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Glamorganshire / help with naming people
« on: Wednesday 23 February 11 13:20 GMT (UK)  »
The first photo was I believe was taken in the mid 40s in south Wales it shows my Grandmother Harriet Ryan (in the middle back row). However I do not know who the rest of the people are in this picture. Can anyone shed any light on who these people may be.

The second photo I have uploaded I do not know where this was taken, all that I know about this is that it shows my Grandfather (The old man in the middle of the photograph). This photograph may have been taken around 1965. Again if anyone can shed any light to who the rest of these people are it would be very much appreciated.


Yorkshire (North Riding) / Ryan coal Miner
« on: Monday 01 March 10 13:05 GMT (UK)  »
Can any one help with my search about Charles Ryan a Mine union Delegate
 in Yorkshire some time between 1920s to about 1940.

  I have an invite to attend the opening of the new pit head baths at
  Frickliey colliery issued by Carlton main colliery co. Ltd
    on Saturday 19th March 1938 .
 I also have two group photos that need dating.
 any help would be appreciated .
thanks  Martin 

Iam looking for details on members of Charles & Ruths other children ,of which my gran Harriet
was one,I know about Harriet's life ,marrying Charles Ryan.
 But of her siblings I know little except that Leah died about 1947.
 Other siblings are:
   Mary Ann 1867 Buith
  Amelia      1868  Talgarth
  Paitions   1870  Ironbridge
  Leah         1872 Treharris
  Elizabeth   1874  Treharris
  Charles     1876    Treharris
  Ruth           1878   Treharris
  Harriet       1879    Treharris
  Henry         1882    Treharris

Wexford / Ryan--Hanley Ballyanne area Wexford
« on: Friday 06 March 09 17:53 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking  for any possible links to Charles Ryan son of John Ryan belived to
be resident Ballyanne area mid 1800 on wards Charles was born 1873.

I am also looking for Martyn Handley & Mary Macavoy ( macaroy or soundsimiliar )

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