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Armed Forces / Re: Forces War Records
« on: Saturday 12 January 19 00:15 GMT (UK)  »
I agree I parted with my money & found "I" knew more than they did about either of my ancestors.
I wasted of my money.

Durham Lookup Requests / Re: William Veitch Wilson (Sea Captain )
« on: Saturday 29 December 18 10:18 GMT (UK)  »
Oh Wow. It was really great to hear from you.
I couldnít remember when I had asked for information but by the looks it was 8 yrs ago so I canít tell you how pleased I was & that you are willing to share what you have found out with me.
I know my Great Grandfather William Veitch Wilson was on the ďDuke of AlbanyĒ as I have a photo of him with the name on his hat. I donít know when it was but I believe he was on the ship during the war as the Salvation Army at Floeetwood have a Honour Roll & on that list it says  R.N.R ďDuke of AlbanyĒ next to his name. Also he was given the Mercantile Marine Ribbon issued 3/12/19 & the  Mercantile Marine Medal issued 8/7/24. I havenít been able to prove he was actually on the ship at the time of the Torpedoing but it seems very likely. And so I would love to know more about the incident. I have tried to get information of him in the Merchant Navy as I thought that may tell me when he was on the ship but as yet havenít found anything. Iím in Australia & so donít even know how or where to look except on the internet. I will really appreciate anything you can tell me. Thanks Virginia

Durham Lookup Requests / Re: William Veitch Wilson (Sea Captain )
« on: Wednesday 14 April 10 12:33 BST (UK)  »
From the Honour Roll of the Fleetwood Salvation Army I have reason to believe William Veitch Wilson was on the ship the Duke of Albany ( an Armed Boarding Steamer) during WW1 when it was sunk by a torpedoe from a German submarine (UB27) on the 2/10/1914 20 miles of the Pentland Skerries. There were 24 men killed but William survived. Can any one tell me any more about this incident? How the other were rescued etc. Even whether William would have been concidered to be in the Royal Navy or it they stayed in the Merchant Navy when their ships were requisitioned.
Thanks Virginia

Durham Lookup Requests / Re: William Veitch Wilson (Sea Captain )
« on: Sunday 28 February 10 01:13 GMT (UK)  »
I believe this to be my Great Grandfather as he lived at 30 Bengal St West Hartlepool when he died Also we knew his wife to be Ada.
Some of the information I believe to be wronge. He only had 1 son that I know about my Grandfather John Thomas Wilson. His 1st wife Jane died Sept 1916. He was born in Scotland in 1870. He was in the Salvation Army. I know this was posted 2yrs ago but I would love to here from any one with any information. I didn't know he was a Sea Captain & would to know if this IS right.
Thank you Virginia

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