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Australia / Re: jacob myers
« on: Saturday 18 September 21 01:25 BST (UK)  »
Two of Jacob's sons Alexander & Abraham were Aerated Waters and Cordial
Manufacturers, (several Trove advertisements) in Queanbeyan and Cooma.

Abraham moved to Western Australia taking two of Jacob's sons with him, where they established another Cordial Manufacturing business. 


Abraham appears to have had no children of his own, and Alexander died suddenly.

The Yass Courier (NSW : 1857 - 1929)  Tue 28 Feb 1882
describes Alexander as a native of Yass.

An early responder to this post, claiming descent of Jacob, suggested pre 1925 English records needed to be referred to parish. Hopefully she is now aware that from the September quarter of 1837 is when civil registration was introduced but it was not fully mandatory for some time, and parish records are not ever (or only rarely) going to be a source for Jewish/Judaism/Hebrew records. 

Australian Jews married out of the faith/race moreso, due to lack of available people *of* the faith /race, but Jews living in England (mostly in London, and usually emigrants from Europe) rarely did.  Even during civil registration mandatory times, many failed to register their children's births. 

Like *all* family history, understanding the places and times becomes imperative. DNA testing opens doors previously closed.

Anyhoo... I'm in the middle of a project in regards to a one-name study on Abraham MYERS of Australia.  There's a lot of them about.  I've only just started working on this particular link, but wondering if anyone has actually pursued the death registration of Jacob, and/or what DNA results may have come about by descendants (of any MYERS in Australia). 

Or just looking for updates, and adding my twopence worth. 

New Zealand

Norfolk Lookup Requests / Re: Lookup request - SPURLING , Banham
« on: Tuesday 11 December 18 01:52 GMT (UK)  »
No doubt all questions in this have now been answered, but just registering my interest in the SPURLINGs, as James (the father of James & William) married Frances JESSUP, and that family within Norfolk and other parts of Australia and New Zealand is pretty significant.  (My own ancestress is a JESSUP)

I'm not totally related, but have a fairly good sized family tree on some of them, and further contacts and source information from other people going back 15-20 years.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Alfred H Florance (England)
« on: Thursday 01 November 18 03:19 GMT (UK)  »
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)  Wed 2 Jun 1897 
Page 10
FLORANCE. —The FRIENDS of the late Mr. ALFRED FLORANCE are kindly invited to attend his Funeral, which will move from his late residence, 38 Arthur-street, Leichhardt, THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at quarter

Rookwood Cemetery
Name   Age   Date Of Death   Date Of Interment   Area   Section   Grave Number   
ALFRED H FLORANCE   53       2/06/1897   Zone C   RRRR   129

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)  View title info  Wed 21 Jul 1943  Page 12
Fannie Edith widow of the late Alfred Harrall Florance, M D and beloved mother of
Mabel(Mrs. Atkins), Ruby (Mrs. Payne), and Kathleen (Mrs Keating) aged 83 (sic) years.

Devon Lookup Requests / BRADNINCH Parish Records, for the surname PATCH, please
« on: Sunday 12 August 18 06:15 BST (UK)  »
18th century/early 19th century. 

I'm not sure when I'll next be back in Devon, but I was there in May, unaware that Bradninch was going to become a major focus for future research, and very little of it exists on line. I've extracted all I can😏

Sometimes, for those of us down-under... it's terribly important to drive from one English village/town to the next to simply understand why searching in one parish doesn't yield the expected results.

Anyway... if it's on line on FreeReg, Find-my-Past, FamSearch or Ancestry I've got it (and everything similarly for Silverton & Cullompton).  It's hatching, matching and despatching the PATCH Family in those three parishes I'm trying to accomplish. Henry PATCH & Anne COURTNEY of Silverton are my ancestors.

Thanks in advance...

New Zealand

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Arrival in NZ circa 1865 passenger list
« on: Sunday 05 August 18 11:16 BST (UK)  »
oh... and the central Hawkes Bay cemetery data base has been up and running, since I last posted, so all good... but Dear GOD... 16 children in a 24 year time-space?  I don't have much respect for male ancestors at that rate of impregnation...

can you imagine what it was like for the women... ???

(this rates up there as one of the most progeny I've seen over 40 years of family research!)'

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Arrival in NZ circa 1865 passenger list
« on: Sunday 05 August 18 11:02 BST (UK)  »
quote: ^^In 1843 it was decided that the 58th regiment ("The Black Cuffs) should take over garrison duties in New South Wales from the 80th which was going to Madras. The 58th provided the guards for 19 convict ships that left London and Ireland for Tasmania or Norfolk Island in 1842-45.  In 1845 N.S.W. reluctantly agreed to send the 58th to N.Z. because of the unrest with the maori in the Bay of Islands. The regiment stayed in N.Z. until November 1858 when they embarked for England, the regiment was only 16 officers and 194 men strong. Over 300 officers and men had elected to settle in N.Z. During the years that the regiment was in N.Z. some detachments returned to Australia and some took their discharge before this. In 1933, after many temporary homes, the colours were finally placed in their final home, the recently (then) completed Auckland War Memorial Museum where they remain. "

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Arrival in NZ circa 1865 passenger list
« on: Sunday 05 August 18 10:58 BST (UK)  »
Probably a reference to her father George...

"Abstract   The Anglican St Paul's register has George Bright, aged 28 and a Soldier from the 58th Regiment, who died 26 November 1852 and was buried 26 November 1852.
Subjects   Bright, George, d.1852; 58th Regiment
Symonds Street Cemetery "

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Arrival in NZ circa 1865 passenger list
« on: Sunday 05 August 18 09:42 BST (UK)  »
58th regiment is highly likely... Alice Treesaregreen (sorry, couldn't resist) father George BRIGHT was in the 58th.  As was Eleanor FLORANCE's first husband.

Rodie (later COSGROVE) lived until she was over 100. 

Don't ask me any more, I just linked into this discussion wondering about the name Oxevel! (google pulled this up)  thinking it might be something like Athelstan, which is forever being transcribed wrong in this family!

Central Hawkes Bay cemetery's website (link above) has fallen over, and I can't find any HOBBS on the new one. I only want to prove if Alice Theresa did or didn't die on her birthday.

Intentions to Marry would give length of time in the district, sometimes gives age, and is a great supplement to marriage registers for early NZ.  National Archives, but you need someone to look it up for you in Wellington.

No age given at the death????

I think we stick to "parents unknown", and hope we can find the person, somewhere, somehow, who first promulgated *that* date of birth for James. 

Begs the question, that even if he did add WILLIAMS for a logical reason, why would he drop the John? 

1841 Census of London for a publican and carrier of suitable age as his father would be nice!!!

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