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Suffolk Completed Lookup Requests / Herringswell Parish Records NUNN baptisms
« on: Friday 08 April 11 13:06 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I would be grateful  if anyone could help me with this.

Thomas Nunn b 1801 and Susan Neale b 1800 had I believe 10 children as per 1841 census, one of whom was George b 1825, possibly bap 29/5/1825 (he is 16 in that census and appears in no others with the family) however I have contact with some people who believe this George died in infancy and Thomas and Susan had another son George b 1827, however this George is not in the 1841 census and I believe they are confusing him with a George b 1827 in Badington on the other side of the county.
It would help me if someone could look up the Herringswell records to see if indeed 2 Georges 1825 and 1827 were born to Thomas and Susan and if so did one indeed die in infancy.

Many Thanks


Sussex Lookup Requests / Tuppen Baptism lookup please Brighton
« on: Monday 09 March 09 18:57 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for my grandfather James Alfred Tuppen born 1870, I have his marriage cert, and from that that his father was Albert Tuppen. I also have found from the 1911 census he was born in Brighton (but married and lived in Eastbourne) but apart from these two results there is no other mention of him in the bmd or any of the other census results.

I am hoping that if I can find a baptism I can get somewhere.
It is possible that his christian names have been reversed but I would think it unlikely in both results and trying this in bmd and census still does not get a result. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Sussex / Tuppen, Winborn in Eastbourne
« on: Sunday 08 March 09 13:05 GMT (UK)  »
I am new to this site so can anyone help, I have tried everything else I can think of.

I am looking for anything on my grandfather James Alfred Tuppen. I can find no trace of him or his father in any part of the BMD or any of the census records although he is in the new 1911 one.

All I have is the marriage certificate to my grandmother Mary Winborn (Winborne). They were married in 1906 Eastbourne and my grandfather, then 36, was living in Tideswell Rd, Eastbourne and was a fishmonger, his father is down as Alfred Tuppen, a gardener.

At some time between the the two world wars my grandmother (with or without my grandfather) set up a cafe, called Tuppens, in North St, Eastbourne which was then later moved to Susans Rd next to the back entrance of the Bus Garage.  At some point, probably after ww2 my Uncle,Kenward,  and his wife took it over until they retired in mid 70s. Be interested also if anyone remembers it.

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