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England / Firefighter records Somerset 1920's
« on: Saturday 27 July 19 13:13 BST (UK)  »
Someone I match to quite strongly on AncestryDNA, 217cM, has an unknown grandfather whose father was said to have been a fireman in Bridgewater, Somerset, during the early 1920's. Does anyone know if there are any public records of who was employed by the fire brigade around that time?

Armed Forces / William Henry Carroll WW1 Gassed?
« on: Thursday 23 November 17 01:28 GMT (UK)  »
Family lore has it that my partner's great grandfather William Henry Carroll was seriously disabled after being gassed in WW1, though it didn't stop him from fathering her granddad in 1919. He was born in London c1878, he's in the 1891 census living in Bethnal Green aged 13.

I haven't found any trace of him in the Ancestry military records, so presume his army record was lost in the WW2 bombing. I have found a record on Findmypast in the Silver War Badge Roll record set which looks like it could well be him. If this is him I'd like to find the number of his Company in the Army Service Corps so I can look at the War Diaries held by the National Archives. I'm not very well versed on military records so am wondering if anyone can think of anywhere else to look.

Shropshire / Location of The Common, Madeley, Shropshire
« on: Friday 09 June 17 19:36 BST (UK)  »
My 5G grandad Peter Danks of Madeley was fined 1d & 3d in 1716 and 1717 for keeping sheep on the common.

I've looked at a couple of modern maps but the green spaces don't seem to be annotated. Does anyone know where the common was and if it's still there?

Antrim / Ballynure Burying-ground, Co Antrim
« on: Sunday 10 April 16 14:44 BST (UK)  »
My great grandfather William John Boyd was baptised in Ballynure Presbyterian Church in 1845, his parents John and Jane had been married there in 1835, I haven't found their birth or death records. William John married Hessie Crockett, they lived in Ballyclare for at least the last 20 years of their lives before dying in 1924 and 1929. Both have a death notice in the Northern Whig which say the funerals were to be held at "Ballynure Burying-ground".

On there are headstone transcriptions for Ballynure Old Cemetery which include quite a few Boyds but not mine.

Does anyone know if there is more than one cemetery in Ballynure or does the "Burying-ground" refer to the Old Cemetery? If there's only one cemetery is it connected to the Church of Ireland and does the church hold the burial records? Also would it be common for people who were buried in the 20's to have no headstone?

Antrim / Details on McKinney's stud book
« on: Wednesday 06 January 16 21:35 GMT (UK)  »
I've seen McKinney's stud book mentioned a number of times and had been under the impression that it only included details on the residents of Carnmoney. Recently I've heard that McKinney also included pedigrees from nearby parishes.

I live in Norfolk so the easiest way for me to access the stud book would be by ordering it for my nearest LDS Centre which is about 50 miles away. I'm interested in finding more info on my Ballynure ancestors, so am keen to know if anyone could confirm one way or another whether there are any Ballynure records included.

On a broader note if anyone has info on which other parishes are included maybe they could post it here with dates if possible, thereby creating a kind of mini index for anyone else who's interested in the contents.

Ireland / Registration of stillbirth Northern Ireland 1941
« on: Wednesday 16 December 15 19:57 GMT (UK)  »
I searched on the new Burials site from Newtonabbey Borough Council-

In the same grave as my grandparents there's a stillbirth burial from 1941. This is almost certainly a child of one of my aunts or uncles, though I hadn't heard of it before. I assumed this would have created a birth and death record but can't find any trace of the death on the GRONI site, I'm assuming the birth record won't be available as it's less than 100 years.

Does anyone know how stillbirths were recorded at this time in NI?

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / y-DNA matches with different Haplogroups
« on: Sunday 10 May 15 16:46 BST (UK)  »
In an attempt to identify the father of my maternal grandfather I arranged for a cousin to have a 37 marker y-DNA test with ftdna. There are 9 matches at a distance of 1-3 steps, sharing 3 surnames as follows-

Genetic Distance   Last Name   Y-DNA Haplogroup
1   Forester   R-M269
1   Forester   R-M269
2   Forrest     R-M269
2   Dick           R-M269
2   Dick           R-Z381
2   Forester   R-Z381
3   Forrest     R-M269
3   Forrest     R-U106
3   Dick           R-M269

Assuming that all these people are related on the male line within the past couple of thousand years, particularly the ones with same surname, I'd have expected them all to share the same Haplogroup. Can anyone explain briefly why they're different.

Scotland / Anyone know what's happening at ScotlandsPlaces?
« on: Tuesday 21 April 15 19:12 BST (UK)  »
Nearly 3 weeks ago I searched for some family names on ScotlandsPlaces. I got some interesting-looking hits and paid my 18 for 3 months access. When I tried to view the images I got an error, shortly afterwards the following message was posted on the site -

"ScotlandsPlaces apologises for content and transcription display problems. Each partner supplies live data and NRS is experiencing difficulties. Work is being carried out but as yet we have no resolution date. Subscriber end dates will be extended to compensate fully for lost time."

I know that IT projects can go wrong but this seems a long time to take in fixing something that previously worked.

Does anyone have any inside info on what's gone wrong at NRS?

James Pringle, my great uncle, was born in Co Armagh in 1872 and became a plumber. In March 1904 he sailed from Southampton to Cape Town. He arrived in London in December 1908 on a ship from Sydney.

I'm trying to trace his journey from Cape Town to Sydney. I've tried googling it but cant find any passenger lists from SA to Aus. Does anyone know where they're available?

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