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Pembrokeshire / Stephen Morris Nevern 1791
« on: Tuesday 04 August 15 22:55 BST (UK)  »

I wondered if anyone has access to the parish records for this period? I am trying to find Stephen Morris' parents. He was born in Nevern in 1791 and lived his life out near St Davids. I would be very grateful for any help. All the online records post date his birth!


Cardiganshire / Pilbach Felinfach
« on: Thursday 26 April 12 23:39 BST (UK)  »

Does anyone know where Pilbach Farm in Felinfach is?



Cardiganshire / Job Evans. Neuadd-ddu, Ystrad
« on: Tuesday 27 September 11 20:36 BST (UK)  »

I have a tangled tale to tell.

My relative is Job Davies was born in 1840. He seems to be on the 1841 census living in Llanfihangel Ystrad with his grandfather Job Enoch under the name of Job Evans.

No relevant certificate for a Job Davies can be found. But there was a certificate for a Job Evans born to David Evans and Elizabeth Enoch in 1840. He was born in Neuadd-ddu. That is my first question, does anyone know this place is is a farm or cottage in Llanfihangel Ystrad?

Job remains with his grandfather until he marries.

Job Enoch seems to have taken in several of his grandchildren, a David Davies, Elizabeth Davies and Mary Beynon, all younger than Job.

Family search cannot help as to birth records of these children and I wondered what records might and if anyone has access to them??

Thankyou in advance for your help


Pembrokeshire Lookup Requests / stephen morris St Davids
« on: Tuesday 11 January 11 20:46 GMT (UK)  »

Does anyone have access to the full entry for a marriage in St Davids on 29 April 1815?

It is a marriage for Stephen Morris and Anne Jones retrieved from the family search site. i wondered if there might be a little more information on the full record (including which church!)

Many thanks for reading this.


Pembrokeshire / STAR near Llanvirn
« on: Monday 10 January 11 22:28 GMT (UK)  »

i wondered if anyone knew of the existence of a property called "Star" or anything similar in the parish of St Davids. the next property was the farm of Llanvirn.

My relatives the Devonalds "Divnald" on census lived there in 1851.

Many thanks

Pembrokeshire Lookup Requests / devonalds
« on: Monday 13 December 10 20:31 GMT (UK)  »

I have a John Devonald born in 1817 in Eglwswrw (sp?) in 1817. His father was a David Devonald.

I beleive I may have found his father in David Devonald in a man who married Martha Phillips on 13 February 1816 (found by another member) unsure of the church they married in???

John had married by 1841 and on the census with the possible David are children from 1830, Martha being the first.

I would dearly like to find the record for John's birth (and possibly confirm his mother's name) also to find any siblings he may have had born between 1817 to 1830. The large gap between siblings may mean I have found the wrong David in 1841 but I am drowning.

John married in an nonconformist chapel in St davids so it may be that he won't appear on parish records... Anyone can help i would be very very grateful.


Lancashire Lookup Requests / DEWHURST marriage
« on: Thursday 11 November 10 21:40 GMT (UK)  »

I wonder if anyone could help.

I am looking for a marriage between Andrew Dewhurst (b1793) in Sabden or Read, Lancashire and Elizabeth (of Rossendale).

Their first child was born in 1816 and their children were baptised in St Mary's in Whalley. I have searched for their marriage on the Lancashire Online Parish Clerks to no avail and find myself stuck and unable to find out who Elizabeth was, in particular of course her maiden name.

None of their children were born post 1837 sadly!

I wondered if anyone could help. I cannot get to local archives and none of the sites I have signed up to have any useful records on this.

Andrew was a calico block printer.

Thankyou in anticipation


Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / Owen Llanrhychywn birth
« on: Sunday 29 August 10 16:23 BST (UK)  »

I wondered if anyone could see if there is a William Owen born in 1883 in Llanrhychwyn, he may be William Hughes in any case he was born to Mary Jane Hughes. I know he is illegitimate and went by the name of William Owen for most of his life, only when he died did it become known he was in fact a Hughes...

Thanks if you are able to help,


Denbighshire / Llangernyw births
« on: Thursday 26 August 10 23:11 BST (UK)  »

This is a bit of a long shot I know but would someone be able to tell me if there are any children called John born in Llangernyw, the illegitimate child of William Morris in the year of 1860 perhaps plus or minus 1 year but most likley in 1860.

I will explain in full if anyone can face the trawl. I know I am asking a lot but I feel very confused on the trail of this John Jones, John Wynne or John Wynne Jones or John ?????

He was apparently very secretive about his heritage and is foxing me completely.


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