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Lancashire / Re: Holme(s) Colton/Cartmel areas
« on: Sunday 02 October 11 18:53 BST (UK)  »

I presume you dont live in the UK or have watched Take That before lol.
X Factor is a programme on TV here in the UK and Gary Barlow who was the lead singer in the group Take That  is a Judge instead of Simon Cowell.
It was "off the subject"and about Colton the name of the village but it
is also a surname mainly in Lancashire.
My Viking information is correct as Lancashire and Yorkshire were invaded
by the Vikings in the early centuaries and maintained many words and
name places even until today. Say the same words below the Dane
Line and they look at you as if you are speaking a different language
which of course we are!!!
Funny that Radcliff should mention Hawkshead as I did see that mentioned
on my travels trying to find George and Nicholas Holmes.
Hope you now comprende the off the subject speak I was on about lol.
regards Sandymc

Pardon me Sandy, I wasn't meaning that I didn't know who Gary Barlow was, of course being a Lancashire lad myself I may have heard of him once or twice.  What I meant to say wasn't how it came out. I actually meant to say I don't know anything about X Factor  ;)

I believe you about the Vikings, did know some of that sort of thing myself in the past when I was studying history, but forgotten a lot of it

All the best

Lancashire / Re: Holme(s) Colton/Cartmel areas
« on: Sunday 02 October 11 18:50 BST (UK)  »
George Holme/s as a name is quite popular in Hawkshead,but of course people didn't necessarily live with in the village,my husbands great grandfather lived in Askam and his circuit included Greenodd and Spark Bridge ,how he ever managed to get from one chapel to another ,he didn't even own a pony it was all done on foot and ,a hope that some kind person would pick him up along the way.

it was and still is a large area to cover ,from Hawkshead to Colton including every thing in between ,

Cringle Mire farm actually still exists ,it looks like it may now be the village hall ,Bouth,

Google maps ,LA12 8JH,
Ulverston Cumbria,

Must have been quite a journey back in those days!  Thanks, isn't Google Maps great, and an image of the buildings as well!

Lancashire / Re: Holme(s) Colton/Cartmel areas
« on: Sunday 02 October 11 13:51 BST (UK)  »
Just off subject about Colton.
I was watching X Factor last night and noticed one of the lads
who is with Gary Barlow in LA has the surname Colton and he
comes from Lancashire.
So presumably his ancestors may have come from there??

Pleased to see we have found Cringle Myer.
Kringle is a Viking word meaning ring or circle  and Myre was
the old Norse name for a small village in Lancashire -
being from Yorkshire and speaking quite alot of Viking
words I thought I might bring a little education to the words lol.

regards Sandymc 

No idea on Gary Barlow to be honest Sandymc but that is an interesting little nugget, thanks  :)

Lancashire / Re: Holme(s) Colton/Cartmel areas
« on: Sunday 02 October 11 13:50 BST (UK)  »
Very much so it isnt far from Bouth to Colton round the backroad,using family search there is a Jacobi Holme
at Colton in 1678,he Jacobus dies there in 1697,

There is a lovely little church up  at Tottlebank ,this is between Greenodd and Bouth ,it was built around 1669 and later it became a baptist church,the present church on the site was built circa 1697,it might be a starting point as it is very rural,and would have covered the area where you are searching,

Thanks for the tip Radcliff.  This particular area seems to be quite difficult to work on as well with some of the places being close to or on multiple boundaries in this line, in this area there's also relatives in Hawkshead, Egton, Mansriggs, Crosthwaite, Winster, Bowness and Staveley in Cartmel, with another adjoining line from Millom, although I guess that's all part of the fun   :)

Lancashire / Re: Holme(s) Colton/Cartmel areas
« on: Sunday 02 October 11 07:39 BST (UK)  »
I think Cringle Myers was nearer Milnthorpe than Cartmel or Colton,unless of course there is one here and its name has been lost in time,

Hi Radcliff, thanks for the reply.  I did mention I had managed to find a Cringle Mire farm in the Bouth area.  Do you think this could be the "Cringle  Myer" mentioned? 

Lancashire / Re: Holme(s) Colton/Cartmel areas
« on: Saturday 01 October 11 16:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

The wedding of Nicholas and Elizabeth Strickland took place
on the 29th June 1741. Both of Lancaster.
It does state however, that Nicholas was a Mariner so
wondered if you might not be able to find out anything
about him if he was off to sea all the time?
It does seem a large gap until George is christened on
9th June 1753 but the children were not always baptised
the same year as they were born.
Looked for Cringle Myer but I am unable to find a village
with that name. Only thing I did find was a Cringle Brook which
was not far from Reddish and which ran into the Mersey. The Myer
part could have been the flood plain which the brook overrun
when flooding?


Hi Sandymc,

Thanks for the response, it is interesting that it is possible that my Nicholas would be a mariner, perhaps travelling around a lot and maybe even getting his children baptised overseas?  Which could be a challenge I suppose, but we all like a challenge don't we?  ;D

If the Nicholas I found baptised at Ulverston was the same one I found the marriage for at Lancaster then the links with the sea were very strong in that part of the world, and it certainly strengthens the case for this being the same Nicholas I think.  Although obviously i'm still a bit cautious about this.

I did find a Cringle Mire Farm in the Bouth area of Colton, i'm guessing that "Cringle Myer" perhaps relates to this same place, and it's just changed its spelling over time.

I also found a burial via the Family Search site of a Nicholas Holme but with no age given from the Presidency of Bombay registers in 1782.  If he was a mariner, then this is a possibile burial to look into more.

Thanks again
Best wishes

Westmorland / Holme(s) Oldhouse/Ould House/Old House Beck, Winster
« on: Saturday 01 October 11 14:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi, between 1793 and 1803 my 6 times great grandparents, George and Isabella Holme(s) had at least 3 children baptised at Winster.

They were Ann in 1793, Thomas in 1797 and Robert in 1803, there were earlier children baptised at Windermere and Crosthwaite, my direct ancestor, John among them.

At the baptisms in Winster George was described as being of Oldhouse Beck, Old House Beck, or Ould House Beck. 

Can anyone help me to pin down exactly where this was? 

Thanks in advance.

Lancashire / Holme(s) Colton/Cartmel areas
« on: Saturday 01 October 11 13:58 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

It all starts with a baptism of my 6 times great grandfather, a George Holme at Colton, Lancashire to Nicholas of "Cringle Myer" in 1753

I believe this Nicholas may be the same Nicholas who married an Elizabeth Strickland in 1741 at Lancaster.  I haven't been able to find any other likely baptisms to Nicholas in the areas, and it does seem like a big leap to get to George's baptism in 1753.

I have checked the BMDregisters website for any quaker baptisms (and any other possible marriages for a Nicholas Holme), but none show up.  I've also checked in the Catholic parish register societies publications for the area for any similar baptisms to a Nicholas, or marriage of a Nicholas, but again no others show up.

George Holmes (then of the parish of Cartmel) married Isabella Hellen at Windermere in 1781.  I also have both of their burials at Windermere.

Has anyone else researched this line at all?  It'd be intriguing to find out more about Nicholas, and George before he married Isabella.

I've checked the historical directories site but there don't seem to be any directories on there between the 1750s and 1781 for the right sort of area.  Are there any available?  If so would any kind person be able to look Nicholas and George up on the directories in the Colton/Cartmel sort of areas?

Also, the only possible Nicholas i've found a baptism for was at Ulverston to a James Holme in 1710.  While I have found the baptism of an Elizabeth Strickland to a Reynold Strickland at Colton in about 1720 off the top of my head. 

Is anyone aware of any other possible baptisms of Nicholas?  Marriages of Nicholas?  Or burials of Nicholas in the areas?

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Hi John,
Are you sure that William Owen Bibby was illegitimate? My source tells me that they have the birth cert which shows his parents as Jonathan Bibby and Ruth Glover.

Sorry Steve but your source is wrong.  The birth certificate only lists Ruth.  On William's 1st marriage "William BIBBY" is listed as the father, at his 2nd marriage "William OWEN" is listed.  William Owen was his father, Jonathan Bibby had died.

Best wishes

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