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Hi Chatters,

At Rothes Old Churchyard there is a memorial stone which mentions an Annie Watson 25 Apr 1834-31 May 1877 (she appears to have died in New Zealand).  The MS isn't really that clear and I wondered if anyone would be able to have a look on their next visit and let me know who else is mentioned?  It's really just idle curiosity, but I'd like to fill in the blanks on that side, as years ago, I had started.  I know her parents were James Watson and Janet Anderson and she had 8 siblings.

Here is the 'Find a Grave' link -

Any help would be appreciated.


The Lighter Side / 135 year old Message in a Whisky Bottle
« on: Saturday 07 January 23 15:42 GMT (UK)  »
Can't see that anyone else has posted.


The Common Room / Daily Mail article about a lady discovering Birth Parents
« on: Saturday 03 December 22 12:52 GMT (UK)  »
I expect this may have been more common than we realise.  Sad article but also uplifting at the same time.

I can't see that anyone has already posted.

Scotland / Alexander Ingram & Anne Duncan- Help to find deaths please
« on: Sunday 01 May 22 14:53 BST (UK)  »
Alexander and Anne are my husband's 4G Grandparents.

Alexander and Anne Duncan married at Keith on 25 August 1795.  Anne was off this Parish and Alexander from 'Cairney'. No occupation for Alexander and the witnesses do not appear to be related.

Alexander and Anne have, to my knowledge from ScotlandsPeople, 3 children:
Jean 24 July 1796 Ruthven Bapt Cairnie
Anne 12 May 1798 Ruthven Bapt Cairnie
James 11 Apr 1800 Ruthven (3GGF) who died 16 Nov 1857 in Keith, Bannfshire
Anne and James were baptised on the same day (no date on record but sometime in May 1801)
No father's occupation listed on any record

The only witness which may be related is for James, who had a James Duncan in Craigton listed.

I find son James in the 1841c Farming at Aulthash Nr Bellie, Moray. Also on that page at Aulthas is an Anne Ingram aged 68 of Independent Means.  It's blank where it should give an indication of whether 'Born in County'.

Links to Aulthash:
Google Street View -,-3.0478066,3a,75y,24.39h,77.79t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqAoAVi0T5cawz2PqN3CInA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

By 1851 James has moved with his family to Keith and is a Vintner and Carter aged 50.

I cant find burial records for either Alexander or Anne Ingram and I wondered if anyone could point me in a different direction than ScotlandsPeople.  BTW, the Alexander Ingram d. 1829 is a child of North Keith, so not our Alexander.

I've tried looking for Wills as if that is Anne in the 1841c, to whom did she leave her money/assets?

Sorry if the 2nd link is quite long but I have no idea how to shorten it.

Once again, all help appreciated.


From Scotland's People I have what might be, the Baptism of my husband's 4th GGF, John Anderson 1776-1849, Selkirk.

The record reads:
George Anderson Baker and Agnes Henderson his spouse had a child baptised - John on 5 March 1776 - Basil Henderson, Flesher in Selkirk and John ANDISON, Present Dean of the Gild in Selkirk.

I presume Basil Henderson is somehow related to Agnes (her father was John) and John ANDISON could be ANDERSON, but why they would spell it differently on the same record is beyond me.  John ANDISON is noted as being 'Present Dean of the Gild in Selkirk'.

I'd be very interested in any information on any of the above named if you have access to relevant records you can access or point me in the direction of.

George and Agnes appear to have been married at St Cuthbert, Edinburgh:
7 July 1774
George Anderson, Baker Selkirk and Agnes Henderson Resident at (image is very clear and looks like) Burron Loch.  Lawful daughter of John, Divisional Portioner, Selkirk.
ADDED: Witnesses James Aikman, Mason Portoburgh (presumably Portobello?) and John Elliot, Mason, Nicholson's Park.

No idea if where Agnes is 'Residing' is near Selkirk or Edinburgh.

I haven't yet started to research other siblings of John, or any deaths of those named above (other than John in 1890).

John married Jane (Jean) Dobson in 1804.  The first child recorded I can find is George in 1815-1890.  I can find 3 further girls but nothing prior to George.  John was a Mason.

All help/direction appreciated and I'm happy to purchase records if they look relevant.

I'm sorry but I don't have the facility to put up a snip of the records at the moment.

Thanks in advance, Kit

The Common Room / British Newspaper Archive - offer of free access?
« on: Friday 08 April 22 16:50 BST (UK)  »
I no longer subscribe to Find my Past which I understand had some access to BNA?  On a recent post someone mentioned I could access 3 free searches.  I downloaded 2 yesterday and I've had emails from them initially saying I still had 1 more free search.

I've now received an email from them saying I have free access on the Community Edition?

Clicking on various links I've found:

"Why do I have free access?
This library has subscribed to The British Newspaper Archive - Community Edition.

While you are within this library/authority premises, you will have unlimited access to the millions of scanned pages of newspapers that the British Newspaper Archive site holds.

To view pages from the archive, you'll need to register (for free) and be signed in to the service.

All the articles you view will be kept in your Saved area its your personal area in which to store and organise your favourite articles. Here you can create folders for different articles and categorise them however you like the beauty of "Saved" is that you can make it whatever you want. You can also add notes to any of your articles to record your thoughts and track your progress.

Please see our Getting Started page for useful advice on searching.

We hope you enjoy searching The Archive.
The British Newspaper Archive team"

Anyone else access free access this way?  They don't have my financial details so can't charge me for searching.  I'm just a bit suspicious as I know other people pay a subscription?

EDIT: when it says 'this Library' I have not joined a library and they don't mention what that is.  I subscribe to National Records but only free access mainly for their maps.

cheers, Kit


I have found a Memorial Stone in Traquair Kirkyard via Find a Grave.  It shows that James Todd (husband's 2nd GGF) erected the stone to mark the burial/death of his father John Todd b. Newlands, Peeblesshire, 9 Jun 1831-9 Sept 1884.  James' daughter Margaret (Maggie) Susan is also on the memorial and it says:


There is a NewBall Burn just beside Traquair but could this accident have been more local to Edinburgh where John appears to have been a Grocer?  There is a Newhall Estate also close to Carlops.  His usual residence was 47 Cumberland Street, Edinburgh.  John would be my husband's 2 GG Uncle.

I have purchased the death cert for John but it is unreadable.  I can make out 9 September at Avenue Head, Traquair, usual address 47 Cumberland St, Edinburgh.  Someone else who has purchased it and provided a transcript on Ancestry says CoD "A shock to the nervous system after an accident"

I'm going to research this side further.  It appears that John's wife Anne Thom was still alive at that time so I wonder why John was buried at Traquair Kirkyard.  I know there are other sides of the Todd Family working at the House.

Is anyone in a position to look up newspaper articles?

Also, although I have a Worldwide Ancestry Account, I wondered if Chatters could advise what my best route would be to purchase suitable Newspaper access?  Mainly NW England/Scotland/Ireland and then those branches going overseas.

I'm sorry I can't post a crop of the DC but I've already spent over 2 hours trying and my patience has worn thin.

I can purchase Maggie Susan's DC if it was thought this might be helpful.  Also, would there have been an Inquiry of some sort following the deaths?

Thanks for any assistance, Kit

EDIT: I might have to rethink who the James was who erected the memorial stone.  However, the Maggie Susan who also died in 1884 has MMN Forrest, which IS my husbands GGM whose husband was a James.  I can pick up from an initial view of the Newspaper, John 1831-1884 had a son James who was a School Teacher in Peebles.  The DC has informant at James Todd, Peebles.  More research required on which James it was.

The Lighter Side / Time Team UK - You Tube - New Dig
« on: Friday 18 March 22 17:08 GMT (UK)  »

Not sure if this has been posted and also not sure how to share.  I subscribe to Facebook 'Time Team' and have just been alerted to a 'New Dig'

[The moment has arrived: Time Team's first new episode premiere
and we've got three days to do it...

Starting tonight at 6pm (GMT) on the Time Team Official YouTube channel,
join us for our very special three-part weekend extravaganza:

Day One: Friday, 6pm (GMT)
Day Two: Saturday, 6pm (GMT)
Day Three: Sunday, 6pm (GMT)[/i]

Modified  - working from a tablet,  not sure if link will work

Hope those who are interested find this post and are able to watch.

Of course it won't be the same as before, but still interesting I hope.

Armed Forces / William Cooney b1873 attested 1894 South Lancs Regt - Regimental No 4622
« on: Saturday 18 December 21 17:21 GMT (UK)  »

Can anyone advise how I can see William's record?  Ancestry has alerted me to a record on their UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Soldier Service Records, 1760-1920.  Is there anywhere I can see the attestation papers online?

Many thanks, Kit

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