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London and Middlesex / Jacques family
« on: Thursday 06 September 12 19:54 BST (UK)  »
Further to my earlier post on a WWII fireman, I should be interested in hearing from anyone who is researching the surname Jacques in London, possibly in the Wembley area.

London and Middlesex / Adopted son - help with WWII Fireman please
« on: Thursday 06 September 12 15:40 BST (UK)  »
I am usually to be found on the WRY board but am here helping a neighbour.

My neighbour was adopted after his mother's husband came back from the war to find her with a child which wasn't his. My neighbour found his mother and, just before she died, she gave him a piece of paper with his father's name.

I have not given this name as there is a slim possibility he is still alive. He was a fireman.

The mother was living at Alperton (near Wembley) at the time of my neighbour's birth.

Any help and advice in tracing a fire station near to Alperton would be most helpful.

Thank you.

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Non-conformist baptism look up please
« on: Monday 25 July 11 09:53 BST (UK)  »
Joseph Flather is my 4G Grandfather, born ca 1765 at Halifax. There are several marriages of a Joseph Flather in the 1780s in the Halifax area but, with a great deal of help from Sunlaws, we seem to have narrowed it down to just one.

Joseph Flather married Grace Lister at Halifax on 23 Apr 1789 and their children were baptised at the Congregational Or Independent Chapel in Northowram.

Unfortunately there is a problem. On the new familysearch site, there is a non-conformist baptism (RG4-8) at 'Halifax' of a Joseph Flather, father Joseph, on 24 Oct 1787.

This is before the marriage of Joseph Flather to Grace Lister. It is possible Grace was Joseph's second wife but there is no other likely marriage.

It is also possible, of course, that the baptism in 1787 has been transcribed incorrectly.

Could someone please check the 1787 baptism to check this.

Thank you.

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Baptism in Barnsley Look Up Please
« on: Friday 10 June 11 14:19 BST (UK)  »
Tom Smart married Emily Chappell in 1873 and they had three children in fairly quick succession; Marion Elizabeth (1873), Herbert Bishop (1875) and Ella (1877) with their births registered in Leeds and Hunslet.

In the 1881 census, Tom was living in Bootle and Emily was in Barnsley with her mother, brother and four children - the other being Florence, born and birth registered (Dec quarter) in Barnsley, in 1880.

There is no doubt that Tom and Emily separated as Emily then goes on to live with John Swallow and has a further seven children with him between 1881 and 1892. John Swallow and Emily marry in 1900, a marriage which was probably bigamous on Emily's part.

John Swallow and Emily's first child, given the name William Swallow Smart, was born in 1882 so there were only two years between Florence and William.

I doubt if Thomas Smart was Florence's father and it may not even have been John Swallow.

Can anyone find a baptism please. If not, it is the expense of a birth certificate.

Thank you.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Almondbury Marriage in 1830
« on: Friday 15 April 11 14:39 BST (UK)  »
From the new family search site for a marriage at Almondbury on 22 Feb 1830 - two entries

John Hobson and Elizabeth Hinchliffe

John Hobson and Elizabeth Hinchliffe Oldham - if this is the correct one then she is the daughter of Hinchliffe Oldham.

However, in the 1841 and 1851 censuses, it is a James Hobson and Elizabeth.

Which one is right?

Thank you.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Baptism (possibly) at Silkstone
« on: Tuesday 12 April 11 11:25 BST (UK)  »
Joseph Hoyle and his wife Ann/Fanny/Nanny and family moved from Barkisland to Silkstone in the mid 1780s.

Their earlier children were baptised at Ripponden chapel and then a daughter, Hannah, at Silkstone on 21 Jun 1789.

I have just found the marriage of a Harriot Hoyle to William Burgon at Cawthorne on 31 Mar 1822. The IGI does not give a father's name for Harriot.

William and Harriet are living at Cawthorne in the 1841 census with Hrriet giving her age as 45; so she was born 1791 to 1796.

There is no baptism of any Harriet Hoyle on the IGI but I believe she may be the daughter of Joseph and Ann/Fanny/Nanny.

Does anyone have early baptisms at Silkstone, or possibly Cawthorne, to check for Harriet?

Thank you.

United States of America / Nathan Exley - in a right muddle
« on: Wednesday 06 April 11 18:13 BST (UK)  »
I should be very grateful if anyone has access to information which will resolve the following muddle.

Nathan Exley married Mary Fitton on 23 May 1841 at Kirkburton in Yorkshire, England and had the following children:

Thomas, baptised on 27 Mar 1842 at Kirkburton
Lydia, baptised on 4 May 1845 at Kirkburton
Amelia, baptised on 23 May 1847 at Kirkburton
John, baptised on 24 Dec 1848 at Kirkburton
Ira, baptised on 23 May 1852 at at Kirkburton

I cannot find the family again in England. From the Castle Garden web site I have the five children, seemingly travelling unaccompanied, on the 'Richard Morse' and arriving in the USA on 16 Aug 1853.

I cannot find a passage of either parent.

Nathan's parents were Thomas Exley and Mary and there is a marriage of a Nathan Exley with the correct parents at Smithfield, Rhode Island on 6 Nov 1853 to Mary Bentley. My initial thought was the Nathan's first wife had died and he had gone to the USA and brought his family later.

However, the second wife Mary then seems to just disappear and there are the following births/baptisms with the father Nathan Exley:

Male Exley on 22 Sep 1863 at Westerly, Rhode Island, mother's name 'Jonell'
Albert Exley on 30 May 1867 at Richmond Township, Washington, Rhode Island, mother's name 'Jenet'
Anjeanetta Exley on 17 Jun 1868 at Uxbridge, Massachusetts, mother's name Anjeanette
Matthew H. Exley on 22 Apr 1860 at Millville Village, Blackstone, Worcester, Massachusetts, mother's name 'Jennett Bidell Exley'

To confuse matters further, there is the marriage at Norwich, Connecticut on 13 Feb 1874 of a Nathan Exley to a 'Jennietti' Blair but I think this is a red herring. I cannot find a marriage of Nathan Exley to a Janet/Jeanette before the birth of the first child in 1863.

In the 1870 US census (and to confuse it further Nathan is denoted as Ephraim) the family are living at Rhode Island:

Nathan (Ephraim) aged 52, born England
Jenette aged 40, born Scotland
John aged 21, born England - the son from Nathan's marriage to Mary Fitton
Ira aged 18, born England - the son from Nathan's marriage to Mary Fitton
'Angenette' aged 12, born Rhode Island
Matthew H. aged 10, born Massachusetts
Nathan aged 4, born Rhode Island
Albert aged 3, born Rhode Island

This proves I have the correct Nathan Exley but if there anyway of finding:

His passage to the USA

Anything about the marriage to Mary Bentley at Rhode Island on 6 Nov 1853 - perhaps she died?

A marriage to a Janet/Jeanette Bidell before 1863, presumably at Rhode Island

Anything about the marriage to 'Jennietti' Blair in 1874 - it seems strange as she has a similar name to the mother of his children.

Thank you.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Heward in Holme/Holmfirth
« on: Sunday 03 April 11 18:06 BST (UK)  »
Four puzzles in one! I have the following Heward people in Holme, near Holmfirth

1. Jonathan Heward and Sarah (Sally) had a son James Heward baptised at a non-conformist chapel in Holmfirth (Wesleyan?) - RG4-8 - on 25 Jul 1811. I do not know if they had any other children.

Jonathan Heward died and Sarah then married Joseph Greaves at Kirkburton on 22 Jun 1823.

2. John Heward (b 1786/7 at Holme) married Esther Taylor (b 1791/2 at Netherthong) at Almondbury on 11 Apr 1814. Is James the brother of Jonathan?

John and Esther are living at Holme Banks, Holme in 1851; their children being Hannah (1815/6), Nancy (1822/3), Diana (1827/8), John (1829/30) and Ruth (1831/2). All born at Holme.

However, the following Heward children are also in the household in 1851; Taylor (aged 10, son), Jane (aged 7, dau), Mary Ann (aged 6, dau) and Henry (aged 3, son). All born at Holme or Cartworth.

With the possible exception of Taylor, these children are too young for Esther to be their mother.

3. Lydia Heward married Nathan Littlewood at Kirkburton on 26 Feb 1843. She died in 1848 so I couldn't check the 1851 census and  I couldn't find her in 1841 even after guessing her age.

4. Joseph Dearnley married Mary Heward (b 1817/8 at Holme) at Almondbury on 24 May 1835. Is Mary related to James, baptised in 1811?

Any ideas and suggestions most welcome.

Thank you.

Cheshire Lookup Requests / 1841/1851 census look up please
« on: Wednesday 30 March 11 08:34 BST (UK)  »
I am usually to be found on the West Riding on Yorkshire board but I should appreciate a look up in the 1841 and 1851 census for the following family as I believe they moved from Yorkshire to Cheshire.

George Greenhough married Harriet Hoyle on 6 Feb 1815 at Cawthorne, WRY and I have found baptisms for the following children at the Wesleyan Chapel in Cawthorne:

Harriet, 14 Jan 1816
John, 21 Sep 1817
Sarah, 22 Feb 1824
George, 9 Jun 1830

It is possible the son John emigrated to the USA. If he is the same person then he had a son George (born 1843/4) and a son Robert (born 1845/6) but I cannot find baptisms for these children or a marriage for John.

Thank you.

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