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Morning, looking for a transcript - if anyone has access - for the 1851 census , Market Place, Warminster, Wiltshire for Richard Elliot Vardy (and his family) Richard is a printer employing 4 men and 5 boys in 1851. I am not directly connected with the family, doing some research for a project on Printers in the Wiltshire area, if anyone has the 1861 or 1831 that would be great too.  I have the 1841 details - many thanks in advance

Berkshire Lookup Requests / Berkshire - Henry Winter m Amy Reynolds/ Wright
« on: Sunday 28 August 16 15:54 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for any information please for Amy Reynolds b. Hurst Feb 1696. I know (from will transcriptions) that she is the daughter of George & Rebekah Reynolds and that in 1726 as she is mentioned in the will of  her mother (Rebekah) that she is married to Henry Winter. They have a number of children, however before 1726 they have two daughters Amy & Rebecca Winter - who are also both mentioned in their grandmother's will -   I can only find a marriage of Henry Winter to Amy Wright in Wokingham in Dec 1722 and nothing for Amy Reynolds, I am also unable to find a previous marriage for Amy to ? Wright

Any help greatly appreciated .. many thanks

If someone has access to the 1891 census can you please have a look for Hannah, I am trying to trace her family.  The only details I can find (free bmd) are that Hannah was registered March qtr 1888 in Warrington, Lancashire |(now Cheshire) so anything more would be a bonus.

Many thanks

On the Attestation Papers of Frederick William Smith dated Sept 1889 his next of kin  are named and include in his family a younger brother Joseph, who I was unaware of.  I would like to try and trace Joseph, his birth and I presume his death.  I do not at present have access to the 1891 census but I have in the past and I don't have record of him in the family.

The 1891 census details that I have noted previously are that the family were resident at Dolphin Cottage, 2 William Street, Lambeth
Thomas J Smith - General Labourer. Head
Ellen (his wife)
Children at home
Rose (Lily)
Edward J
Albert (8 months)

The remaining children
Thomas (1871)                     
Frederick William ( 1873)        In the Army in 1891
Ellen (1876)                           
Alice (1878)                         
Although not at home, are all named on the 1889 papers.

As a first step a  check of the 1891 census to make sure that I did not miss him would be great

Any help greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Armed Forces / Royal Artillery Sheerness - Frederick William Smith 1889-1897
« on: Monday 16 June 14 16:53 BST (UK)  »
I wonder whether anyone can help (point me in the right direction).  I have the Attestation Papers for Frederick William Smith who served in Metropolitan Police Force, his attestation dated 1897 states his previous employer was the Army, based at Sheerness, Regiment - Royal Artillery, and that he served for 7 years and 11 months (discharged Jan 1897) joined the Police April 1897 however remained a Reserve  with the Army until Feb 1901.

I'm trying now to get any further information relating to his time in the Army and wondered where I may go to find this ?
His Police papers state that he was recalled for active Army service in 1899 (for 6 months) and again in 1900 (12 months)
Does anyone know why he would have been recalled from the Police force ?

I would be very grateful for any help/advice/information

Kent Lookup Requests / Phillis Palmer Hudson - Hadlow Kent 1777
« on: Friday 04 January 13 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
Phillis (Philly) Hudson was baptised in Hadlow (acc.) familysearchon 29 June 1777 to mother (only) Sarah Hudson.  Philly married George Stevenson 16 May 1796 (Hadlow) as Philly Palmer Hudson and I wondered where the name Palmer came from?  I thought perhaps a reference to her father? I have since found the baptism on 28 June 1777, (the day before Sarah baptised her daughter) of a Mary Palmer to (mother only) Phillis Palmer again in Hadlow, so a coincidence? best friends? or perhaps sister to the father of young Phillis?  Lots of questions... If anyone has the PRs for Hadlow and can look at the baptism entries that would be helpful,  or if anyone has any suggestions as to how I might find out anything further for Phillis Hudson, in particular why on her marriage she is shown as Philly Palmer Hudson, that would also be helpful. 

Many thanks

I wonder whether sks can offer to look-up the marriage for John Andrews and Mary Stevenson.  From familysearch I have found an entry for St Andrews, London - 30 Sept 1815 - no other details, so I'm wondering whether this is St Andrew's Holborn or whether it could be another St Andrews ? in London. 

Any help/details would be marvellous. 

Thank you

Surrey Lookup Requests / Andrews - Oxted Surrey
« on: Sunday 30 December 12 18:13 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to put together the Andrews family from Oxted in Surrey and wonder anyone has access to the PRs and could offer a look-up?  I have found certain entries through familysearch
however the entries do not show the mother's name ... Children to Nicholas Andrews that I have found are John  -Apr 1714; Nicholas -Aug 1715; Thomas -Jan 1719 & Sarah -Jan 1720.  There may be more? all were baptised in Oxted with no mother listed.  I have not been able to find a marriage for Nicholas Andrews either ?
Any details/information would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Belfield - Hanley, Staffordshire
« on: Sunday 09 December 12 14:18 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for any information for Isaac Belfield born c. 1801 Hanley, Staffordshire (according the the 1871 census) and his wife Mary-Ann b. c. 1803 again in Hanley.   The first sight I have for either of them is the 1871 census in Runcorn, Cheshire.  Also in the household are their grown-up children Thomas & Sarah.  Whilst I have found (from FS) the baptism entry for Sarah in 1835 & a younger son John in 1838 I have not been able to trace anything for Thomas c. 1833, so anything further for him would also be greatly appreciated.

I cannot find a baptism entry for Isaac, nor a marriage to Mary (Ann) and would appreciate any help.

Many thanks

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