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The Common Room / A step too far Captain James Cook Endeavor information.
« on: Thursday 23 September 21 06:44 BST (UK)  »
My relatives Jutsum/Jutson from Exeter and possibly Plymouth . My relative was a gunsmith in St Thomas Apostle in Exeter . His son was William Cook Jutsum born two weeks after Captain James Cook returned on the Endeavour into Plymouth . Is it a stretch to far to think William Cook Jutsum may have been named after James Cook or that his father as a gunsmith may have worked in some capacity in the sail boat capacity . We do have a vague link to Cook in Devon but I have been unable to connect to my family so just thinking out of the square . Thanks . I will do some googling but was hoping there might be a Captain Cook expert on here . Bye Fred .

Armed Forces / #38561 David Charles aka Charlie Evans .
« on: Friday 20 August 21 00:27 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for Charlie . His full name was David Charles Evans born about 1903 . His father was David Evans . I don't know where he was born . His military number was # 38561 . He was a  Lance Corporal . motor mechanic . I see the initials KR .RC .  In relation to to his position . He survived the WW2. I see mention of the Royal Sussex Reg . I know nothing of him or his family and would like to make contact with anyone related to him . Thanks Fred .

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Looking for full baptism . Jones 1785
« on: Wednesday 18 August 21 23:40 BST (UK)  »
Could some kind sks show me how to find the baptisms at St Pancras  26 th Oct 1785 for Charles Augustus Jones . I am looking specifically for the parents . Thanks in advance . Fred

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Annesley/Jones Heraldy.
« on: Sunday 11 July 21 23:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi , I am at a total loss to how this works so I believe this is a coat of arms . .It is understood in family antidotes to be Captain Charles Jones 1780-1840 of the 15 th Hussars ADC to Ernest Duke of Cumberland ..Unknown parentage or place of birth but possibly connected to Sudbury Suffolk . UK .
  He married Charlotte Annesley . She was the daughter of Alexander Annesley .
Here comes the added mystery because Alexander Annesley changed his name legally to Annesley from Abraham while he lived in the West Indies . Any help  in any of this would be welcomed . I am happy to do the research if I can be helped with the basics . Thanks Fred . PS . I did send this in many years ago but this is the first time I have seen in colour .

London and Middlesex / Rosina Mabel Wharton name confusion , Duce ? 1896.
« on: Sunday 23 May 21 04:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi , my great aunt Rosina Mabel nee Wharton who was born Oct 1896 was married to James L. Brown in 1915 at age 19 . My self and others are confused that we have all her children , brothers and sisters and parents  we assume right but can not find her marriage as Rosina Mabel Wharton . The marriage to James in 1915 is with her as Rosina Mabel DUCE . . It is a very small window for her to be married before 1915 to a Mr Duce  so why is that her name ? Several of us have studied BMD in all the ways we can think of to no avail . She was born to Robert Wharton and Sarah nee Lacey in Paddington and lived in the family home in South Harrow until her death in 1958 . People on ancestery have her parents correct but no proof of a Duce marriage . If you tell me where else to look I will research it . Thanks . Ps , I will order her marriage cert this week .

London and Middlesex / Fox Furniture Factory employees .
« on: Tuesday 11 May 21 21:46 BST (UK)  »
My family in Paddington London worked for Fox Furniture factory which later went to Staples Corner . Each time I look for Wharton , Lacey and others their employment is mattress maker , bolster maker , upholstery etc etc so it sounds like the Fox Furniture factory was an large enterprise . My great aunt Lavinia Lacey was an upholsterer who married up . In fact married the owner Charles Montugue Fox and her brother William Lacey was the manager . It was obviously a firm who believed in nepotism . I would like direction in how to find an employee list especially 1880 to pre WW1. Any other information is welcomed . Links etc that I can look up . Thanks . Fred . Ps in recent days I have discovered several Lacey and Wharton’s ,cousins and friends used their work for nefarious purposes as their criminal  records all say mattress makers . TY

Today I discovered a relative in the habitual criminal register 1913 , he was guilty of carrying house breaking tools and got 12 months in Wormwood scrubs ,,,, unfortunately he used four aliases so I am not sure who he is exactly . All names involved are in the family so he was using cousins or brother in law names . The name he was sentenced as was Alfred Lacey ,( my great grandmother was Sarah Lacey ) . His first alias is Arthur Wharton (my great grandfather was Robert Hine Wharton . The other two names were Arthur And Ernst Dobson who are brother in laws or cousins . The address is Waverley Road Harrow Road and occupation was mattress maker . My entire family were mattress makers for Fox Furniture and they lived in Waverley . Road . My brother and two uncles were named after him and IF it is Arthur Ernest Wharton he died on the Somme . Could someone look up who was living in Waverley Road in 1913 of those names please . Thanks Fred ,

Hello everyone , I just need to know the names of people living at 14 kingdon road and 47 Fleet Street both in Hampstead around 1946-47. I have several addresses in letters and I am trying to confirm relevance . Thanks Fred .

Australia / Frederick John Wharton , died about / after 1920 ,
« on: Saturday 10 April 21 07:07 BST (UK)  »
I am helping a fellow Wharton member try to find John Frederick Wharton born Redying Yorkshire 1893 to Thomas Wharton and Teresa Lawlor . Most of his siblings went to the states or Canada but it is believed he died in either Australia or New Zealand about 1920 . It would be great if we can find him . I know the siblings names but nothing else other than the family had long time ties to Denton Yorkshire . TIA , Fred.

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