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Armed Forces / Court Martial records
« on: Thursday 07 March 19 16:38 GMT (UK)  »
I haven't been on this forum for a long time but I know where to come for help.  I am hoping to access the record of a court martial held in April 1941.  I have the Gazette entry as the officer was cashiered.  (London Gazette 29 Apr 1941)

"Y. 6- L.R. Maj. G. C. Wilmot (11781) is cashiered by sentence of a Gen. Court-Martial. 11th Apr.1941"

I think it must have been pretty serious for this during war time.  He was my mil's first husband and served in the York and Lancaster Regt.
I am going to London at the end of April if I thought that the record was available at the National Archives or elsewhere would go to access it.  I can't see any reference to it online. 
Has anyone any idea how I can find out details please?
Thanks in anticipation, Ellen

Armed Forces / James Maurice Earle Cooper-Cundy: Cashiered
« on: Sunday 13 April 14 16:23 BST (UK)  »
I found on the Gazette data base that the above major was cashiered from the army in 1952. Is there any way to find out what for other than sending to the National Archives for his records?

Many thanks in advance for any help available.


England / Annie Matilda Wilmot (nee Pinker)
« on: Monday 26 March 12 14:18 BST (UK)  »
Annie Pinker was born in Bristol 1859.  She married a police constable, Henry Collier Wilmot, in 1879 and they had 2 daughters.  Elizabeth Ann b. 1880 and Anne Georgina b. 1884. 
At the time of the 1891 census Henry is a lodger but still described as married.  the 2 daughters were living with a cousin Samuel Cusack Wilmot and later were adopted by him.  In 1901 Samuel had died and one daughter was living with his widow and the other with Samuel's brother Claude.
Henry remarried in 1893 although his marriage certificate had his age wrong by 10 years and he was described as a bachelor.
As the daughters were with family members and adopted by them I assumed their mother had died.  However, I cannot find a record of her death. Do any of the lovely Rootschatters have access to other information or any ideas what might have become of her.  Mental institution perhaps?
Many thanks for reading this long rambling!  Ellen

Armed Forces / Royal Artillery
« on: Wednesday 22 February 12 22:32 GMT (UK)  »
I had this photo sent to me today.  It is of either my husband's grandfather or g-grandfather who were both in the RA.  One was born in 1851 and served in the Zulu War, he joined up in 1869 and retired in 1900. His son-in-law was born in 1865 and served from 1881 - 1902.
Can anyone tell me from the uniform which of these two men it might have been please?  As their service overlapped it may be difficult to tell.  They both reached the rank of Sergeant Major.
My gut feeling is that it's the younger man, the elder won a medal in the Zulu War and this man doesn't have a medal or ribbon showing.
Thanks in anticipation.

Donegal / Roulston, Menta
« on: Sunday 03 April 11 16:33 BST (UK)  »
Mathilda Roulston b.1914 d.1960 was married to Robert Bo(a)gle.  I have her birth in a place called Menta in Co Donegal.  Does anyone please have information as to where this place may be?  She died at Ardmore, Muff.  Many thanks in anticipation.


Ireland / Long Lost in 1911 census
« on: Monday 13 September 10 15:13 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to locate the whereabouts of 3 members of the Long family in the 1911 census. 
In 1901, the family - father William, mother Eliza Jane and 5 of their 6 children, William, Samuel, Jean, Frances and Margaret were living in Muff Co. Donegal with Eliza's mother, Jane Brooks.
Eliza died in 1906 and so in the 1911 census the children were living with various relatives and I have found eldest son James and his brother William living with grandmother Jane Brooks in Muff.  The youngest daughter Margaret was living with her aunt Frances McConnell (my husband's grandmother) and family in Belfast.  Samuel was in the British Royal Navy on a ship in the China Sea.
I cannot anywhere in Ireland or UK find William snr, Frances and Jean.
In 1912 all the family except Margaret and Samuel signed the Ulster Declaration/Covenant. By now Jean was living in Belfast with the McConnells.  William and Frances were living at 6 Georges Street Londonderry City.  There do not appear to be any houses in this street recorded in the 1911 census although neighbouring Henry Street is listed.
Please can anyone shed any light on the mystery of where William, Frances and Jean were hiding in 1911?

Thanks very much in anticipation!

Donegal / No Burial Register
« on: Monday 13 September 10 14:15 BST (UK)  »
Bob and I were at Greenbank Church last year looking for his grandmother's grave.  She died in Muff in 1941 but her family home was in Crehennan.  There is a grave there with "Brooks" inscribed on it which was her maiden name.  We wondered if she may have been buried there so when we got home we wrote to the minister to ask about the burial register, only to be told in his reply that they don't have one but are hoping to start one!
Does anyone know if this is unusual and how we could find out if Frances McConnell (nee Brooks) was buried there?
I shall look forward as always to helful and interesting replies and debate - I love it!  Thanks everyone.

One Name Studies: A to G / Dishley - Staffordshire
« on: Saturday 22 May 10 21:25 BST (UK)  »
I am about to start a study on the name Dishley.  Mostly they were from Newcastle under Lyme and Leek.  My g-g-grandmother was a Dishley!  I would be pleased to hear from anyone with an interest or information.

Many thanks, Ellen

Staffordshire / One name study - Dishley
« on: Saturday 22 May 10 21:20 BST (UK)  »
I  plan to make a one name study of the Dishley family.  They are mostly from Newcastle under Lyme and Leek.  My g-g-grandmother was a Dishley.
If there is anyone who has any interest in the name I would be pleased to hear from you.


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