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The Common Room / Recent Files
« on: Monday 02 November 20 07:00 GMT (UK)  »

Can someone remind me last......twoooo days......there was direction to files compiled by a family history group....Ireland?....gaol records?........PDF files?....three files?

Or....I have imagined the whole thing.

The Common Room / GRO registration births marriages
« on: Wednesday 05 August 20 02:37 BST (UK)  »

I remember........during last few weeks.......someone gave good information about the process (ie transcription and forwarding) by which -

* the original registration of a birth made at a regional office...ends up as registration at GRO.

* the registration of a marriage in a church....ends up as the registration at GRO

Can someone direct me to this please.

Scotland / Civil Registration BDM
« on: Friday 19 June 20 08:42 BST (UK)  »

A question please........civil registration BDM Scotland....and specifically the first year, 1855 -

I think I saw on Rootschat that there was a detail recorded on the .....birth?....marriage?....record, that was only recorded that first year.....and not subsequently.

Which record?......which detail?   Sound familiar?

Or I might have just imagined the whole thing. 

Australia / WW1 death certificates - where issued.
« on: Monday 06 February 17 05:08 GMT (UK)  »
Can someone advise please - WW1 deaths, Australian forces ie what BDM registrar would hold the record for -

* serviceman died in England

* serviceman died France, Belgium, Turkey etc

* serviceman died during return to Australia (buried at sea / at next port / body returned to Australia).

Canada / Death certificate ONTARIO 1894
« on: Tuesday 17 March 15 08:20 GMT (UK)  »
Can someone advise me please -

What information is recorded on a death certificate, Ontario 1894.

Thank you

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