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Europe / Loretta Clares Garbutt 1844 and Alfred Napolean Garbutt 1842 France
« on: Saturday 27 March 21 10:20 GMT (UK)  »
Please can anyone help find the births for these two children.  Their father went to France (we do not know why) and his wife had these two children while they were there.  Fathers name was William George Garbutt (1799) and his wife was Jane.  They had several other children but in the UK.  Several of us are looking at the family as we are direct descendents and are baffled as to where and why they went to France.  they must have gone after July quarter of 1940 as they had a child then in South Shields.

 Thank you for any help you can give

The Common Room / 1939 Census information
« on: Thursday 16 August 18 14:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I have found my grandparents and family on the 1939 census and one of the children (who is still alive) is on there but her name has been changed in Green capitals to her married name.  Originally only dashes to indicate same name as person previously on list.  My father who is on there and some other siblings have been blacked out as they are still alive.  Why would this be different for her?  Would it be because she emigrated?



Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Can't find a burial for Albert Ernest Dargue
« on: Tuesday 31 July 18 16:25 BST (UK)  »
I am coming back to this after several years of leaving it alone hoping something has appeared in the interim.  My gt. grandfather Albert Ernest Dargue died in Hull in 1938.  He died on January 1st at 5 Durham Street.  He had left his wife and family and had returned to the town of his birth with his new lady friend.  His children were told by their mother that he was dead after he left.  I expect this was to save face.

I have not been able to find out where he was buried or if he was cremated.

Could anyone please help close this search for me please.



Durham / Cannot find right location
« on: Sunday 03 January 16 19:31 GMT (UK)  »
My grandmother was born in 1912 and on her birth certificate the address is 437 Mount Pleasant, Sacriston, Witton Gilbert RD.

I have looked on google earth but cannot find anything that fits.  I realise that Mount Pleasant and Sacriston are different places and that Witton Gilbert seems to be a small place in the middle.

Can anyone shed any light on  where she may actually have been born.

Thank you


I do not get on here every day so sorry if it is a while before I reply

Dublin / Virginia Gardner
« on: Saturday 17 October 15 21:09 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for a birth record for a Virginia Gardner who we believe was born around 1893.  She was married in 1912 and was recorded as a minor.  We cannot find any record of her birth and the Irish GRO cannot find it.  On the marriage certificate one of the witnesses is her sister Annie and her father is called John. 

thank you  in advance for any help



Australia / Please help find someone related to this couple
« on: Monday 16 February 15 12:57 GMT (UK)  »
This marriage certificate has been found in a box of goods bought at a sale at Central West Care Bargain Centre.

Marriage certificate 1/12/1945 Wallace Oliver Moore and Doris Joyce Wood.

The marriage was in NSW and a copy of the certificate is on face book.

Let us get this to someone who is related to this couple

Australia / Please help find these children.
« on: Tuesday 02 September 14 10:12 BST (UK)  »
I hope someone can help my cousins friend.

Dear Admin I hope its ok to put on this post Im trying to help someone Is anybody able to help me please? I wrote to a national newspaper missing and found column (persons) only to be told that my story was not interesting enough.

I am trying to trace (*), in 1952-3 were placed in a Childrens Home in Dawlish Devon England called High House. At that time they would be aged between 6 years and 3 years. I was 5years old and lived with my parents in Torquay Devon and I remember that for at least two full summer holidays and perhaps at other times they came to stay with us. I do not know how this was arranged but as an only child I thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent with us. They stopped coming to stay when they were all adopted by the same family who I understand then emigrated to Australia. I do not know the surname of the family that adopted them and I have had no contact at all since then and would really like to know how they have got on over the past 60years.

The photo was taken on Torre Abbey sands Torquay and (*) is standing at the back with (*) on the left (*) in front and myself  on the right.

If anyone has relatives or friends in Australia could they share this or has any knowledge of any of them or their families I would love to hear from them.

(*) Moderator Comment:
Edited in accordance with RootsChat policy of not publishing details of living people here, or details of people who may still be living. This is to protect all concerned from spam, identity abuse, internet abuse, etc, etc.
Please use the Personal Message (PM) system for exchanging personal data.

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) Lookup Requests / Electoral Register Hull
« on: Saturday 08 February 14 14:24 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please find out who was living at 5 Durham Street Hull in 1937.  My gt grandfather died there and I was trying to confirm if the informant lived there too.

Thank you


Canada Lookup Request / Help finding death of Dargue
« on: Saturday 08 February 14 13:54 GMT (UK)  »
I hope someone can help me with the following request.

My gt uncle died in Canada in 1977 and was buried in Downsview Ontario.  I am looking for the death of his wife Gladys Dargue.  She attended my wedding in 1980 so it will be after that.  She was born in Canada abt. 1910. 

Thank you for looking at this post and I hope someone can help.


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