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Durham / Re: John and Mary Ann Taylor of Willington County Durham
« on: Friday 30 March 18 09:37 BST (UK)  »
Oh thanks for that, I looked at that record but didn't know if it was right. The age fits if it was him.  Here's a photo of the old boy!
        Thank you

The Common Room / Re: Will RootsChat be of help to you?
« on: Friday 30 March 18 07:18 BST (UK)  »
Yes I hope so, it has in the past.

Durham / John and Mary Ann Taylor of Willington County Durham
« on: Friday 30 March 18 06:48 BST (UK)  »
  Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of help please.
 I'm having a lot of trouble finding the deaths of my husband's great grandparents
  Their names are John  (born 20 Dec 1856) and Mary Ann (born 1862) Taylor.
 I've been struggling to find them on the GRO indexes as I can't specify Willington for their residence.
   I've bought a couple of certificates but they weren't them.
 They may have died in hospital which would make the district different.
 After thinking John died in the 1930s I recently found him on the 1939 register.
 He was a retired coal miner, widowed and living at 11 York Street Willington with his son John William.
    So I'm wondering if anyone has access to the parish records for Willington or burial records.
       I would be so grateful to get this sorted as it's been a brick wall for a long time
         Thank you for any help you can give

Roscommon / Re: Haggart from Roscommon
« on: Monday 14 May 12 10:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi there Bev, if you have a look on my Ancestry tree I have Mary Ann on there with hubbie and kids, I'm pretty sure I've got the right one. Sometimes I come unstuck but she was the only Mary Ann Gallagher of the right age & birthplace.
Let me know if you have any trouble getting on it.
Take care

Roscommon / Re: Haggart from Roscommon
« on: Monday 14 May 12 03:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi Colin and also Bev, just seen this, looks like you have it sorted.
"Our" Mary Ann Gallagher married an Isaac Hunt and died in Barwell (Hinkley) Leicestershire in 1916.
Isaac was a boot and shoe finisher and their 4 children were in the same kind of trade.
Good luck in your research, shame they're not the same family!
Shows you really need to be a detective to get the answers in family history!

Roscommon / Re: Haggart from Roscommon
« on: Wednesday 06 July 11 11:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi Bev I tried to answer your message but something were wrong and it showed error. I don't know if you got it or not so I'll copy it here!
  Hi Bev, thanks for getting in touch! Yes we're talking about the same family!
 George Jones and Catherine Gallagher were my g grandparents, my grandmother was their daughter Florence (Flossie/Florrie). She married Henry Victor Turner. They had 2 sons Sidney and my Dad - Frank (Francis)
So which of the Jones children are you from?
As you've probably guessed my name is Barbara and I'm in Australia but was brought up in Coventry.
I'd love to swap notes and hear about your side of this large family
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warwickshire / Re: Batchelors in Kenilworth
« on: Thursday 14 January 10 10:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hi John, thanks for the link to the Brickworks, I found it very interesting.
I'm always keen to find out about the "lives and times" of our family, it's what makes our hobby worthwhile, not just the BMD with no idea what life was like way back when.
Just an aside I noticed a lot of the neighbouring families to my Batchelors were in the comb-making trade.  They would have used the bones from the beasts whose skins were tanned to make the combs. Nothing was wasted, there were probably trades like soap making  around the area too.
Thanks also for the death record, he isn't one of mine that I know but I'll keep it in case I find out if there is a connection somewhere.
Anyway, enough waffle from me
Thanks for your help!

Warwickshire / Re: Batchelors in Kenilworth
« on: Wednesday 13 January 10 13:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi John, I've just found your post, thank you so much for your info! From what you say I think my Batchelor family lived in the same road all the time, just the name changed - from Tan House Lane to Spring Lane.

Whatever name it went by I would think it would have been a horribly smelly place to live when the wind was in the wrong direction!
thanks again
Barb  ;o)

Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Re: request for check on Warwickshire marriage please
« on: Tuesday 07 August 07 15:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi Gill, Thank you again!
Knowing Henry's father narrows the search.
You wouldn't credit in a small place like Bishops Tachbrook there were 3 Henry Doughtys around the same age who married a woman called Ann or Annie!  ???
I think I have the right one now though.
Take care

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