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London & Middlesex Resources / Re: Old Palace School Bombing WW2
« on: Friday 17 September 21 10:41 BST (UK)  »
Another biography completed and another firefighter killed in the line of duty

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Friday 10 September 21 17:38 BST (UK)  »
I loved to “ root” ,that is look at things in cupboards etc .
My parents married in 1933 ,Dad must have taken  a few photographs with him from his father’s home.
Most precious is the only one in existence of his mother ,a family group of her parents , her four brothers ,younger sister and my grandmother.
It would be taken after  the  1891 census .
She left her native Shropshire to work as a servant in Manchester ,met grandad ,married in 1896,,had three children and died in 1916 just as my father was conscripted into the Army.
She was fifty.
There were a few other snaps and some nice portraits of my mother and father..Many of my older sister and two of me!
Very few belongings, that grandma’s wedding ring which had been base metal  with a thin gold layer.One brooch ,a tiny black box .
He ring was taken from my sister’s when her house was burgled.
That is all of her.
I do not know if she had a Shropshire accent,most probably she did.

Nothing of my other grandma but a few photographs ,and some false teeth that may have been hers—— ?
The lavender mourning ribbon.

But the wonderful stories my mother told of that grandma and their family life.
They are so rich and funny ,a bright  witty family .

My mother’s stories are like a book of social history , her mother a typical
Mother, capital letter on purpose.
All for her children and she and grandad devoted to each other.
She it was who when a neighbour commented on grandma being pregnant yet again - said “ All my children are born out of love  and every one is welcome”.She had twelve in 25 years.

I have recounted some , they are written down but I fear will die with me.
Little known of my Dad’s mother.
I have very little of my mother’s few possessions .
Two Cristal necklaces ,one clear and one clear with some jet beads too.
A handbag she had at my wedding ,in it her gloves and a little sachet made by her ,of scented cashews ,a hankie.
A perfume bottle and a tiny pot which had perfumed cream in it .
A little dressing table vase and a cut glass vase.
A tiny cut glass pot with silver lid.
Her icing sugar caster.
 Her mince pie tins ,bought at Woolworths in 1933 for 6d each.
Hankies ,all ironed by her .
She died in 1957 aged 61.
My children did not know her,my first son was just over four months when she died.
Again very few photographs.
So much lost in the blitz , there are some photographs ,but a gap of four and a half years when I was an evacuee ,from three and a half to eight.
They will all get chucked out ,my children are not sentimental really .
Second  son  will want Dad’s WW1 things.
Ah, well, all is transient , and we must make way for the new.
But- stop the world I want to get off !

Viktoria you are blessed to have such wonderful family treasures and to know the history and stories that go with these wonderful heirlooms, very precious indeed.

is there any chance of grandchildren being interested, especially if you capture their imagines at a young age and can tell stories about the objects, maybe you can get them off the games consoles and pique their interest???

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Friday 10 September 21 17:35 BST (UK)  »
I found a letter that my great grandfather sent my great grandmother in 1914. They wed in 1919 so knew each other for years beforehand.

Sadly I don't have any letters at all that were sent by any of my Ancestors

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Thursday 09 September 21 14:24 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Viktoria, it's so sad the thought of all the things that get handed down and are so precious to us, eventually will get thrown away. Heartbreaking really.

Before I started my family history, all my grandparents had sadly passed away and I can remember helping to empty their houses, having absolutely no idea then, how precious these items could be. Luckily somehow I spotted my great-grandfathers WW1 medals and at the time I thought that they looked interesting.............and 20 years later I'm still researching!

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Wednesday 08 September 21 22:02 BST (UK)  »
I have a pocket watch belonging to my great great grandfather from c1913

A ring that belonged to my great grandfather c1940's

A box of bits belonging to my grandfather, books, a watch, cups

My other grandfathers ww2 ration book

A necklace that belonged to my grandfather

A birthday postcard from the 1920's that was sent to my great grandfather from his grandmother (my great,great,great grandmother)

A tea set that belonged to my grandmothers grandmother

Recently my 92 year old grandmother passed away, we've cleared her loft out and found...

A Bible given to my great great grandfather in 1892 from the Sunday school

A Bible given to my great great grandmother in 1898

A Bible given to my great,great,great grandfather dated 25th March 1877

But the most amazing one is a Bible given to my great,great,great grandparents on the day of their wedding by the vicar on the 6th November 1862!!!

I used to ask grandma if she knew anything about these people and she played dumb 😂

Wow, what a collection of heirlooms to inherit Jason!! The bibles are like gold dust, the one from 1862 must be so precious and so delicate.

London & Middlesex Resources / Re: Old Palace School Bombing WW2
« on: Monday 30 August 21 12:42 BST (UK)  »

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Sunday 29 August 21 09:48 BST (UK)  »
Part 2 is here and there are some beautiful heirlooms included here and some even more wonderful stories about there origins.

The Common Room / Re: Family Heirlooms
« on: Wednesday 25 August 21 12:25 BST (UK)  »
i have had so many people send me pictures and tell stories behind their favourite family heirlooms that I have had to write two stories about them there were so many!!

Part 1 is here with Part 2 to follow!!

London & Middlesex Resources / Re: Old Palace School Bombing WW2
« on: Sunday 15 August 21 08:24 BST (UK)  »
Another Firefighter biography completed and another one Killed in the Line of Duty..............

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