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The Common Room / Mary Ann Coomber -Where did she go after 1871
« on: Sunday 15 March 20 15:03 GMT (UK)  »
Please can anyone help me find Mary Ann Coomber after the 1871 census.

Prior to that, she was quite easy to trace.

I found her birth on 7 Jan 1847 and baptism on 31 Jan 1847. Her parents were William Coomber (cab driver) and Sarah Pottinger.
Sarah died 26 Nov 1849

In the 1851 and 1861 census Mary Ann is with her aunt Elizabeth. (motherís sister)
Elizabeth died on 15 Nov 1867.
In her will, Elizabeth left almost everything to Mary Ann Coomber

In the 1871 census Mary Ann is back with her father, but in 1872 her father, William died.
I got a copy of Williamís death certificate, to see if Mary Ann registered the death. No luck there.

I cannot find a marriage or death for Mary Ann. Iíve found a few Ďpossiblesí but when I traced them, backwards or forwards, they were not her.

Please does anyone have any ideas where to look next?

The Common Room / Elizabeth Maria de Redder - did she die?
« on: Tuesday 14 January 20 19:56 GMT (UK)  »
Please can someone have a look at the enclosed facts and tell me what Iím missing.

I have William de Redder 1814-1881 marrying Elizabeth Herron 1820-1891.

They have sixteen children including two sets of twins, most died very young.

Like a lot of people, at that time, when a child died, they named another child with the same name. (They had four sons named William)
So far so good!

I found one daughter Elizabeth Maria 1846 -1849, and another Elizabeth Maria 1849-1855.
I sent off for both death certificates.

The first Elizabeth Maria died 24 Jan 1849. Aged 3 years. She died of croupe (certified) (I think that was diphtheria) and the death was registered by Christiana Hills (Present at the death) This could have been a nurse as she died of a contagious disease in South Shields Union.
She is described as the daughter of William de Redder Master Mariner

The second Elizabeth Maria died 2 Jan 1855 aged 5 Years, in Castleacre, Norfolk. She died of Diseased spleen of long standing and bleeding from the stomach. (Certified)  She was described as the daughter of William de Redder, Captain of a collier
The death was registered by Mary Drew, present at the death. (Mary Drew was the childrenís grandmother).

I thought this was sorted until I was contacted on Ancestry by someone who says he is descended from the second Elizabeth Maria.
Iíve tried to find another birth of an Elizabeth Maria de Redder with as many variations of her surname I can think of, without success.

The Ďsecondí Elizabeth Maria married Henry Johnson in 1873 in South Shields. It was a double wedding, as her brother William Anthony married Henryís sister, Margaret.

I don't understand how she can be married in 1873 when she died in 1855.

Please can someone look at this with fresh eyes and tell me what Iím missing.

Many thanks

The Common Room / Hospital in Sussex?
« on: Wednesday 06 November 19 14:19 GMT (UK)  »
I have a death certificate from 1847 which states the death occured in Gloster Terrace, Brighton. (That is how Gloster is spelt on the death certificate)

The death is registered in Brighthelmston.

Can anyone tell me if this address was actually a hospital. If so is there any information about the hospital?

Many thanks

The Common Room / Ancestry Tree - Help please
« on: Monday 21 October 19 14:16 BST (UK)  »
Apologies if this has been asked before!

Since Ancestry did their last 'upgrade' I keep finding a box on the 'Facts' which tells me to 'Search for missing marriage.' Or 'Search for missing death.'

All I can do is click on this box, I cannot find a way to delete it

How can I get rid of this box permanently?

The Common Room / Cause of Death
« on: Thursday 15 August 19 14:08 BST (UK)  »
I have just received a death certificate (dated 1863) with the cause of death as, Sacro-Iliac Disease and exhaustion. P.M certified.
The diseased was a Farrier by trade and was only 30 years old.

Can anyone please tell me, exactly what is Sacro-Iliac Disease?  I have asked google and I get lots of similar results.
It's a painful joint disease in the lower back where it joins the hips. This seemed a bit strange for someone so young.
Does the fact there was a post mortum mean the doctor was not sure of the cause of death either?

He died in Middlesex hospital.

Many thanks for any help

The Common Room / Death Certificate WW1
« on: Tuesday 30 April 19 15:30 BST (UK)  »
Were death certificates issued for servicemen who died on active service in WW1, and how can I get one?

I cannot find a death certificate for John Alexander Mitchell (Petty Officer Stoker 294555)

I know he died when HMS Bulwark exploded in Sheerness harbour on 26 Nov 1914.

I just want to see what is actually written on the death certificate.

The Common Room / How to find a birth for my great grandfather George Green
« on: Sunday 17 March 19 12:01 GMT (UK)  »
Please can anyone help me find a birth for my great grandfather, George Green.

I will tell you the definite information I have about him.

I found the names of both my great grandparents from the birth certificate of my grandmother.
My great grandmother was Mary Ann Chandler and Iíve managed to trace her without too much trouble.
My great grandfather was George Green, occupation Drover.

I have the marriage certificate of George and Mary Ann dated 7 Jan 1876 in Camberwell. George is age 20 and Mary Ann is 18.
Georgeís father is given as William Green, occupation Sawyer. (This made sense as Mary Annís father is James Chandler, occupation Carpenter.)

I have traced George from his marriage until his death, 5 Dec 1918. His death was registered by his daughter, my grandmother and his occupation is given as Cattle Drover. Age given is 65.

I have found one other child born to George and Mary Ann who died aged 6 months in 1879.

I believe George was born in South East London about 1850 Ė 1858. (He gives his place of birth as Lambeth in Census records. Although I know he may have been brought up in Lambeth but not necessarily born there.)

There are so many George Greens born about the right time and lots of them even have William as the father.
I did find a birth in Lambeth in 1853 to an unmarried mother named Green. How could I ever prove this is the right George?

I found a George Batt Green (I wondered if that should be George Matthew Green) but he died as a child.

George is the only ancestor Iíve found who was a Drover. Iím still trying to understand what a Drover did in London.

Is there any way to trace his birth and then follow him through the census records until his marriage?   

Many thanks

The Common Room / Rose Ellen Rogers...What happened to her?
« on: Saturday 23 February 19 14:45 GMT (UK)  »
Rose was my grandmotherís sister and I hope someone can help me trace her.
I have traced all my grandmotherís many siblings, even the ones who died very young, but Rose is a bit of a mystery.

I found her on Free BMD born in 1893.
She is in the 1901 census with her family. The last I can find of her is in the 1911 census, aged 18 still living at home and described as a Ďdomestic servantí.
As I couldnít find anything else, I decided to send off for her birth certificate. She was born 16 Dec 1892 and the birth was registered in 1893.

I thought Iíd cracked it, because with her name and full birth date I could find her on the 1939 register. Wrong!

I donít know if Rose married so I looked for all Rose Ellens with the same birth date, then I looked for all the Rose Es, then I looked for Rose.

All the possibles in 1939 Register I looked up their children to find the motherís maiden name. No Rogers.

I started by looking in Hampshire as Rose was born in Southampton and most of the family still lived in the area.
But as I had no luck I branched out and looked for Rose Ellen anywhere, but Iíve drawn a blank.

Please can anyone else discover what happened to her.

Many thanks for trying.

The Common Room / Scotland's People
« on: Tuesday 05 February 19 15:21 GMT (UK)  »
Iím trying to order a digital birth certificate on Scotlandís People.

When I try to pay using my credits I canít do it. I have to order a certificate through the post. (and it costs more)

I thought that all BMDs over fifty years old could be ordered digitally, is this not so?

The birth Iím trying to get was registered in March 1919.
So in about five weeks time, it will actually be a hundred years. (The person concerned died in 2007, but not in Scotland. He died in USA)

Will I be able to order the certificate digitally at the end of March?

Many thanks

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