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Hi Roger,
There are about 25 Collinges buried at Waterbarn including Abraham, Mary and Edmund. They are in grave 7B along with another Mary Collinge who was buried in 1897 aged 85.
Here are the details - name, age, date of burial, grave number and last place of residence.

Collinge   Abraham     85   Nov 26   1864   7B   Frost Holes
Collinge   Alice     62   Apr 25   1883   140   Blackpool
Collinge   Alice Ann  50   Aug 20   1896   35B   Blackpool
Collinge   Ann     35   Jun 30   1862   73A   Coupe
Collinge   Ann     78   Jul 14   1897   114B   Bacup
Collinge   Ann     78   May 26   1894   220   Cowpe
Collinge   Ann     73   Jul 13   1889   279   Spring Hill Stacksteads
Collinge   Edmund     78   Nov 6   1875   7B   Coupe
Collinge   Heys     14 months    Oct 16   1869   35B   Frost Holes
Collinge   Heys     53   May 8   1886   35B   Frost Holes
Collinge   James     27   Jul 25   1867   140   Pike Hill Stacksteads
Collinge   John     70   Sep 28   1882   20A   Stacksteads
Collinge   John     4   Dec 22   1892   106A   41 South St, Waterbarn
Collinge   John     85   Dec 6   1893   220   Cowpe
Collinge   Luke     4   May 20   1865   73A   Stacksteads
Collinge   Luke     23   Aug 15   1868   165   Acre Mill
Collinge   Luke     73   Aug 17   1888   165   Blackpool
Collinge   Martha Jane 50   May 5   1885   165   Branch st. Stacksteads
Collinge   Mary     84   Aug 27   1862   7B   Waterbarn Lane
Collinge   Mary     85   Apr 29   1897   7B   Stacksteads
Collinge   Mary     68   Jul 18   1868   162   Bacup
Collinge   Mary Jane 86   Feb 24   1933   140   Blackpool
Collinge   Robert     6   Jun 3   1865   73A   Stacksteads
Collinge   Susan     77   Nov 7   1894   115B   Greave
Collinge   Thomas     69   Sep 7   1874   165   Acre Mill
Collinge   Thomas     63   Oct 31   1893   165   David Street

Only one of the Collinge graves still has a headstone; the inscription reads as follows:
Side 1 – Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
In affectionate remembrance of  my dear husband, JOHN CHADWICK TURNER of Hard sough, who died May 26th 1877 in his 35th year. Also of RACHEL, his wife, who died February 1st 1879 in her 39th year.
Side 2 – In loving memory of JOHN COLLINGE of Bottoms Row, Cowpe, who died December 1st 1893 in his 86th year. Also of ANN his beloved wife who died May 23rd 1894 in her 79th year.

If these Collinges turn out to be related to yours and you want a photo of the grave (although the lichen pretty much obscures the inscription) just let me know, send me your e-mail address and I'll send it on.

Hope this is useful - do let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

Best wishes,  Pauline

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Re: Rawding obituary
« on: Monday 11 November 13 09:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Scouser,
I guess, from your name that we originate from the same county ! I live in Rossendale, about 25 miles north of Manchester. Thank you for your offer of help I've been trying for ages to trace the Rawdings for a good friend, Mark Rawding who lives in Rossendale. I've met so many brick walls as it appears that both his father and grandfather married twice and in both cases the people in the second family knew nothing about the first marriage ! His parents died when he was 12 and he had no information about their backgrounds at all. It's made it very complicated. However, I've amassed quite a lot of information and drawn up a tree. I'd be grateful if you would have a look at it and see if your branch fits in anywhere. My e-mail address is [email protected] If you would e-mail me I'll send the tree as a j.peg and hopefully the information will help your research too.
Best wishes, Pauline

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Re: Rawding obituary
« on: Friday 30 November 12 23:01 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks - ANY information I can find out about the Rawdings would be appreciated.
Best wishes, Pauline

Hi Stuart,
Yes, there certainly is a link - I'm married to Peter, Milton's oldest son - he says "Hi, how are you?" You may know that Milton was a very keen genealogist and he got me hooked on my own tree. I was concerned about what the new owner was doing to Waterbarn and that's why our daughter and I logged everything to do with Waterbarn graveyard. It's as well we did, because, since the roof fell in there's no access to the graves.
There are lots of Pickups and Coupes in Waterbarn graveyard and, if you could send me your e-mail address I'll send on the details (and photos of some of the headstones if you want them). It's much easier than playing with this format.
Cheers,  Pauline

Northamptonshire / obituary
« on: Monday 06 February 12 06:53 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to look in the Peterborough library archive of newspapers to see if they could find an obituary for Leonard Joseph Rawding who died between July and September of 1996 in his mid eighties. I'm having problems finding anything about him or his son Victor Leonard and I'd be most grateful for any help.
Many thanks, Pauline

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Re: Rawding obituary
« on: Monday 06 February 12 06:46 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks, Geoff, I'll do that. The only bits I'd found about the Rawdings were in Lincolnshire and ny brain had moved Peterborough over the border !
Best wishes, Pauline

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Rawding obituary
« on: Sunday 05 February 12 22:04 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to look in the Peterborough library archive of newspapers to see if they could find an obituary for Leonard Joseph Rawding who died between July and September of 1996. I'm having problems finding anything out about him or about his son Victor Leonard and I'd be most grateful for any help.
Many thanks, Pauline

Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / St John's cathedral, Portsmouth
« on: Tuesday 16 March 10 19:22 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone could help me with a look-up. I'd be very grateful. It's the marriage of Edward Callaghan and Marion McLean, which took place at St. John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Portsmouth on the 18th January 1892. I'm hoping that Marion's father was called Donald, a crofter and fisherman from the Isle of Skye. Fingers crossed.  Thank you.  Pauline

Lancashire Lookup Offers / Waterbarn Baptist, Stacksteads, Rossendale, Lancashire
« on: Tuesday 16 March 10 19:16 GMT (UK)  »
My daughter and I have recently made a database of all the burials at Waterbarn Baptist Chapel, Stacksteads, Lancashire. We have photographed the gravestones, photographed each page of the burial register and made an index by grave number and by name. We have also copied down the inscriptions on each gravestone and made a plan of the plot numbers. If any of this information is of use to you, please contact me and I shall be happy to look up anything you want to know.

Moderator Comment: thanks for the generous offer  -  if anyone would like a lookup, please post request on the Lancashire Lookup Requests Board and send a PM to the poster

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