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Dublin / Marie and Peter Byrne dolphins Barn
« on: Thursday 03 September 20 21:57 BST (UK)  »
The death of Marie recorded on Irish genealogies 1878 aged 45 her husband mentioned asInformant  husband Peter Byrnes of Dolphins barn she was Peters second wife marrying about 1867 and they had a child together
The following Year on   Irish genealogy There is a Peter Byrne Widower  age 70 not of Dolphins Barn How can I investigate  this gentleman further
Big age gap I know I donít know when  Peter Byrne  was born Marrying Marie was born his first wife Eliza Kelly  died about 1866
I have in my tree a Peter Byrne born 1803 of Dolphins barn signed up in the Irish army at 1822 and was discharged in 1835 I always assumed he was my 4x Grandfather but now Iím wondering if Peter Byrne born 1803 was my third Times grandfather he marrying Eliza after he left the army That would make him older than her
I canít seem to find a death of a Peter Byrne  coming from Dolphins barn, he and his family always seem to stay in this area
 I think this guy to old But Iíd like to rule him out there again it could be my 4x grandfather
Would make him born 1808

Dublin / Josephine Byrne known as Dorothy Josephine Byrne Or Jeannie Byrne
« on: Tuesday 14 July 20 15:19 BST (UK)  »
Josephine Byrne in 1891 she says she is 32, so approx dob 1859
Later in life she had a trial at the old Bailey  by then she was married to Mr Jalland but Had committed Bigamy with Mr Wagstaff
I know all about the trial and that sheíd won, the newspapers have various details of her saying she had been born in Dublin and Father Stephen Burns a surgeon not correct, it said that she had been born in India and was bought to Dublin early in life and was educated at convent I cannot disprove this
She was very generous with her money and left Money to my grandmother and her brothers and sister s my grandmothers sister Elizabeth and her daughter May went to stay in London in 1920 to look after her first husband and when  Josephine dies in 1930s she leaves money to them for calling them
Her nieces
I believe Josephine  sister  Mary Byrne  is my G Grandmother married to Thomas Horan married 1867 Dublin Iíve never found Maryís birth but have found her marriage to my grandfather and her parents were Peter Byrne and ELIZA Kelly

I have looked for Josephine Byrne  I believe her parents were Peter Byrne and Eliza Byrne nee Kelly

Iíve looked in wwwIrish genealogy roots family search Ancestry and findmypast and also some not publish microfilms for Saint Kevins which is the area that Maryís brothers and sisters were baptised in
Dolphins Barn

 I do believe Josephine is tied to my family Apart from the Legacies is that Iíve had a DNA match with  my GGrandmothers MaryĎs brother Daniel Byrne And the match also confirms that Josephine left money to his family

I think a few years ago someone was enquiring about Josephine Byrne on here

Iím sorry for such a long post could anybody advise me on how to look for her she is certainly given herself some  Highfalutin names in the past, But she always keeps the Josephine Byrnes  in there somewhere

I know a lot about her life from the trial but even the newspapers donít seem to have anything on her past apart from that she came from Ireland if it was todayís newspapers they would have everything sussed by now

Thank you


Dublin / Peter Byrne
« on: Tuesday 14 July 20 14:51 BST (UK)  »
Peter Byrne , born 1803 Dolphins Barn
Private in the 16th rest of Lancers discharged 1822
Where could I view these details in the hope of finding out more about him thank you

Dublin / Peter and Eliza
« on: Saturday 27 June 20 16:25 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon
Iím looking for a marriage between Peter Byrne and ELIZA Kelly and her death certificate presumedly from 1861 until the remarriage in 1867
I can find the connection  of Peter and Eliza through the birth of there  children between 1846 and 1861
Peter goes on to Marie Johnston in Dublin in 1867 and I can find the marriage for that and the birth of the daughter
prudence : or Prudentia in 1868 Peter is a widower 

Any ideas where I could look to find the marriage

Thank you

Flintshire / Robert Davies
« on: Tuesday 05 May 20 17:09 BST (UK)  »
Iím looking for my great uncle Robert Davies born 1902 In Abergele Father Daniel Davies mother Emma Jones
In 1920 he was a van driver/chauffeur in wavertree tree in Liverpool
Then settled in Hollywell which I believe is Flintshire was married to Annie no surname and had three children Robert Margaret and Wesley
I know his birth by the 1911 census but I have no documentation on him at all and I canít seem to find him with Anne Annie or Family can anybody help please
Thank you

Armed Forces / G grandfather. 56 Regiment Private
« on: Tuesday 18 February 20 15:09 GMT (UK)  »
Good afternoon,
My Great grandfathers wedding certificate it states in 1869 when marrying Mary Hefferon ,he was John OíBrien  He was a private in the 56 regiment and came from Dublin

I donít know when he joined or when he left, I did try to search for myself using the National archives, I didnít get anywhere but I blame the user as opposed to the site

Could anybody point me in the right direction to see if I could find any records for him

Johns father was Edward O,Brien

Thank you

Denbighshire / Margaret Davies Abergele 1885
« on: Wednesday 25 September 19 18:00 BST (UK)  »
Ok here goes donít turn off everyone I know Iv been here a 1000 times and had so
Much help but Iím back with a dilemma
There is a Margaret Davies marrying a William Robert Owen in 1915 colwyn bay the fathers name is correct Daniel Davies says his occupation was a market Gardner ( when Margaretís sister got married she said he was a plumber ) he was a agricultural labourer in truth. Hereís the But says the father is   Deceased  But my Margaretís father wasnít ( he wasnít very nice so I hoping she might have made it up lol
The  reason I am very much attracted to this marriage is that  William Robert Owen was a minister of the church and my Margaret went to Patagonia so Iím thinking it could be sign lol
What does everyone think Iím I clutching at straws  I'm
Not worrying about the cost of the certificate
Just should I do some more work lol

Denbighshire / GG grandparents Davies
« on: Monday 23 September 19 16:53 BST (UK)  »
 Good afternoon,

Iím trying to go back a generation to my gg  grandparents William and Ellen Davies  I have my g grandfathers  birth certificate born on the 13th of July 1861 Peel Street Abergele his father was William Davies and his mother Ellen  Davies Formerly Davis
 In 1884 Daniel married Emma Jones and they were living at Jenkins Street Abergele then  in 1901 with his family he was back in peel  Street Abergele
 I know all about Daniel but Iím struggling to go back a generation because everybody seems to have the same name   And I canít out him with his parents  and I donít know of any siblings I can trace Daniel in  1881 he is single age 19 and he is a servant to William Hughes a farmer  so not with William and Ellen 
 Any tips on how to trace these two and know they belong to Daniel 
 I canít find them in 1871
Thank you

London and Middlesex / Matilda Skinner born Carey in Dublin
« on: Tuesday 03 September 19 09:31 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone advise me how i go about tracing the grave location of Matilda
I emailed the Islington crematory about 3 weeks ago all I had was an automated reply
Thank you

Matilda Skinner d aged 93, registered Oct 1992 Islington RD
born 17 Sep 1899
Volume:   13 p 1406

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