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Hi Anne

That would be great. My mother will be pleased if there is a link. (She's Wright's Granddaughter).

Just as an extra, Wright's Son was also called Willie Crosland he was born 09.07.1916 in Hade Edge and Died 26.08.1988 in Holmfirth. He married Mabel Harriet Armitage on 24.12.1938 in Holmfirth. Mabel was born 19.05.1916 and died in 2003.

My mother is Enid Walton née Crosland, b 16.07.1940 in Holmfirth and married Anthony Rodger Walton (b. 24.01.1944) in November 1965.

And to complete the direct line, I was born 17.02.1970 :-)


Hi Anne

My Wright Crosland, looking back in my files was actually born 28.10.1886 @ Hades, Wooldale, Holmfirth. He married Elizabeth Marsden (b. 25.06.1889 & d. 25.07.1963) on 09.06.1915 in Huddersfield and died on 14.12.1917 at Ypres.

His Parents were Willie Crosland, b 07.09.1859 at a place called Lane, near Holme. He died 13.03.1930. He married Martha Crossley (née Sedgwick) on 23.10.1886 (5 days before Wright was born).

Willie's Parents were Wright Crosland (bapt. 15.12.1822 at Woodhead, d. 31.01.1873 at Austonley and bur 04.02.1873 at St Davids PC Holmbridge) and Martha Kaye (b. 11.10.1838 at Holme, d 13.08.1873 at Austonley and bur 16.08.1873). They married on 11.07.1857 at St David's Holmbridge.

His Parents were James Crosland (bap 31.01.1789, d. 10.12.1858 and bur 12.12.1858) and Hannah Morris (b. circa 1783, d. 18.03.1851 and bur 20.03.1851). They married 02.11.1815 at Mottram in Londendale.

James' Parents were Richard & Mary Crosland and Richard's Father was John Crosland

RE: Birth Wright Crosland Huddersfield Sep 1884 9a/262

That is my maternal great grandfather. He was born 3 days after his parents wedding. He saw action at Gallipoli and at Passchendaele. Buried in Ypres. I can give more information.

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