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I recently found out the maiden name of my ancestor Elizabeth -  who i knew was married to James Rose around the early 1820's (their kids births range from 1822 to 1842)
Her maiden name was written as SAMPSON on their youngest childs birth cert.

I looked on IGI and found

06 MAR 1821      South Elmham Saint James, Suffolk, England.

could someone please have a look for me so I can get the parents of these two.

Also - and I hope I am no too cheeky asking this, as this is the first time i have made a request.
could someone look for the Birth records of their children, all in the same parish

Eliza abt 1830, George abt 1828, John abt 1826, Robert abt 1825, William abt 1823, James jnr abt 1822.
(Godparents' names might help with family connections)

and finally
JAMES Rose abt 1800 - this should give me his mum's name
I dont think Elizabeth Sampson was from that Parish. I have one census return from 1851 that has been mistranscribed by Ancestry as 'Medmenham' but which looks more like 'melleacham'.
I have no local knowledge of Suffolk (the Rose family moved to Lancs/cheshire, and I live in Ireland) but I thought the best match I could find was MARTLESHAM.
If anyone can help with that I'd appreciate it

All the best

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