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Dumfriesshire / Robert Jackson - born Canonbie about 1813 -16
« on: Saturday 28 September 13 18:36 BST (UK)  »
Hello All,
Looking for any information on a Robert Jackson. According to the 1841-81 Scotland Census information  he was born in Canonbie. Using the census ages to calculate his year of birth gives a range from 1811 to 1816 ish?  I know he married Margaret Jackson (nee Hutton) in June 1838 in Ewes. Margaret was born in Roberton. First child William was born in Ewes in December 1839 and second son John in December 1840 .  Later children include Jennet (Janet) 1843, Thomas 1845, Elizabeth 1847, Margaret 1843, Robert 1855, Isabella and Margaret Aitken Jackson 1857 these children listed as born in Castleton. They lived variously at Larriston Rigg, Dinlaybyre Cottage, Langhaugh Smithy. Initially the father Robert was an agricultural labourer but became a woodman/forester.
I've  not been able to get any definitive information on Robert's birth and parentage and if anyone can help I would be grateful.
Thanks,  Rob.

Northumberland / Newspaper Reports on Accident - Joseph Barker 1932
« on: Monday 16 September 13 16:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,
Distant relative in Australia is trying to find out more information on the death of one of her ancestors namely Joseph Barker (1885-1932) who was a colliery blacksmith.  I have his death certificate which tells us he died on 6th. February at the RVI from "general injuries having been crushed by a balance box and contents of crane which toppled over with bogie". Inquests were held on 8th and 11th of February.   It could be that the accident was a little earlier if he didn't die quickly.
If anyone happens to have the time to look in old Newspaper reports on the accident and can add to the details above I'd be grateful.  (Michael?) No rush. Blyth News ? Chronicle or Journal?
 I live 120 miles away so it could be some time before I'm in the NE again.
Joseph was my Grandad's cousin.  Sadly this family had a lot of tragedy in that Joseph's brothers Thomas John Barker and William Barker were the brothers drowned in the bathing accident at Blyth beach in August 1914 which many of you will be aware of. There is information on rootschat about the drowning. Their parents were left with only their daughter Mary.
Many thanks for looking if you have the time.

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Lamberton Toll Look up
« on: Tuesday 23 April 13 16:17 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,
An unsolved date and place of marriage in my research over several years has been that of my 2 x great grandparents Peter Atkinson and Ann Dunn. Their first child Ann was born on 11th December 1853  so a "guesstimate" for the marriage would be 1852 / 1853 ish.
All the usual sources have been tried in the past- bmd, parish registers etc etc. with no luck. It's possible of course that they didn't bother to get married or it was an irregular marriage. They lived at Ancroft Mill.
However I've just found out that Peter's brother Robert was married at Lamberton Toll on 25/12/1854 so it's perhaps reasonable to think that perhaps Peter and Ann did the same.
If anyone has access to the registers or is intending to visit any of the  various Archive Services  in the near future and could check for me I would be most grateful. George Sharp's Lamberton registers span 1849 to 1855 so someone could strike lucky.
There were of course many, many other venues for irregular border marriages so again if anyone could check these out it would be appreciated.

United States of America / Matthew Ogle 1893 - 1967
« on: Wednesday 20 February 13 14:22 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking to find out some information on Matthew Ogle who was born in 1893 in Seaton Delaval, Northumberland , England. Matthew would be my 1st cousin 1x removed. His Aunt Isabella Johnson Ogle was my Granny.
Matthews Parents were Matthew Ogle 1867-1899 and Catherine Dixon 1871-1903 who also lived in Seaton Delaval. He had brothers Thomas 1891-1915 (killed at Gallipoli), John 1892-1953, George  1894-95 and sister Catherine 1897.
I have found a death record for Matthew for 22nd November 1967 in Houston Harris, Texas.
The last record we have of Matthew is our 1911 Census when he was aged about 17 living at Seaton Terrace, in Seaton Delaval. It would be nice to know about when he went to America and a little about his life there.

Staffordshire / Edward Morris - about 1856
« on: Monday 16 July 12 13:31 BST (UK)  »
Edward Morris, aged 21 (born about 1856), occupation "moulder" , married Martha Sutton on March 4th. 1877 at the church of St Mary in Kingswinford. His father John Morris lists his occupation as coal merchant. Edward and Martha moved at some stage to Padiham, Burnley, Lancashire. The only extra information later census details tells us is that Edward was born in Brierley Hill (if accurate).

I've had no trouble tracking back another 3 generations for Martha - but Edward's birth and family details, other than the name of his father John,  continue to elude. The problem is that  Morris is such a common name - as is John - so there is no certainty in any possibles listed in family search and census information.

If anyone has any access to birth / christening  records for Brierley Hill, Kingswinford etc., who could look for any record of Edward's birth I would be grateful.


Roxburghshire / Whose child is this? Mary A Milligan born 1890
« on: Thursday 28 June 12 17:58 BST (UK)  »
The uncertainty about whose child this is revolves around the family of James Stewart Milligan. In the 1891 Census he is living at 23, Riccarton Junction with his second wife Margaret. His first wife Jessie died in 1888. In the household are some of his children Jane 13, Thomas 11, Jessie 9 plus two boarders.
Also present is MARY A MILLIGAN listed as James's grandaughter, aged 1 year, therefore born probably in early 1890?
James and his first wife Jessie had other children including MARY AGNES MILLIGAN who died, aged 17, on 19th. February 1890 and who is buried in (New)Castleton Cemetery. Her death seems to coincide timewise with when grandaughter Mary A was born? Could it be she was Mary Agnes's daughter? Did Mary Agnes die giving birth to Mary A?  If so was Mary A named after her mother?
I don't think Mary A was the daughter on any of James and Jessie's other married offspring who live away from Riccarton Junction.
If anyone has access to local records for the birth / christening of Mary A Milligan, born Castleton which might help determine her parents I would be grateful. Familysearch brought no positive result.

I'm researching this family on behalf of my cousin who is a Milligan. Many Thanks

Cumberland / Christopher Milligan - born about 1811
« on: Thursday 31 May 12 19:37 BST (UK)  »
I'm doing some research for a cousin on the Milligan family and am looking to trace any details about Christopher (Chas) Milligan born about 1811.  I've traced the family back quite easily to the 1841 Scotland Census and through "familysearch" but the Census says that Christopher was born in ENGLAND.

In 1841 his family is living at Pingleburn, Middlebie and  consists of:-
Agnes (Thomson) his wife -aged abt 30 - born Middlebie
Jane - daughter aged about 10 - born 19th. May 1831- Middlebie
James Stewart Thomson Milligan - son - aged about 7 - born 28th. Dec.1833 - Middlebie.
Isabella - daughter - aged about 5 - born 13th. April 1836 - Middlebie.

They went on to have Mary and Margaret - also born in Middlebie.  The next generation had children born just over the border at Nichol Forest / Longtown so I wondered if Christopher was from that area or indeed some other part of Cuberland. If anyone has access to local registers who could have a look to see if Christopher crops up anywhere - I'd be grateful. I've had no luck on his birth / christening / marriage etc.  Many thanks

Norfolk / Edmund Baldwin abt.1785 - 1842
« on: Friday 03 February 12 18:11 GMT (UK)  »
My g g g grandparents were Edmund Baldwin (abt 1785-1842) and his wife Sarah (abt 1781 - 1858). They lived in Stibbard and the Little Ryburgh area.

I have a lot of information on their family at that time and subsequent to these dates, particularly down my line via their youngest son George (1822-1892) who married Susan Coppen (1827-1901) and who sometime between 1861 and 1871 moved to Horton / New Delaval in Northumberland to work in the coal mines.

Is there anyone with access to local records / registers who can go further back a generation or so than Edmund and Sarah? 


Technical Help / problems with family search website
« on: Sunday 06 November 11 13:49 GMT (UK)  »
Anyone out there having problems with the Durham Bishops' Transcripts on the family search website? I used to be able to access a particular page when the page number was entered in the box top right but now I can only move on one page at a time starting from 1.
For example if I want page 568 under Chester-Le-Street in the batch which includes 1806 and enter 568 in the box it won't show? All I can do is to click 568 times to get to the correct page?
Any ideas or have they just changed things at family search to prevent you from doing this?

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