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This shows my great great grandmother, Frances Mary Broadwood. It is a glass positive picture in a leather frame. My grandma wrote a note on the back which says "Tatiana's "Russian lady" mother. Young Tania looks just like her." There is no studio identification on the picture or frame.
Some years ago, the RootsChat community were really helpful in assisting me to find out about my "Russian" great grandma - who was actually born in London, but I'm just curious as to what date people would put on this picture. Also, in your opinion, are the clothes British? After her marriage, Frances lived in the United States and Austria as well as the UK.
Thanks in advance.

I have some old glass plates that were taken around 1908. I am pretty certain of the date because some of them show my grandfather as a toddler, but if you have any other ideas, please feel free to comment. As the family lived in Newark at the time, I would guess they were taken there, but they did  travel extensively. There are no studio marks on the plates, though some have the family name "Cafferata" written on them.
However some of the plates show children who I am not sure of - in order to help me track them down, can you give an estimate as to their ages?
Thanks in advance.

The Lighter Side / Why family history / genealogy?
« on: Friday 11 September 20 07:38 BST (UK)  »
I'm interested in the reasons people enjoy family history and genealogy. This question was prompted by seeing people's trees on ancestry that have many tens of thousands of names. Gathering that many is a very different approach from me. I'd never say that one way is correct or better but it got me thinking about what people enjoy.
For me, it's got a lot to do with making connections. I'll research a branch to the nth degree if I feel in some way connected but if not I lose interest. Defining connected is harder though. It could be a close family line, it could be an interest in them as a person. It can change from generation to generation.
I was able to make great progress on one family line because they were agricultural workers who never moved but they don't interest me for some reason.
I will admit that I enjoy the detective work, despite all the frustrations it can bring and I like trying to flesh out the lives of ancestors - I have written many thousands of words in short biographies of relatives.
So what do you enjoy?

Family History Programs, Tree Organisation, Presentation / New to Roots Magic...
« on: Sunday 06 September 20 20:36 BST (UK)  »
I'm a long time user of Family Tree Maker and want to upgrade but I just can't bring myself to pay the eye-watering amount demanded for the latest version!
Accordingly, I've downloaded the free version of RootsMagic to try and have a couple of questions.
First, is it worth paying for an upgrade and, if so, what makes it worthwhile?
A key feature with Family Tree Maker for me was the ability to synch the tree on the computer with my ancestry tree. I know I can download my ancestry tree but can Roots Magic automatically synch changes with the online tree?
Thanks in advance.

Can anyone help with the occupation (column 16) for Joseph Cafferata in the 1891 Canada Census?
The transcription on ancestry reads "Turnkey at Reg ??"
At the time of the census Joseph was living at Moose Jaw but had been a homesteading farmer in Regina so I'm wondering if the Reg stands for Regina.
Many thanks for your help.

Canada / Joseph Nicholas Cafferata
« on: Tuesday 01 September 20 11:28 BST (UK)  »
Thanks to Sandra, I am getting ahead in my seach for the Canadian Cafferatas, I now have another quest.
I'm looking for birth details for Joseph Nicholas Cafferata 1889-1907. Parents Joseph Waterworth Cafferata and Anne Wilson.
I can find him in the 1891 census with NWT listed as birth place and can find the record of his death but not of his birth.
Joseph Waterworth Cafferata and Anne Wilson had 4 children altogether but Saskatchewan birth indexes only show the other 3.
Can anyone help?

Canada / Cafferata / Roosa Marriage
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 20:46 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for information about Margaret Wilson Cafferata b.12/28/1889 Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. I have seen the birth index but am looking for marriage details.
A family tree says she married someone named "M M Roosa" had two children and died 1933.
There is a BC death index for Margaret Roosa died 07/22/1937 in Vancouver. I am assuming the 1933 date is an error. The family had links with Vancouver so the location fits.
I have not been able to find any marriage details or further information about her husband, so any more information would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

The Common Room / Residual Estate in a will
« on: Friday 28 August 20 16:39 BST (UK)  »
My great great great grandmother, Elizabeth Cafferata was obviously careful with money and kept a ledger detailing how much she'd lent each of her children, an amount which ran to about 8,500. She put the amounts each child owed in her will stating that it was to be deducted from what each received from the estate and it would be considered part of her "residuary estate".
 According to the probate records Elizabeth left just over 14,400.
My question is, does that 14,400 include the 8,500 her children owed her, or is the money owed in additon to the 14,400?
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Date of Birth?
« on: Friday 28 August 20 16:22 BST (UK)  »
It would be great if someone could help me with the date of birth in this baptismal record. I am wondering what the date is. Is it the 9th, assuming that the figure preceeding it has been crossed out, or is it the 29th, assuming the figure has a smudge?
Any help is appreciated!

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