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Kildare / Re: Curragh Camp
« on: Monday 08 March 10 20:01 GMT (UK)  »
The children I have for John and Elizabeth are:

Therese M MacKay, born 1889, Ireland
Catherine MacKay, born 1891, England
Olive Constance MacKay, born 1893, Curragh
Donald MacKay, born 1894, Dublin
Ernest MacKay, born 7 Oct 1895, Tipperary
Leslie MacKay, born 1898, died 7 Sept 1900
Matthew MacKay, born 1901, died before 1911
Irene MacKay, born 6 Apr 1904, Curragh
Alexander MacKay, born 17 Jan 1906, Curragh
Ena MacKay, born 1907, Curragh
Esme MacKay, born 1908, died before 1916
Norman MacKay, born 27 Sep 1910, Dublin, my grandfather

The story in the family is that Grandma Elizabeth was a midwife and delivered a neighbour's baby and quickly had to hotfoot it back to her own home where within a hour she delivered her own child!!  It was so typical of Grandma Elizabeth, she would always think of others and then remember about herself.

Great Uncle Ernest apparantly played football for Eire in the 1920s and I have a photo of him with his caps, but I have, as yet been unable to find out what team he played for.

Thank you so much for the information provided.  Seems that my MacKay side of the family like to make me work to find them, especially when I had to check on the 1911 census to find out their real names and the majority of them were known by other names, such as Aunt Olive, who liked to be called Judy.


Kildare / Re: Curragh Camp
« on: Sunday 07 March 10 20:20 GMT (UK)  »

I have been trying to search my great aunts and uncles for ages, but as I don't live in Ireland it does make it a bit difficult.


Kildare / Curragh Camp
« on: Sunday 07 March 10 20:07 GMT (UK)  »
My great grandfather John MacKay served at the Curragh Camp in Kildare, Ireland during the 1890s and 1900s and many of his children were born there.  Does anyone know if the parish records are online or where I can go to get any further information, as I have hit a brick wall and would love to know more about him.

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