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Census Lookup and Resource Requests / B4U Free Directory lookup please
« on: Wednesday 29 March 06 13:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everybody, im having problems in trying to get onto this site : B4U Free Directory, Cannot display page, keeps coming up.  ???

Can somebody see if there is an address available for :

R Gee Devon.

Thank you


Australia Lookups completed / Marraige lookup & hopefully Births
« on: Tuesday 28 March 06 10:33 BST (UK)  »
Hi everybody,

Im after the date etc for the Marraige for :

Wilfred Gillard b31-3-1917, Okehampton, Devon to Phyllis Scott (no other details)

All i have is that Wilfred was sent from London to Fremantle, he was sent by Barnados Childrens Home, he arrived in Fremantle on 27-5-1928.
As far as i know he's living in Perth, he was married before 1941.

Also hoping for the Birth details for his children :


Can anybody help....PLEASE  ;D


The Common Room / Where is Aston & Walsall
« on: Tuesday 14 March 06 15:05 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone, i know this is a daft question but i've been finding ref numbers for some of my rellies and i dont know where these places are, as there are a couple of Astons.

I need to know where these places are : Aston & Walsall

What i have is a marraige for :

Ernest Gillard & Mary E Gorman, 1917, Mar Qut, ASTON, 6d, 573

and 1 of the aboves childrens birth details are :

Alexander Gillard, 1921, WALSALL, 6b, 1382

Any ideas please


Devon Lookup Requests / help needed in finding 2 Birth details, PLEASE
« on: Friday 03 March 06 10:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone

Dawn and me are trying to find the birth details of Doreen Ivy Gillard & her brother John Gillard, so we can order the certs.
The problem is that their Father married twice and we dont know which wife is the Mother of who.
We have Doreens & Johns marraige certs. Their Father John Gillard was born and died in Devon, so i would have thought the children were, as they also married in Devon.
The 2 possile Mothers are : Mary Jane MARE  &  Elizabeth HODGSON.

Going by the ages off the marraige certs...

Doreen Ivy Gillard  1925

John Gillard  1920

Any help would be gratefully received

CAZ   ;D

Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / 1881 & 1891 census lookup. Joshua Williams
« on: Wednesday 08 February 06 11:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone, im having trouble in finding this family on the 1881 & 1891 census but i know i have found them in the past  ???

They are :

Joshua Williams   c1851   Head   Cheltenham/Withington/Dowdeswell...depending on which census..  Occupations, Ag Lab, Coachman

Hannah Maria  (maiden name.. James)   c1851   Wife   Berrow, Worcestershire

Annie E Williams   c1875   Dau   Pendock, Glos. On 1891 census she's a Domestic Servant at Lauriel Villa, Gloster Rd, Glos

Arthur Charles Williams   c1878   Son   Birtsmorton, Worcs. Cant find on any census.

Nellie H Williams   c1880   Dau   Leigh, Glos. Cant find on any census.

Georgina Williams   c1882   Dau   Prestbury, Glos. Cant find on any census.

Amy Gertrude May Williams   29/6/1885   Dau   Cheltenham, Glos. Cant find on any census.

Lambert Williams   c1890   Son   Prestbury, Glos. 1901 census with parents at 1 Brighton Buildings, Charlton Kings, Glos.

Joshua Williams before he was married lived :

1861   Prestbury Hill Farm, Prestbury, Glos
1871   Knightsbridge, Elmstone Hardwick, Glos

married :

1901   1 Brighton Buildings, Charlton Kings, Glos.

Hannah Maria James before she was married :

1851   Berrow, Worcs
1861   Churchend, Berrow, Worcs.

Any help would be most appreciated as i either found them in the past or somebody else found them........but i definately cant find them NOW !!!!  :'(

Thank you

Worcestershire Lookup Requests / 1841 census lookup please
« on: Monday 06 February 06 10:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi,  can anybody see if they can find either of these 2 women on the 1841 census please.

Frances Hodges      Redmarley, Worcs

Henrietta Lainchbury      Redmarley, Worcs

Census      Year born
1851           1825
1861           1829
1871           1831   Occupation: Laundress
1881           1831

One of these women married Edward Wiggins in Newent, Gloucestershire in 1848.
I have Edward Wiggins married to a woman named "Fanny" off the 1851-1881 census returns, they were living in, Gloucestershire for all census returns.
So im not too sure if she would be in Worcestershire or Gloucestershire for the 1841 census.

Thank you


Gloucestershire / What address could this be, in Charlton kings
« on: Monday 23 January 06 10:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everybody,

found an address on the 1901 census and cant make out if its :

1 Oakland Place  OR  1 Garland Place

Parish Civil, St Mary (part of
Eccesinstical Parish, Holy Apostle (part of
Charlton Kings.

Which one of these addresses exist...existed.

Thank you for looking


Devon / Need help locating parents or 1901 census lookup
« on: Tuesday 17 January 06 11:50 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, can anybody please try and find these 2 children on the BVR records or the 1901 census.

On the 1891 census there is a

William Crocker  c1888  South Tawton
Bessie Crocker  c1890  South Tawton

They're living with their Grandparents James c1844 South Tawton & Elizabeth Crocker  c1845, at South Tawton Village.

I'd like to know who their parents were.

Thank you

CAZ   :)

Devon Lookup Requests / 1831/41 census lookup..Marks
« on: Tuesday 03 January 06 12:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, can somebody find a Susanna Marks c1822 South Tawton, her father was William Marks, date and place unknown.

Im hoping that she's at home on the 1841 census with her parents and any siblings.
She was already married by 1851.


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