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Fermanagh / Adoption in the 1950s
« on: Saturday 07 October 23 15:28 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for advice on obtaining the original birth certificate for a child adopted in the late 1950s.
The person concerned, who lives abroad, has managed to make contact with us (her birth family) using the information about the birth mother and has asked me for help to get a copy of the original certificate.

The person knows:
Birth Name
Name of birth mother

A record made by the adoptive parents names a hospital as the birthplace.

This site indicates that obtaining the birth certificate is possible.

"I already know my original birth name so what do I have to do?

If an adopted person already knows their birth name they can apply directly to the Registrar General for a copy of their original birth certificate."

However when I check this site

there is a list of questions that need to be answered to obtain a certificate.

    full name of person whose birth certificate you are ordering
    date and place of birth (district or street and town)
    names of parents (including mother's maiden name)
    mother's address at time of birth

Has anyone experience of this situation please who can offer me advice please? 

I have kept details here to a minimum but am happy to provide more privately.


Essex Lookup Requests / Sarah SPELLER b about 1821 White Roding
« on: Saturday 16 April 22 12:07 BST (UK)  »
Sarah Speller was my 2 x great grandmother and I have problems in finding her parents.

Sarah Speller married John Speller in Leaden Roding on 27 July 1844.  They were both of full age.  Johnís father was Thomas Speller a labourer and Sarahís was Edward Speller also a labourer.  John was a bachelor and Sarah a spinster.  The witnesses were Joseph Speller (marked) and Eliza Thurley (signed).

I have Sarah in all of the censuses up to her death in 1893 except 1851 when the whole of the Dunmow Registration District is missing.  Her place of birth is consistently stated as White Roding and her age indicates she was born about 1821.  Her age at death in 1893 was 72.

I have not been able to positively identify Sarah in the 1841 census but she may be a female servant in Good Easter.

Despite many searches I have been unable to find a baptism for Sarah with a father named Edward.  I have also failed to find an illegitimate birth that would fit.

There is a family in Leaden Roding in the 1841 census as follows:

Edward Speller 46 Ag Lab
Elizabeth 45
Joseph 15
Mary 13
Charles 9
Susan 3
All born in county.

I have found baptisms for all the children and identified their mother as Elizabeth Stones. Edward married Elizabeth on 23 March 1818 at Leaden Roding.

Given the date of the marriage it is possible that Sarah could belong to this family. 

 I have tried to find a link between Sarah and the family of Edward and Elizabeth Speller

The death certificates of Edward and his wife Elizabeth do not help.  Edwardís son Joseph registered his fatherís death in 1857.  Elizabeth died in Dunmow Union Workhouse in 1879 and her death was registered by the Workhouse Master.

Joseph Speller who was a witness at John and Sarahís marriage could be the Joseph who is the son of Edward and Elizabeth.  Unfortunately, John had a brother also named Joseph.  I have checked the marriage of Johnís brother Joseph and the 2 marriages of Edward Spellerís son Joseph.  On each of the documents Joseph Speller made his mark so I cannot compare signatures.

Edwardís daughters Mary and Susan both married.  Sarah did not witness Maryís marriage in 1855 at Havering or that of Susan who married William Dixon in Moulsham in 1864.

Edwardís son Charles died in 1850 at the age of 18 unmarried.

So, I seem to have come to a full stop.  Can anyone suggest further avenues of research or find a possible baptism for Sarah please?  Edward Speller did not leave a will.


New Zealand Completed Requests / LEWIN Lancelot NZFA WW1
« on: Wednesday 11 November 20 12:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone I am looking for some help in locating the service record for Lancelot LEWIN who served in the NZFA in WW1.

I have a transcript of NZ Soldiers from FindMyPast showing his name as Launcelot Lewin, Gunner, Field Artillery, Reg No 2/1136.

I also have his name in the list of Commissioned Officers who served in the NZEF which shows L Lewin attested 1 March 1915, became 2nd Lt 21 Oct 2015 and Lieut. 14 August 1916. Struck off strength 10 Aug 1918.

This information accords with the details on his marriage certificate dated 28 June 1917.

I have searched Archway for his papers but with no luck.  I already have the papers from there realting to his father KCM Lewin and his brother CM Lewin.  Are there still records to be catalogued and digitised on Archway?

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.


Armed Forces / William LEE Captain RMLI
« on: Monday 29 July 19 12:32 BST (UK)  »
I am hoping someone can help me with a date and place of death for William Lee who was a Captain in the RMLI.

William married Mary Ann Mundell on 1 November 1843 in Milton, Gravesend and they had 6 children.
I have William, his wife and 1 child in the 1851 census living in Northfleet, Kent. (HO 107 1609 f 110  Page 3). His age is shown as 46 and born in Gillingham Kent.

In 1861 he is in Horley, Surrey with his wife and 5 children.  He is aged 60 and again place of birth is Gillingham. (RG 9 444 f 87 p 7).

Williamís oldest son born in 1845 is with relatives in Marylebone in 1851 and I have not found him in 1861.

Mary Ann Lee died in July 1863 in Kentish Town and is named as the wife of William Lee Captain Royal Marines.  I am not sure why she was there.  The informant was not a relative.

After that I lose William and all his sons from the censuses.  One daughter is with relations in Wales in 1871 and the other possibly away at school in Frant. Both are living with relatives in Wales in 1881 and they later marry there. 

I have looked at William's service record from TNA (ADM 196/58/159)
This shows that he was on Half Pay from 10 August 1849. He was discharged dead in February 1873 but I cannot find a death registration in England or Wales for the relevant quarter that seems to fit what I know about him.

I have tried tracing his sons in case he might have been with one of them but this has proved hard. I think I have traced 1 son to Canada and then to the US and another to Australia. 

Are there any other military records that might help me find his death?  Or any other suggestions about how I can tackle this problem. please?

Happy to provide more details.  I do wish he had a more unusual name!


Kent Lookup Requests / Eltham, St John the Baptist, PRs
« on: Saturday 02 March 19 11:18 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone can confirm where the parish registers for St John the Baptist Eltham are held. I am particularly interested in the period 1711-1727. My online searches show that Greenwich Heritage Centre has transcripts as does Kent History and Library Centre (KHLC).  KHLC says that original registers are at LMA, but LMA says they have not been deposited.  Woolwich FHS also says that the registers are still at the church. I cannot find any records online (Ancestry, FindMyPast, FamilySearch).

I am looking for the baptisms of 4 sons of Thomas LEWIN namely John, Thomas, Richard and Robert. Thomas married Mary BROOK in London in 1711 when Thomas' home parish was North Shoebury Essex.  Land records indicate that the family rented property in North Shoebury Essex until about 1727 when a daughter was baptised in Bexley.  Another daughter was baptised there in 1729.  The father Thomas LEWIN was buried in Bexley in October 1729.  Later records indicate that Richard was born in about 1720 and his youngest brother Robert about 3 years later.

The Parish Registers for North Shoebury do not record any baptisms for the LEWIN family although they were very badly kept and might well be missing entries.  I have also checked the neighbouring parishes.  The Lewin family had strong connections with Eltham at a later period which is why I would like to check them.

Any help much appreciated.


The attached photo was in a chest of  documents that I have been sorting out. The papers relate to a Cornish family with surnames Stevens and Jennings.

The photo is on photographic paper with no markings.

Please can you help me with a date for the photo so that I can try to identify the names of the couple?

Many thanks.


Kent Lookup Requests / Wickhambreaux Parish Registers
« on: Sunday 21 February 16 11:01 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone can help me with a check in the the Wickhambreaux registers please?

Family Search has a burial in May 1779 for a John Larkin with the additional information that his parents are John Larkin and Elizabeth Morgan.  One entry says 2 May and the other 12 May. 

I suspect the parents names are from a submission to FS but I would like to be certain whether there is in fact any additional information in the PR entry.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Huntingdonshire Lookup Requests / William PURSER and Mary CURTIS
« on: Tuesday 26 August 14 12:15 BST (UK)  »
My ancestor George Purser was baptised in Brampton Hunts on 28 October 1800.  He was the child of William Purser, a butcher, by his second marriage to Mary Cole.

Father William was buried in Brampton on 12 September 1830 aged 77, giving a birth date of about 1753.  He was not baptised in Brampton although both his marriages took place there - the first on 11 October 1781 to Elizabeth Perkins and the second on 9 July 1799 to Mary Cole.

There is a baptism in Great Gransden for a William Purser on 6 May 1753 the son of William Purser and Mary.  There are also the following likely siblings.
Mary bap 25 December 1748
Edy bap 7 January1750
Esther bap 18 Janusray 1756
Charles bap 27 August 1758
Rebecca bap 12 April 1761

The Great Gransden register shows the marriage of William to Mary Curtis on 8 February 1747 

In order to see whether I might have identified the correct baptism for my William Purser I want to find out more about the family of William Purser and Mary Curtis.

There is a burial in Brampton for a William Purser, a pauper, on 14 December 1776 who could possibly be the father of William born c1753.  However there is also a burial in Great Gransden on 10 June 1786 of a Mary Purser wife of William Purser but I do not have a burial for William in that parish.

Can anyone help me please to find marriages and/or burials for the other children of William Purser and Mary Curtis?  They are not in the Brampton registers.  These may help me identify if/when the family moved away from Great Gransden and where else I might need to search. I am aware that there are a number of Purser families in neighbouring Bedfordshire.

The information I have comes from extracts from the parish registers of Brampton and Great Gransden obtained for me by a researcher some years ago and I am now trying to push the line back.

I hope this isn't too confusing!  Grateful for any help/suggestions.


Armed Forces / Royal Artillery Attestations 1883-1942
« on: Friday 09 May 14 16:56 BST (UK)  »
I have just been looking at these records and cannot find my grandfather in them.

I have his Discharge certificate and this shows he was in the Royal Field Artillery from 1906 to 1920. His Regimental No. was 38455.

Can anyone suggest why I cannot find him please?


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