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Australia / Rookwood back
« on: Sunday 20 March 16 22:05 GMT (UK)  »
As Cando observed in another thread Rookwood General, Anglican, Independent and Jewish grave search is again available, but sadly, both given and surnames are needed, so we are still unable to search for a family rather than an individual, a facility that enabled me to find many family members in the past.

Australia / Duplicate Birth Registrations 1904/1905
« on: Thursday 15 October 15 10:50 BST (UK)  »
Gertrude Lindfield married Thomas William Kemsley in 1905. In 1904 she had given birth to William Thomas whose father was presumably Thomas William Kemsley. William's birth registrations on NSW BDM are as follows. Why is it so?

34916/1904 William Thomas Kemsley  Newtown
26131/1905 William Thomas Kemsley  Newtown
34916/1904 William Thomas Lindfield  Newtown
26131/1905 William Thomas Lindfield  Newtown

Actually there are two entries for 26131/1905 Kemsley but I'm prepared to ignore that.

Many thanks, Fran

Australia / William Bradley died Sydney 1854
« on: Thursday 13 August 15 05:37 BST (UK)  »
I hope Rootschatters can help with another of my brick walls.
I am looking for a death notice for William Bradley husband of Ann(e) Pidgeon.
Although there is a funeral notice (see below) for a William Bradley in 1854, and his wife Ann (Pidgeon's) funeral notice in 1856 refers to her as his relict, there is no death notice for a William Bradley in NSW BDM between 1853 and 1857 except for one William Bradley d. 1853, age 40 whose death at Parramatta in December 1853 was the subject of a Coroner's inquest.(found dead from a fall having been intoxicated).
There is a NSW BDM entry for the death of one William Bagly (1705/1854) but Ancestry has it as registered in Brisbane so am reluctant to order it.
William and Ann(e) Bradley’s gravestone was moved from Devonshire Street in 1901 to Rookwood Methodist, the inscription very faded and difficult to read.

SMH 5 June 1854 (Trove)
FUNERAL.—The Friends of the late Mr. William Bradley are respectfully requested to attend his Funeral. The procession to move from his late residence, Little Hunter-street, This Day, at 3 o'clock P.M. precisely. WALTER and REUBEN THOMAS, Undertakers, 28, King-street West.

Various trees on line have his date of death as 1 June 1854 ; no sources given.

Any suggestions most greatly appreciated. Fran

The Lighter Side / Petition to open historic registers
« on: Tuesday 13 January 15 07:06 GMT (UK)  »
I can't find a previous thread on this particular petition; so forgive me if it's been discussed. I saw it on FreeREG and was surprised to note that there were only 9000 signatures. I was unable to sign but maybe someone here might be interested. Closes 25th March.

"We ask that historic birth marriage & death registers be open to public inspection at county record offices or the National Archives"

Australia / Discovering Anzacs
« on: Wednesday 29 October 14 21:02 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone had a look at this site? It's a great initiative as people can amend and add to the record, submit stories and photo's in a way not possible with the National Archive. I have searched for family members without success, and hope it is just "user ignorance" that causes my problems, but when I search by surname I get hundreds of hits, which seem to be sorted in alpha within groups, perhaps place of enlistment, and I can't see a way of refining my search to within a particular given name. When I search by service number I get hundreds of hits for a particular number, perhaps service numbers were re-used or the same series was used in the various services. Any ideas? Fran

Cambridgeshire / Sterne family Eversden, Hauxton, Haslingfield. Help,please.
« on: Wednesday 22 October 14 22:10 BST (UK)  »
Elizabeth Sterne (Stern Stearne Starn Steam) stated she was born in Hauxton in 1825, father James William Stearne mother Mary ?, according to the passenger list. She married John Worling in Little Eversden in 1846 and sailed to Sydney on the Kate in 1855 with her family and sister Sarah Ann Sterne. I’ve been unable to find her christening record in Hauxton, Harston, Great and Little Eversden or Haslingfield. I assumed she may have been older than she stated and searched familysearch from 1820 onwards. No luck! Can anyone suggest where someone born in Hauxton might be christened, please?

Lancashire / Leadbetter/Adams North Meols disappearance
« on: Tuesday 09 September 14 00:47 BST (UK)  »
Annie Elizabeth Leadbetter was born in 1877 to Edward Leadbetter and Mary Hibbert, baptised at Kirkby on 9 December; she married Thomas Samuel Adams (born Southport 1874), in Liverpool in 1897 (or the marriage was registered in Liverpool). In 1898 their daughter Violet Isabel(le) is born on 25 September at Halsall and at the 1901 census they are living at 29 Maple Street Southport (Thomas is butcher's clerk). After that they seem to disappear. Can’t find them in the 1911 census, in deaths, or in shipping records , or a marriage for Violet. No further births on Freebmd or LancsOPC. Can anyone suggest where else I can search? Any help in finding them would be greatly appreciated. Fran

Australia / Lusybier, does anyone know this name? COMPLETED. WITH THANKS!
« on: Tuesday 26 August 14 02:44 BST (UK)  »
William Charles Collins was born Redfern 1877, father William Collins, mother Elizabeth and died in Fortitude Valley on 21 September 1926. Witness on his DC is his sister Elizabeth Ann "Lusybier" of Kent Street Toowoomba. I have searched marriages and deaths for Queensland, NSW for Elizabeth born Redfern 1870, both with and without surnames, and also New Zealand as William married Mary Christina Elizabeth Sorensen there in 1903. They had divorced by the time of his death. I can't find any trace of the name Lusybier anywhere and have tried various spellings without success. Any help very gratefully received. Fran

Australia / Searching the Necropolis-completed!
« on: Thursday 08 May 14 06:25 BST (UK)  »
I have had no success finding deceased search on the Anglican and General Site. I have used it successfully some time ago but no luck today. I was hoping than someone with more computer savvy than myself could oblige with advice. Thanks, Fran ???

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