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This is all I can find in the registers for what I think are your family members:

OCT 31 1830  BROWN  Robert son of Thomas & Tabitha otp lab
MAR 26 1832  BROWN  Maria dau of Thomas & Tabitha otp lab
JUN 11 1832  BROWN  Maria Dau of Thomas & Tabitha (recd into congregation)
JUL 21 1833  BROWN  Robert Son of Thomas & Tabitha otp lab
JUN 8  1835  BROWN  Marian Dau of Thomas & Tabitha opt lab

JAN 27 1833  BROWN  Robert otp burnt 2 1/2

7 NOV 1862 DYSON George 22 bac lab otp son of Charles lab
           BROWN Rebecca 19 sp otp dau of Thomas lab
           WITS Robert Blackwell & Ann Chapman

8 JUL 1871 SCOTT John 21 bac lab otp son of William lab
           BROWN Damaris 21 sp otp dau of Thomas lab
           WITS Edward Jarvis & Tabitha Taylor

Neither Tom nor Damaris were baptized in Burwell, their weddings are listed in the PR's but nothing else prior to that.

The 1851 census for Burwell isn't available, but there's a Tabiatha Brown and family on the 1841 census, which I assume is her?

Hello Richard
The earliest mention of a Tabitha being baptised from 1685 on, is in 1819, a Tabitha Peachey.  I looked at St Mary, Burwell records, and tried the Independent Chapel, but there is a gap in their records between 1796 and 1822.

There are also only two Houghtons mentioned on the entire records cd that I have, and both were pre 1731.  There are also a number of Houchen and Houchin records but none later than 1703.

Why do you think she was born in Burwell?

Northumberland / Re: Daniel Mosman - Longhoughton Area c1716 - c1781
« on: Friday 09 December 16 19:20 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All and thanks very much for the help and the offers!  I've not been online in a while so I'm just catching up with the thread and wanted to say thanks!

Northumberland / Re: Daniel Mosman - Longhoughton Area c1716 - c1781
« on: Friday 18 November 16 18:12 GMT (UK)  »
Janis, thanks for the info, looks like I have the wrong marriage date, or my contact does (an older lady who visited the archives on a trip to the UK 27 years ago and "wrote it all down".

What are you using to get the info?  I'd like to put a reference on my tree and "a nice lady from Rootchat" isn't going to cut it, lol!

Northumberland / Daniel Mosman - Longhoughton Area c1716 - c1781
« on: Friday 18 November 16 16:48 GMT (UK)  »
Is anyone else researching this family, or the name in the Longhoughton area?

Daniel was born around 1716, had three wives and a number of children (in the PR's on FamilySearch/FreeReg/BT's for Northumberland etc), he is often listed as being of "Bowma or Boomer" which I think is probably Boulmer, this is what I have so far:

First wife:  Ann Wright, married 24 May 1741, child Ann bn and died in 1741, can't find a death record for Ann snr.
Second Wife: Isabel Robson, married 12 Nov 1743, can't find any children yet, or a death record
Third Wife: Elizabeth Smith, married 24 May 1755.  Children Mary 1755, James 1756 (my line), Daniel 1759, Elizabeth 1762, Jane 1764 and Elenor 1766 who may be the Eleanor Mosman who died in Berwick in 1824, single and aged 57.

I have info on James Mosman going forward (he turned up in Ponteland) and some of his children, but nothing on his siblings apart from Elenor (possibly).  And what happened to Daniel snr and his wife Elizabeth, where did they go?  There is a reference on the NBI for Northumberland for a Daniel Mosman in 1781 but I don't have the ability to view more details, does anyone have access?

There is another Mosman line in Eglingham, that at this point, aren't connected, but as it's an unusual surname they might well be somewhere down the line!

Other name variations are Musman and Mossman.

United States of America / Re: Alex Grdovic Immigration
« on: Tuesday 05 August 14 19:39 BST (UK)  »
I found a Croatia specific forum on another site... and asked for advice there too, I was told that his place of birth is Javorek, a small village just to the East of Samobor (this was in the full 1920 census).  And this has just popped up, talk about a stroke of luck.

"The village of Javorek belongs to the parish of Noršić Selo.

Croatia, Church Books, 1516-1994
Roman Catholic (Rimokatolička crkva)
Noršić Selo
Births (Rođeni) 1878-1900... Deaths (Umrli) 1878-1920
Image 48, Line 32:

Sandor Grdović born 30 Jul 1890 in Javorek, baptized 31 Jul 189'0 in Noršić Selo. Parents: Stjepan Grdovič and Kata nee Vapnar, farmers. Residence: Javorek #4 (house number). Godparents: Juraj and Julika Grdanjski. Baptized: parish priest Aleksa Padarčić.

Sandor or Šandor is Hungarian version of Alexander."

I've just passed all of this info on to my friend, along with the links to the documents available in the US, he might want to fill in the gaps.  Just closing the loop here.

United States of America / Re: Alex Grdovic Immigration
« on: Monday 04 August 14 17:13 BST (UK)  »
As a direct descendant, your friend could order his death certificate, which is relatively inexpensive at $9.  This would likely include spots for his parents' names, but it depends if they were known by the informant.

For a $27 fee, his original Social Security application could be ordered.  This should include his place of birth and his parents' names (if known by him), including mother's maiden name.

The 1930 census says that Alex immigrated in 1907 and had filed his first papers for naturalization.  It may just be coincidence, but the New York passenger lists have entries for Albin, Pavao, and Tomo Grdovic arriving in 1907 and all were going to McKeesport, Pennsylvania.  I'm not sure if any of these are him, but they seem worth investigating as they may be relatives.

Thanks for those links too, I'll pass them along.  I've found entire pages from manifests with ALL of the "aliens" coming from Croatia and heading for Pittsburgh area, obviously for work.  An awful lot of them listed McKeesport as a final destination, seemed to be a bit of a hotspot!  They must have had some network of fellow Croatians in the area who were helping with jobs and lodging until the new arrivals got on their feet.

I hear the library calling my name!  Thanks for the help.

United States of America / Re: Alex Grdovic Immigration
« on: Monday 04 August 14 16:51 BST (UK)  »
Was his immigration date consistent through censuses? (e.g. 1920 and 1930 give same date).

Do census records list him as naturalised?  If so, possibly the best way forward would be to track down his naturalisation records then find his immigration from those.  Chances are that his name has been badly misspelt/mistranscribed.

So far I've only seen the transcript of the census, not the full page, so I do need to check at the library for that.  1920 & 1940 list 1910 as his immigration year, 1930 lists 1907.

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