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Nottinghamshire / Sanders of Watnall/Greasley
« on: Sunday 14 February 21 18:39 GMT (UK)  »
Got a family of Sander/Sanders/Saunders in Watnall, Greasley parish, but struggling to find the marriage and baptisms of their children.

William Sanders
b. c.1729
d. 1805 in Greasley

wife Ann
b. c.1727
d. 1763 in Greasley

Children (as noted in the will of William, and his son Williamís will)
 - Mary (married Robert Smith), b. c.1751, d. 1812 Greasley
 - Alice (married John Clarke), b. c.1751, d. 1821 Greasley
 - William Sanders, farmer of Watnall, b. c.1754, d. 1814 Greasley
 - Jemima (married Joseph Bembridge), b. c.1761, d. 1811 Greasley
 - John Sanders, baker of Bobbers Mill, Nottingham
 - Ann (married Thomas Lee of Arnold)

I canít find a marriage for William and Ann in the late 1740s/early 1750s, looked for variants Sander, Saunders, etc. Also struggling to find baptisms for the children. There are two possible baptisms I could find for John (1757) and Hannah (1759) Saunders in Greasley, both children of William and Ann, but unsure if they are the right ones, as I canít find any other siblings.

William and Ann have a headstone in Greasley churchyard which confirms their death dates.

Any ideas for finding their marriage or the missing baptisms? I have looked in Derbyshire and surrounding counties as well but no luck.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Child's name on 1850 census
« on: Tuesday 27 October 20 01:28 GMT (UK)  »
Having trouble deciphering the second name from the bottom (the five month old daughter). This is from the 1850 census in Rochester, Monroe Co., New York.


The Stay Safe Board / Leslie Corona Newman
« on: Sunday 22 March 20 16:37 GMT (UK)  »
What are the chances that now of all times I discover a distant relative, Leslie Corona Newman...

Born in 1902, probably named in honour of the coronation. A surprising number of children named Corona, Coronation, or a variant, born around that time.

How would you interpret Mary's surname? This is from a London clandestine marriage in 1749.



This is another part of my tree where I thought I had everything right but a new document found shows me I was wrong.

William Slater married Elizabeth Taylor in 1781 in Kneesall, Notts. They had two daughters, Elizabeth, b. 1783 (Kneesall) and Sarah, b. 1786 (Weston).

William Slater had been indentured to his future father-in-law, William Taylor, miller, a few years prior.

I had thought that William Slater died in 1789 in Weston, as there is a burial in that year. There is also a burial of an Elizabeth Slater in Weston in 1827 in Weston, abode of Kneesall, perfect age to be William's widow.

However, I just found a will of William Slater of East Retford, dated Oct 1809 (proved 1810), which is definitely the right William Slater (it notes his wife, daughters, grandchildren, brother-in-law). The will notes land at Clarborough and Ordsall. It looks like William died in Oct 1809, a death notice in the Stamford Mercury on 3 Nov 1809 reads: "On Saturday seínnight, Mr. William Slater, bailiff, of Retford."

I cannot find a burial for William Slater at Retford - can anyone find where he was buried? I'm hoping that it will give an age which may help to track down his parents.

Also I'm not sure now whether the burial for Elizabeth I have is correct. It is possible she remarried after William's death.

Any help sorting this out is much appreciated.


Nottinghamshire / Mary Claytor of Bassingfield
« on: Friday 04 October 19 06:15 BST (UK)  »
I have a bit of a puzzle regarding an ancestor, Mary Claytor.

She appears to have had three illegitimate children baptised at West Bridgford, all of whom died young - William (1790-1790), Elizabeth (1792-1795), and Martha (1795-1802). At Martha's burial her abode is listed as Bassingfield (in Holme Pierrepont parish), where Mary and her husband were then living.

Mary married William Gilding in 1797 at West Bridgford. At her marriage she is noted as of Bassingfield.

Mary and William went on to have twelve children, the first six born at Bassingfield between 1797 and 1804, and the second six born at Gamston in West Bridgford parish between 1806 and 1817.

The 1841 census shows Mary age 67 in Gamston.

The 1851 census shows her age 77 and born in "Ratcliff", Notts.

Mary died in 1855 and age at death given as 81.

So this would lead one to conclude Mary was born c.1774, probably in either Radcliffe-on-Trent or Ratcliffe-on-Sour.

There is a baptism on 21 Apr 1774 at Radcliffe-on-Trent, which up to this point I had assumed was very likely her. This Mary was daughter of Samuel Claytor and Mary nee (Hull). Samuel and Mary had a number of children at Radcliffe before moving in the early 1790s to Bassingfield, which fits nicely with Mary (their daughter) having her first child there around that time. Samuel Claytor and his wife Mary both died at Bassingfield in 1823.

However, I recently came across a burial for Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary Claytor on 10 Aug 1777 at Radcliffe-on-Trent. This is, presumably, the daughter Mary who was baptised in 1774, who I thought was my Mary.

I can't find an alternative baptism for my Mary Claytor, nor can I find any wills or other documents that help determine her parents. The connections with Bassingfield (a very tiny place) made me so certain I was on the right track, until I found that burial. Any ideas on how to progress with this?

Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Stratford on Avon burials, 18th cent.
« on: Tuesday 23 July 19 05:19 BST (UK)  »

I've been trying to track down some burial records from Stratford on Avon and can't find them anywhere. Generally I am looking for the Evetts and Lacey families, in particular burials for:

- Michael Evetts (c.1716)
- Avis Evetts (c.1732)
- Hannah Evetts (1732)
- Michael Evetts, husband of Hannah (after 1732)
- John Lacey (c.1742)
- Hannah Lacey, wife of John

I know roughly the years from various wills and other documents but I would like to find the burials if possible. Stratford burials for this period don't seem to be included on the usual sites (Ancestry, FindMyPast) which otherwise have quite good Warwickshire coverage.


World War One / John Francis O'Neill - possibly died in 1916?
« on: Sunday 23 June 19 19:24 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to verify details on a relative John Francis O'Neill who I believe died in the First World War or shortly after. John was married to Amy Mildred Gardner in 1916, Amy did have a son born in 1912 who was supposedly John's.

I have not been able to find any service record but did find a possible entry on the CWGC site:'neill,-/

Private O'NEILL, J F
Service Number 27320
Died 29/10/1916
2nd Bn.
Border Regiment

Can anyone find any further details to confirm whether this is the right John?


Australia / Eva Harriet Wells or Bartlett, immigrated to Australia in 1920s?
« on: Sunday 23 June 19 01:30 BST (UK)  »
I have a bit of puzzle that have worked on for years and never made much more progress. It relates to a sister of one of my ancestors.

Eva Harriett Gardner was born 13 May 1884 in Halford, Warwickshire, England.

In 1907, Eva married William Oscar Attrill on the Isle of Wight. They had two daughters - Norah (1907) and Joan (1914).

While William Attrill was away at war, Eva became pregnant by another man, and gave birth to a son Jack in January 1919, at Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, where Eva's mother was still living. Jack was adopted (changed surname) and later raised by his mother's sister.

Later in 1919, in London, Eva bigamously married Alfred Wells, who we think was the father of Jack. She used the name Eva Gardner when they were married to avoid suspicion.

William obtained a divorce from Eva on the grounds of adultery in 1922 (this was reported in the local papers). These record Alfred Bartlett as the co-respondent in the case. I believe that Alfred Bartlett and Alfred Wells were the same man, but have yet to definitely demonstrate this and do not know why the two names.

William Attrill and their two daughters remained on the Isle of Wight, and, it seems, never had anything to do with Eva after this point.

So why all this on the Australia board? Family rumour has it that Eva and "Alf Wells" emigrated to Australia in the early 1920s, and that they had two daughters of their own. She was apparently pregnant when they left.

However, I have not been able to find any record of the family moving to or living in Australia. I have no idea where in Australia they may have gone, or when they might have died. Can anyone find any details on their life in Australia?

Thank you,


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