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The Common Room / Church or Register Office wedding ? Help please
« on: Wednesday 03 November 21 13:21 GMT (UK)  »
Good afternoon everyone a very quick question please.

Is it possible to distinguish whether a marriage took place in a church or a register office from the Marriage Index.

Great grandparents married in the Ffestiniog registration district during the Sept quarter of 1879.

Very easily found - Jeremiah Jones and Margaret Roberts both on FreeBMD and FindMyPast.  There's no parish marriage on FindMyPast but the area is very hit and miss as to which parish is there and what dates are on it.

Before I go to the expense of buying the certificate I thought I'd ask here to see if it was posible because if its a church wedding I still live locally enough to go and view the parish registers.   

Thank you very much.

Caernarvonshire / Look up request -St Mary's Church, Dolbenmaen 1942
« on: Friday 08 October 21 18:03 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone has access to the Marriage Register for Dolbenmaen Parish Church (St Mary's).  I've searched FindMyPast and Ancestry and I can find the Civil Marriage for the couple but not their church marriage but I do know it was at the Church because I've seen the actual entry but forgot to record the grooms details! I suspect that there is a copy of the Counterfoil books: Marriage certificates for the right year at the Archive in Caernarfon but can't get there for a while unfortunately.

The marriage took place in the last quarter 1942 at St Mary's Dolbenmaen between William S Williams and Mary E Roberts, the bride's father was Griffith Roberts.   One of the witnesses was Gwyneth Roberts.

If anyone is heading to the Archive in Caernarfon I would really appreciate a look up if you have time.... if anyone can find it online even better !

Thank you for your time.

Wales / Adoption 1930s Wales
« on: Friday 23 October 20 17:34 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon
I wonder if someone could help me.    I am researching an adoption which took place in the early 1930s; as was very common in those days there was no information forthcoming from the adoptee's new family.  The adoptee has passed away.   We had a birth date but when they applied for a certificate in the 1990s there wasn't one.    I have the adoptive parent's names and birth dates and got on to the 1939 register - as I had the death certificate I applied to get the record opened and this afternoon managed to look at it.    The birth date is out by one year less one day.   
I've been studying stuff online and I can see that there is an adopted children's register with the GRO but I do not know if a descendant of the adoptee can apply for a copy of the record.   
I'm hoping that someone who understands a bit more can put me on the right path.   This is not to contact the birth family's descendants but a curiousity about the adoptee's birth parent/s.   
I'm sorry cannot name names due to the nature of my enquiry.
Thanks in advance

World War Two / Deciphering Dad's War Record - help please.
« on: Wednesday 18 March 20 13:46 GMT (UK)  »
I'm going to try track Dad's route around Asia during the War

I have Dad's War Record and it seems very sparse but hey ho ! He also wrote a account of where he was which I can use, there are also lots of other bits of paper he left me.

The problem is I'm finding it really hard to decipher the abbreviations and things on the record - is there anyone out in the Roots Chat community who can perhaps help.   I hav them as PDF items.

Thank you


World War Two / Looking for a decent map of the Far East Theatre of War
« on: Wednesday 18 March 20 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all

I am planning try to track my late father's route through India, Burma and the Far East and finally to the Phillipines and Japan during the WW2.

I'm looking for a decent printable map / maps of the area at that time to use for reference but I am also looking for a blank printable map where I can plot the journey.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find them.

Thank you very much

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / are all my cousins related to me and each other
« on: Wednesday 24 July 19 13:10 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon all

I have just uploaded our dna into gedmatch (A* test) for two of my maternal side cousins and two of my paternal side cousins. Their parents were siblings to either my Mum or Dad.

Gedmatch really confuses me and I'm slowly learning and so I found a Generations matrix put us all in as I had a slight hint that this might be the case and to me looks like there are more than one link - one which is the first cousin but another which is several generations back.  We're from a rural area and it is quite possible as our families have not moved around much.
Could someone have a look at this and confirm my speculation (or not). 
Thank you very much

Census and Resource Discussion / Issue with 1841 Census for Criccieth on Ancestry
« on: Wednesday 13 March 19 14:34 GMT (UK)  »
Good afternoon
Whilst working my way back on a family line I couldn't find them anywhere on Ancestry and so after a few searches for different spellings I checked FindMyPast and there they were !
So I took down the census reference and it was still not coming up - but I was doubting my method here as I rarely browse the census.   Searched for someone called Roberts in Criccieth - looked at them all and I can't see anything close to the folio number.  I can only see some 6 pages of Criccieth returns in Ancestry but there are more in FindMyPast. 

Could someone have a look and confirm my findings.

Thank you

The family (per FindMyPast and agreed with info I know) are the

John Roberts 45 Mason
Jennet 45
Maurice 25
Eleanor 20 (my GGGG mother)
William 15
Robert 13
Margaret 11

They are resident at Pnygamdda, Criccieth and there are members of the family still living there in later census'

The reference is
Archive ref    HO107
Piece number   1391
Book number   2
Folio number   29
Page number   4

Good evening all
How do I do a barebones tree to link to my Ancestry DNA and what do I leave in it.
I use Family Tree Maker 2017 for Mac.
Thank you for your help

Denbighshire Lookup Requests / Ruabon Parish Church MI
« on: Monday 12 November 18 14:46 GMT (UK)  »
Good afternoon fellow RootsChatters

I am hoping to find two burials, both wives of Maurice William Ling of Victory Garage, Ruabon.   He is buried at Ruabon with his third wife, his baby grand-daughter and his son in law.  I do not believe that these ladies are buried with him as he did not pass away until 1964.

The first lady is Ethel Coe Ling she died in April/May 1928 at the Women's Hospital, Liverpool. Found her - she was buried back in Essex, her birth town.

and the second lady, my husband's grandmother, died in September 1934 after childbirth in Ruabon.

Thank you very much

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