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I attach a page from the 1841 census for Batheaston near Bath, Somerset.

Ancestry has transcribed the children and ages clearly on another page but does not list the occupations or yes/no answers.

I'm interested in the occupation of the head of the household in the red box on the attached page.  It looks like "foot monger" to me but I'm sure that can't be right! 

The children were christened in Somerset and the "Born in the county?" answer seems to be "Y" for them but am I right in thinking the parents are "No"?

I'd be very grateful for any help from anyone who's better at reading these things than I am! 



Wiltshire Lookup Requests / Winterbourne Bassett - BOURTON & TEAGLE
« on: Sunday 05 June 11 20:02 BST (UK)  »
I see that in Look-up offers section "Charlesworth" offers to look up christenings and burials in Winterbourne Bassett.

I'd be very greateful if they or someone else could help me.

I am looking for members of the BOURTON (or Borton) and TEAGLE (numerous spellings!) families from Winterbourne Bassett in the 1700s.

My 4xgreat grandmother Priscilla BOURTON (as "BURTON") married George GRAY in Bath in 1798, but was christened in Clyffe Pypard in 29th November 1778, daughter of Edward BOURTON and Ann TEAGLE.

Their oldest daughter Rebecca GRAY was apparently christened in Winterbourne Bassett on 20th Jan 1799.

Priscilla's parents, Edward BOURTON and Nanny TEAGLE were apparently married by banns in Winterbourne Bassett on 7th Nov 1775, both being described as "of the parish".

I'd be very grateful if you could look for their christenings and any members of the BOURTON or TEAGLE families who might be related to them at about this time or before.

(I'd also be fascinated to hear about any more of George GRAY & Priscilla's children who might have been christened there, although I am not expecting any!)

Thank you very much indeed! :)



My great-grandmother Sarah Jane HUNT, born on 17 May 1867 at The Common, Hadlow, Kent, is shown in the 1881 census as Jane HUNT, 14, a domestic servant in "Holly Cottage, The Grove, Hampstead", born in Hadlow, Kent.

I wonder whether anyone can help me locate this address by taking a look for other addresses on the same/nearby 1881 census pages - or in some other way?

(Unfortunately I didn't take a copy of the census page when I was a member of Ancestry and have no further information!)

I've looked on several web maps and A-Zs of present day London and some historical street name indices and can't find "The Grove" or "Holly Grove" in NW3 (present day Hampstead) or "Hampstead" in the historical indices.

I am wondering whether "Hampstead" covered Highgate (now London N6) in 1881 and so whether this might be what is now The Grove, Highgate, N6.  Or might it be something to do with Holly Lodge Estate, N6?

On the other hand it could be another name for one of the many "Holly..." addresses in what is now Hampstead "proper" (London NW3).

Or was "Hampstead" a much larger area in the 1881 census and might this address be somewhere else entirely?

I'd be very grateful for any help in determining where this address was as some of the possible options are spookily close to where I am now! 

Thanks very much,



Isaac WHEELER and Ann or Jane DOWLIN(G) married in Wokingham on 21 August 1774 and then had a number of children in Binfield, Berks between at least 1776 and 1791.

(She is mentioned as Ann in some sources and Jane in others, but is ther same person judging by the 1801 census for Binfield, etc.)

I would be very grateful if anyone could look at the marriage record to see if any ages or residences (otp, etc) are mentioned for either of them.

(Amongst other things, I am interested in whether he might be the Isaac WHEELER christened in 1752 in Ufton Nervet, Berks.)

Thanks very much!  :)


Kent Lookup Requests / Looking for John BURREN c1796 of Maidstone.
« on: Tuesday 11 August 09 09:51 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to track down the birthdate/place and parents of agricultural labourer John BURREN c1796, born in "Maidstone" according to the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses.

[He married Catherine LINK in Boxley near Maidstone on 17 Apr 1824 and was with Catherine and/or various family members in "Kent" in 1841 and in West Peckham, Kent in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses.  The transcription of the name BURREN in different censuses varies wildly, including BUNCE (1861) and BERNAR (;  I have not actually seen this census page).  Looking at LDS/IGI produces no results for his approximate birthdate.]

I'd be very grateful if anyone could come up with any information about John BURREN and his relatives/ancestors.

Thanks very much!



I am looking for the birthplaces/dates/parents of Richard AKERMAN (or sometimes ACREMAN/ACROMAN) "of Patney" and Sarah ROMAN "of Chirton" (aka "Cherington") who married in Chirton, Wiltshire on 24th Nov 1729.

I am also looking for the birthplace/date/parents of Mary WESTON who married their son Richard AKERMAN/ACREMAN/ACROMAN, yeoman, (chr 3rd Feb 1738, Patney) in Patney on 26th Feb 1764.

I am told Richard AKERMAN and Mary WESTON had a daughter Ann AKERMAN, christened on 24th July 1769 (not listed on LDS/IGI), and this is the one that married my ancestor George BURDEN c1765 in Patney on 27th Jan 1790 - not the Ann AKERMAN christened on 10th Jan 1772, daughter of another of Richard and Sarah's sons, William AKERMAN c1742 and Anne WITCHELL of Urchfont, married in Urchfont on 23rd April 1764.

I have looked at the LDS/IGI website and Philmores for Patney/Chirton.

I'd be very grateful indeed for any information on any of these people from parish records and other sources.

Thanks very much!



I am trying to find the christening/parents of Catherine LINK c1802 or 1803 who claimed to be born in Headcorn in three censuses but appears NOT to have been christened there.

Other spellings apparently include Lynk, Lynke, Linke, Lenke, Lank, Links, etc.

I would be grateful if anyone could take a look for her in neighbouring parishes: Bethersden, Biddenden, Chart Sutton, Cranbrook, Cross-at-Hand, East Sutton, Frittenden, Hawkenbury, Linton, Maidstone, Marden, Sissinghurst, Smarden, Standen, Staplehurst, Sutton Valence and so-on.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could look at the christening records for approx 1802/3 for one or more of these places.

Thanks very much!  :)



My 3x great grandmother Elizabeth BUSS c1812 was "born in Wrotham" according to the 1851 census. 

Others have suggested some of the BUSS family in Wrotham at about that time were really from nearby Plaxtol. 

She married George HUNT c1811 of Hadlow, probably the marriage shown on LDS/IGI in Wateringbury on 2nd Oct 1836, although I am not 100% certain.

I wonder whether anyone can find her christening c1812 in the parish records of Wrotham, Plaxtol or thereabouts?

I also wonder whether anyone has the parish records covering Wateringbury in 1836?  Could you check whether there is any information like age, residence and whether Elizabeth BUSS was a spinster or widow - or anything else - which might tell us whether this is the correct marriage and possibly help pin down her origins?

(BTW, I have looked at the 1841-1901 censuses, the LDS/IGI website and several others, and one of her children's birth certificate's already.  In particular, she seems quite unlikely to be the Elizabeth BUSS christened in East Farleigh in 1816.  I'd welcome others' views though.)

I'd be grateful for any help anyone can offer.

Thanks very much!  :)



I wonder whether anyone is able to look at the original parish record of the christening of Isaac WHEELER, son of Mary WHEELER, in Binfield Berks on 2nd February 1822 for me?

I am interested in whether Mary WHEELER was a widow or unmarried, her residence - and any other supplementary information that might have been in the original PR.  (Or BT?)

NB  I have seen "my" Isaac WHEELER's marriage certificate and his father is "UNKNOWN". 

This is NOT the Isaac Wheeler christened in 1824 to parents William and Anne and NOT the one shown with them, age 15, in the 1841 census!

I have already looked at the LDS/IGI web site, the 1841 to 1901 censuses, FreeREG and FreeBMD.  Please don't repeat these searches for me - unless you really want to!  ;-)

I am interested in what it says in the original parish record from Binfield if anyone has access to that.

Thanks very much!


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