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Fife / Re: Anne Wemyss ms. Valentine
« on: Sunday 10 January 21 11:53 GMT (UK)  »

Sorry for taking so long to reply to you Rosinish I have written to all these cemeteries which you have

suggested . Hopefully I will hear back from them .

Yes I think this is James as they lived in Fife most of their married life.


Fife / Re: Anne Wemyss ms. Valentine
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 20:06 GMT (UK)  »

They were married 14 th September 1934  11, Royal Terrace Edinburgh  according to the Forms of Church of Scotland,


Fife / Re: Anne Wemyss ms. Valentine
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 18:43 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you both for your replies .

I have written to various cemeteries and the Fife bereavement services over the last fifteen years
I don/t remember her but an older cousin remembers  staying with her and her husband James at a flat above the "pub " towards the end of the war.
I have them in 1935 on Valuation Roll in Albion Road  Edinburgh he was James Tait McLaren Wemyss but not on 1940.
Anne or Nan as she was called was only 44 when she died . Her parents are both buried in Edinburgh .I have been to their graves and she is not buried with them as it is only the two of them in it. I received this information via Mortonhall Crematorium
I remember going to her grave with my parents but I was very young .


Fife / Anne Wemyss ms. Valentine
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 15:08 GMT (UK)  »

I am hoping someone can help me find where Anne is buried or her obituary .
 All I know is that the cemetery is somewhere near Dunfermline as I visited it as a child .

Anne died on 17Th June 1948 at 15 Kirkgate Dunfermilne  which was her home address .  Her husband James Wemyss was the manager of The Abbey Public House and I believe this is where she died .
James did remarry and died many years later .
I have contacted several places in Fife trying to get this information including their bereavement services but they have never ever replied to my requests.


Wigtownshire / Re: Hugh Fraser - help needed!
« on: Tuesday 22 December 20 19:37 GMT (UK)  »

I wonder if this can help I have an ancestor born in Glenluce in the 1870's left around 1912/13

and headed to Canada he was there about 2/3 years then returned back to Scotland around1915/16

He was heading to Montreal Quebec apparently there were quite a few local men went together

according to my aunt (his daughter) ,He lived and worked in the Glenluce area on his return.


Wigtownshire / Re: Hugh Fraser - help needed!
« on: Tuesday 22 December 20 17:20 GMT (UK)  »

Hi I wonder if Hugh went over to  Northern Ireland to work and died there it is only approximately 21 miles by sea  across from Stranraer.
You could also contact the Records Department Blackpark Estate Stranraer the have the records for all the cemeteries in the area as you have Maggie and her children's deaths they will confirm where they are and give you details who are in each plot.
Inch is a lovely cemetery at Castle Kennedy about 5 miles from Stranraer


Wigtownshire / Re: Hugh Fraser - help needed!
« on: Tuesday 22 December 20 13:40 GMT (UK)  »

 Hi ,
     Do you know where Margaret/Maggie was buried ? Could she be buried beside Hugh ?

I have MI'S for a few cemeteries in the Stranraer area but unfortunately this is not one of them.


Scotland / Re: James Wood a coal miner from Scotland
« on: Saturday 12 December 20 20:47 GMT (UK)  »

It is probably Coal Neuk Tranent as there is a street called Coal Neuk Court there today.



  Think it will be a while yet  before it reopens as Edinburgh is being kept in tier 3.
I am missing my visits to Edinburgh too


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