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Europe / Re: German Pork Butchers in Britain
« on: Wednesday 17 March 10 14:50 GMT (UK)  »
My greatgreatgrandfather was a German pork butcher in Sheffield from about 1856 - 1900 and was called John George Andrew Gross. I've just started researching the family and found alot of interesting stuff on the censuses. My Grandad had done a family tree in the 1950's and 60's though some of the information there was a bit sketchy. Anyhow, we managed to track his naturalisation papers down at the national archives and found out his place of origin to be Ingelfingen, Wuerttemberg. We know he had a least one sister who married a Smith and left for America, and probably alot more siblings too.

The church archive in Stuttgart has information about families on microfilm, though you need to know which village they came from:

You could also check out the following paper by  Karl-Heinz WUESTNER, Kultur und Foerderverein Roeβler-Museum Untermuenkheim, Germany:

It seems that most pork butchers in Britain came from the Hohenlohe area of Wuerttemberg.

I checked the Wuerttemberg emmigration database, though I couldn't find them. Seems like they only have about 15% of all emmigrants online anyway.

For those having ancestors in Yorkshire, I found the following page useful:

The author seems to have filtered out of the census all the folks from Germany and East Europe living in Yorkshire in 1881. 

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