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Australia / Easy fix for a problem - trish251
« on: Tuesday 24 March 09 13:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All  :) ,

I've just noticed a new thread on the Australia board titled "Trish251 goodbye thread – Accidentally Deleted" by Krisesjoint.

Kris, on that thread, you have very graciously apologised for accidentally deleting the original thread.

MarieC, you were the OP on the original thread, and you have now, also very graciously, said that you totally accept that Kris's deletion was accidental and it can't be helped now.

But Kris, MarieC, everybody else who posted on the now deleted thread (including me), and others - surely it can be helped?  And can very very easily be put to rights.  :D

MarieC, couldn't you start another thread saying just what you originally posted?  No doubt you remember the gist?  And couldn't all of those who posted on your original thread post again saying essentially what they said originally?

That would easily fix the accidental deletion problem.

And MarieC, hopefully, the replacement thread would not be locked - which distressed you so very very much when it happened to your original thread.  Which would mean, as you wished, that others could then add their views if they wished.

As it happens, MarieC, I copied your original post intending (though I thought that you would already have done so) to email it to trish 251 - who, I thought, would appreciate your publicly expressed views.

So here 'tis.
MarieC, your OP had the following subject line:
"A sad goodbye to an Australian researcher"
and read:
"I'd like to register here a big thank you to trish251 for all the help she gave, particularly on this Australia board.  Her knowledge of Australian sources, especially passenger lists, was extensive, and she was very generous with her help to many of us.  (That reminds me - she had an excellent thread on passenger lists here, but unless I am going mad, I think it has disappeared!   )  She personally owned a number of resources, and would sometimes look things up for people in the State Library and Archives as well, so she was able to help in all sorts of ways.  I fully understand her reasons for leaving, but Rootschat is the poorer for her no longer being a member.


So Kris and MarieC and everybody else, all is anything but lost and the accidental deletion can be very very easily redeemed.

If only all of life's problems could be so easily set to rights.  ;D

Kindest regards to all,

Later edit: MarieC, today I remembered that you had added a footnote to your original post (which I quoted above).  To the effect that the shipping list resource thread by trish251 hadn't disappeared but had been moved to the Australia Resources board.
It is at:,26946.0.html
and is by far the most popular Australian resource (over 20,000 views!).

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / SULLIVAN in London/Middlesex/Surrey
« on: Saturday 07 February 09 06:12 GMT (UK)  »
I have posted a query on the above topic on the London/Middlesex board at:,359079.0.html


I will mention this also on the Surrey board with a link to this thread.

One set of my Ggparents were SULLIVANs from the general London area - Dennis SULLIVAN & Ellen Elizabeth SULLIVAN (m.s. also SULLIVAN).

They were supposed to have come to Australia from the London area but their parents were supposed to have come from Co Cork (where SULLIVAN is a very common name!).  The story as I remembered it was that two SULLIVAN brothers had married two SULLIVAN sisters who were their cousins.  Close but not quite.

Information recently obtained from the Public Records Office of Victoria via their wonderful online digitized Wills has provided new facts which clarify some puzzles, and enable me to identify their parents.  It now looks as though a SULLIVAN brother and sister married (respectively) a SULLIVAN sister and brother; whether they were cousins is another matter.

The two families seem to be as follows (I'll try to simplify the story to the bare bones! - there are still some niggles).

Family One
Daniel SULLIVAN, Bootmaker, and Eliza HUMPHRIES
At least three of their children migrated to Victoria, Australia
1. John SULLIVAN b ca 1824
2. Dennis SULLIVAN b Surrey (Lambeth?) ca 1825
Dennis married Ellen Elizabeth SULLIVAN from Family Two in Melbourne in 1852 (just a church record so no details).
3. Ann SULLIVAN b Surrey ca 1830
Ann married John SULLIVAN from Family Two in Melbourne in 18576.
Ann's parents were given as Daniel SULLIVAN & Eliza HUMPHRIES on her mc and dc.  Daniel described as a deceased bootmaker on Ann's mc.

Family Two
Michael SULLIVAN, Labourer, and Ellen GLENNIE
At least two of their children migrated to Victoria, Australia
1. John SULLIVAN b Middlesex (it says Wapping on his mc) ca 1824
John married Ann SULLIVAN from Family One in Melbourne in 18576.
John's parents are given as Michael SULLIVAN & Ellen GLENNIE on his mc and dc.  John's father Michael is described as a deceased labourer on John's mc.
2. Ellen Elizabeth SULLIVAN b Middlesex ca 1830
Ellen Elizabeth married Dennis SULLIVAN from Family One in Melbourne in 1852.
Ellen Elizabeth's parents are given as Michael SULLIVAN & Ellen GLENNIE on her dc (informant was her brother John).

UK Records
The only UK record I have to date is the following from the 1841 census.
Surrey, Borough of Lambeth, Parish of St Mary, White Horse Street
Daniel SULLIVAN 60 Shoe m b Ireland
Eliza do 55 b Ireland
Ann SULLIVAN 13 born in the county
Dennis do 15 born in the county

I really don't know.
*Dennis & Ellen Elizabeth were married in 1852 in St Francis RC Church in Melbourne.
If they were RC at the time, it certainly didn't last.
*John & Ann were married in 18576 in a United Presbyterian Church in Melbourne.

So .....
I am looking for advice on further avenues to explore to try to trace these ancestors in the general London (and Middlesex/Surrey) area.
And, of course, back to Ireland.  ::)
Any suggestions gratefully received!

Regards and thanks,

Later edit:  It is, of course, definitely possible that either or both families were Roman Catholic.
So any advice on tracing Roman Catholic records in Surrey and in London/Middlesex would be most welcome.

Australia / Mollie GILLEN; First Fleet Historian dies; 1908 - 2009
« on: Wednesday 07 January 09 13:10 GMT (UK)  »
Mollie GILLEN AO DLitt, 1908 - 2009

The Founders of Australia; A Biographical Dictionary of the First Fleet

Mollie GILLEN, aged 100, died on 3 Jan 2009.


Yuka has taken an enormous interest in Dr Gillen over many years - especially from Dr Gillen's biography of LM MONTGOMERY of Anne of Green Gables fame - and has cared for her.

I'm sure that Yuka would really appreciate hearing from people who have benefited from Mollie's First Fleet book.


The Common Room / New Moderators
« on: Wednesday 01 October 08 07:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

There have been some posts mentioning new Moderators - but as they seem to have been on specific country/county/other boards, or on The Lighter Side ???, or even on Totally Off Topic ???, they might very well have been missed by RootsChatters who are interested but who don't frequently visit any of those boards  ;D

I'm sure that most RootsChatters would appreciate it if Admin would post a list of all the Global Moderators and of all other Moderators (and explain the difference, and the specialisations of those who aren't global).

Many thanks in advance.

A couple of relevant recent threads are:,330067
(mentions aghadowey, dawnsh and KarenM),330521
(mentions dawnsh and Valda),331125
(mentions Valda)

And, not wanting to scare new Mods, but the following might be a helpful alert:,330508
(that thread seems to have been deleted - a shame, in my view, as there were quite a number of very thoughtful posts on it)
and an earlier thread at:,228950.0.html

All the very best to the newbie Mods,


Technical Help / The Long 's' on RootsChat
« on: Monday 22 September 08 09:16 BST (UK)  »
I wonder whether anyone knows how to produce an old-fashioned long 's' on RootsChat?

I've Googled and found sites with formulae which will produce a long 's' in my own documents.  But they don't seem to work on RC.

Does anyone have an easy answer?

Many thanks,


Fife / FLEMINGSTON/FLEMING etc in the East Neuk
« on: Sunday 31 August 08 05:46 BST (UK)  »
I thought I had posted this somewhere but can't seem to locate it.

As it might be of interest to anyone researching this name in Fife (it's certainly something I hadn't known about it) I thought it worth posting as a separate topic.

It's a quote from the RootsWeb archives at:
which reads:
I'm not bothered about the FLEMINGSON/FLEMING problem, because anyone who has researched FLEMING in the East Neuk will have found the name spelt FLEMINGSON or FLEMINGSTON in older records.

There certainly seem to be plenty of variants of the name in old records in the IGI (and elsewhere) from the East Neuk!


I'm sure I've missed some  ;D

Please feel free to add more!

I'm always interested in variant spellings - as will become clear if anyone looks at my tag (I have nearly 100 variants of one surname! - mine is mainly a Stirlingshire surname though one variant had a particular development in Ayrshire where the name first appeared ca 1785).


Scotland / My Scottish Brickwall - William HALL, ca 1812/1816 - 1846
« on: Saturday 23 August 08 08:13 BST (UK)  »
I thought I'd post my serious Scottish brickwall - though I'm not hopeful of tracing him.  But with the skills of RootsChatters one never knows  ;D

My Gggma, Jane Ann (sometimes Jane Ann Vasey) HALL married James Christie ROBINSON (he's another brickwall - from Exeter??) in Melbourne, Australia in 1852 when she was said to be 16.  It seems she came as a nursemaid with no other members of her family.

Jane Ann is found in Stockwell Place, Glasgow in the 1841 Glasgow census as Jean HALL aged 4, with sister Euphemia 2, both b LKS (births/baptisms not found) with parents William HALL, a letter-carrier, and Janet HALL, both 25 (rounded down) and not born in the county.

Euphemia has been traced in the 1851, through marriage, birth of her daughter, and early death in 1860.

Their mother Janet has also been traced forward to her death in 1882 (as BEATON); and backward to Kippen, Stirlingshire - maiden name MCLAUSE (spelled any which way) daughter of William MCLAUSE of Kippen & Jean VASSIE of Glasgow and they have been traced further back.

Which leaves their father, William HALL - a real brickwall.

William HALL was a letter-carrier in Glasgow when he married Janet MCILHOSE (sic) residing there, in Glasgow on 1 Nov 1835.

At the Post Office archives in London, I found William's appointment as a letter-carrier (though, as he was already - according to his marriage entry - a letter-carrier, perhaps this was, in effect, an unsuccessful recommendation for appointment to a better-paid job - unsuccessful because he was too short).
The extract from the Post Office Appointment Book reads: "No 1313 Appt. Appoint [thus far in the margin]  Willm .Hall recommended by F.  Baring Esq. M.P. a Mail Coach Guard if qualified [dated] 25 January 1838 [signed] Lichfield.   [Also in the margin, under 'No 1313 Appt" above, it reads :"Wm. Hall. appd.. Mail Guard.  he is found too short & appd. a Lter.Car... M Wedderburn 2 Feb".
Francis T BARING was a Member of Parliament (I don't know for which constituency).

Then, in 1846, we find that William is no more   A Minute dated August 1846, recommending the appointment of two new letter-carriers for the Glasgow PO, gives the reason as the resignation of one letter-carrier and the death of William HALL.   It reads (pp/86-87) 'The Postmast Genl I beg to report vacancies for two Letter Carriers at Glasgow caused by the resignation of William Laing and the death of William Hall, also for a Newspaper Sorter in the same city, occasioned by the resignation of James Ookman.  The salary of such situation is L39 a year [signed - second initial may be WLM  26 Aug 1846    [initialled] Augt 20th/46.

So that's all I know about William HALL - I would love to know whereabouts in Scotland he came from but this is probably a lost cause.

Any suggestions?


Fife / A West Fife resource (including some Dalgety OPR births)
« on: Friday 15 August 08 06:07 BST (UK)  »
I was scanning through some threads today and found a valuable Fife (west Fife) resource posted by grada.

Grada's post is hidden away in another thread,279220.msg1829155.html#msg1829155
so I thought it would be useful to highlight it.

The resource is at:

It mainly concerns the SEATH family but has all sorts of general information about west Fife of wider interest including:
*Some Fife mining villages - in the parishes of Aberdour, Auchterderran, Culross
*Virtual Cemetery - several cemeteries and photos
*(In the What's New section) Dalgety OPR birth entries (a partial transcript, Book 3 ca 1817-1826)  - this happens to include my children's Gggpa Robert Lochtie PHILP (b 1825)  and two of his siblings.
These transcriptions might well save some people spending credits on SP  :D
Etc, etc, etc.

A very interesting site.

Thank you, grada  :)


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