UK)  »

Looking for any Hodgkiss's around the areas of Madeley,Shrewsburyand Coalbrookdale,ETC in Shropshire from the 1600's onwards (or earlier)-I have a GGGGG Grandfather Thomas Hodgkiss whom married an Ann Whitacker in the early 1600's???

Any info, or if you're researching this same line then please drop me a line :)

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Wexford / Sutherlands in The Harrow, Ballyhaddock, Co. Wexford- HELP NEEDED
« on: Sunday 13 June 10 11:57 BST (UK)  »

Can anybody help me.

I am looking for any information on the following people....

Thomas Sutherland- Age 53 on '1911 Census'
Margaret Sutherland (His Wife)-Age 53 on '1911 Census'
Katie Sutherland (Their daughter)-Age 16 on '1911 Census'

According to the 1911 Census they where all living at The Harrow, Ballyhaddock, Co Wexford.

I am trying to find any info on them, such as Marriage, Birth, Death, their parents names, siblings, any family, anybody who think they may have descended from these people?

I know that the above also had a son William Sutherland/Sunderland and he was born c1890s. They could have also had othe children.

Anybody who think they can help then please reply here or send a private message, all replies will be answered.

Thank you for your time :)

Wexford / NOCTOR surname - help needed on this surname
« on: Saturday 27 February 10 00:24 GMT (UK)  »

Can anybody help me?

I am trying to find any information on my Great Great Grandmother ''ANN NOCTOR'' she married a Charles Burke in APPROX 1873's and they lived at Carrigreen,down the ferns road from the harrow, close to Carrigreen bridge- Co.Wexford. They had a Son ''Michael Burke'' Born c 1874. His God parents were Thomas Murphy & Ann Brennan.

Any help needed on the unusual name ''NOCTOR'' were does it come from and any info on my ''ANN NOCTOR'' please

Thank you :) ....''You can reply here or drop me a private message''.

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Looking for any Info on the Hodgkiss Family whom all lived around the Farnworth area from 1800's onwards.
Also any info on the St named  ''HODGKISS'' st in Farnworth in Lancashire,was there such st, also was it named after the Hodgkiss's?
Most of my Family/ancestors lived in ''KENT'' St In Farnworth Lancs.
Any info would be of great Help
Thank you

Can you help please
Looking for marriage of ''Thomas Furlong & Ellen Thorpe'' possibly in Co.Wexford between 1880-1890 as my G Grandmother Ellen Furlong ( Their Daughter) was born in 1890. in, the Milltown-Ballymore-Enniscorthy District.
Any help would be so much appreciated
Thank you

Wexford / Atkins Corner in Wexford??? Can someone help?
« on: Sunday 09 August 09 00:03 BST (UK)  »
Does anybody know about a place called ''Atkins Corner'' somewhere in Co.Wexford? I am thinking perhaps maybe around the Ballytracey-Boolavogue area?  Forgive me if i am wrong with this. But, somebody has mentioned this place as being named after my GGG Grandfather whose surname Was ''Atkins'' hence the name ''Atkins Corner''?
If anybody knows about this place and can help me with any information about it then please do reply as, i would love to know more.
Thank you

Can anybody tell me anything about the village Ballyduff nr Camolin in Co Wexford?
I am trying to research the ''Furlong'' Family But i can't seem to find any info or where to go to search marriage,birth & death records?

Biddy( Bridget) Furlong c 1880's? MARRIED A Mr Walker and they both came from the Ballyduffy village. I believe she had a sister called Ellen Furlong whom married a William Sunderland
I am hoping somebody on here is also researching these names and can help me in any way?

Wexford / Spanish Flu in wexford any info needed
« on: Thursday 06 August 09 17:31 BST (UK)  »
Can anybody help me...
I am looking for any information about the spanish/black flu that hit Co.wexford in 1918/19
My Greatgrandparents whom lived in Milltown ferns both parished in it and i was wondering where their small infant children would have been cared for- my mum mentions the convent in wexford but i know nothing so any help on all of the above would be great!
Thank you in due course

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