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Australia / Re: GERMANY: DEGENHARDT from Clausthal, Hanover
« on: Thursday 27 July 17 09:04 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for that Cheran, it was interesting.

Australia / Re: GERMANY: DEGENHARDT from Clausthal, Hanover
« on: Tuesday 25 July 17 13:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi Cheran
I am sure that the Ships List says that it was Lina and her mother that came out on the George Washington.
Like you, I can understand that Cotte could be written as Kotte/Codde, but Hamster is a loooong stretch. More so, when Louis death cert says that he married in Germany.
I haven't come across Bisa before, is it only South Australian Libraries, or where did you find it?
I would also be grateful for a contact for the German SA Genie group if you have one.
Between missing gg grandmothers, missing g great grandfathers through this line and a completely free spirit of a grandfather on my husband's side I am forever grateful if I manage to get a snippet of info once in a blue moon.

Australia / Re: GERMANY: DEGENHARDT from Clausthal, Hanover
« on: Tuesday 25 July 17 09:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi Cheron
Just an update for you.  Johann Carl Ludwig "Louis" Degenhardt travelled from Germany aboard The George Washington, which sailed in 1848 and arrived in South Australia in 1849. There was a Lina Hamster and her mother who travelled with the Degenhardt family, as well as a Marie Sophia Wilhelmine Schwanecke who also travelled with the Degenhardt family. Also aboard that boat was Albert Stockel aged 19.
I am convinced that Lina Hamster and Lina Cotte are one and the same, but so far, have been unable to find any reason for there to have been such confusion with the names.  Also I have been unable to locate any other Cotte/Kotte on that list.
On "Louis" death cert, it states that he is from Clausthal and that he married Carolina Codde (amended to Cotte) at the age of 26 in Braunschweig.  His children are listed as: Minna, Anna, Robert, Louis and Betty.
Can you tell me what Bisa is?
There was a Johann Carl Ludwig Degenhardt who arrived in South Australia aboard the Patel in 1846 and I am wondering if he came out earlier with his brothers to check things out and then went back for the rest of the family.
I am hoping to get to the German Immigration Museum in Bremerhaven next year to try to get some information on Lina.
Coincidentally, one of the ladies I exercise with comes form Braunschweig and her husband is an avid genealogist so I hope that he may be able to shed some light on the name situation.
Hope that this has proved interesting for you.

Armed Forces / Re: Harry Norman Lee WEST
« on: Tuesday 14 May 13 08:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi Gorton boy, thanks for the info. The man I am trying to track down is proving tricky. I have a copy of his marriage cert to  Florence Francis May HERBERT in WA on  1 January 1914. He gives his father's name and occupation as Edward J
amesWest, surgeon,  but states that he was born in Mount Gambler in S.A.. I have been unable to find any records of him or his parents in S.A. He also says that his mother's name was Elizabeth Lindsay, and again nothing. I do have copies of later court records in which he gives his full name as Harold Norman Lindsay West.  But I agree that there are just too many coincidences with these two.  Without going into too much detail on a public forum,  it would not surprise me that he has made up a history for himself that it is mix of fact and fiction.  To make matters worse, he also had a son named Harold Norman West, and I am wondering if that is the one who enlisted in WW2.  I would love to explore this more, but Iambic away from home at the moment and do not have access to all my information. I will contact you again when I get back, if that is OK and will email you a copy of the certs that I have.   Thanks Julie

Australia / Re: Elizabeth Mary LINDSAY
« on: Thursday 25 April 13 07:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ted
I am not sure if I have responded to you earlier, if I haven't please forgive me. The lady I am looking for was the mother of Harold Norman Lee West and according to the information that I have, Harold's fathers name was Edward James West and he was supposed to be a surgeon. arold has given his birthplace as Mt Gambier in South Australia but I think that this may be a false trail as I have been unable to find anything for any of them in SA or Victoria.  I am now looking into the possibility that Harold was Born in Colchester in 1888, but once again keep getting dead ends. I would like to know more about this man (Harold) as he is my husband's grandfather. All I can say at the moment, is that he is leading me a merry chase!
All information regarding this family would be gratefully accepted.

Armed Forces / Harry Norman Lee WEST
« on: Thursday 25 April 13 06:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi I am hoping that someone can help. I have been researching my husband's grandfather, Harold Norman Lee WEST, who supposedly was born in Mt Gambier, South Australia in 1889.  To date, I have found nothing that would support this. However,  I have come across a Harry Norman Lee WEST born in Colchester in 1888. According to the British Army Records. Harry attested with the R Horse and R Field Arty in 1906, but I am beginning to think that these two are actually the same person because apart from the names there are an amazing amount of other coincidences. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? I am particularly interested in the years between 1906 and 1914. All help will be gratefully received.

Australia / Re: Elizabeth Mary LINDSAY
« on: Friday 20 April 12 06:45 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Sparrett

You're right, of course it was Electoral Roll not Census :-[

I did a quick search on the site you suggested but nothing is coming up.  So now we know that SA, Vic and NSW are all out of the equation!

Thanks everyone for the help.

Australia / Re: Elizabeth Mary LINDSAY
« on: Friday 20 April 12 03:29 BST (UK)  »
Getting back to the 1931 Census which shows Harold Norman WEST, Wool Classer,  living in Fremantle.  The census also shows an Alfred Edward WEST, Shearer, living in the same street.  I am wondering if they are brothers?  I have done a bit of digging, Alfred and his wife Margaret, appear to have spent most their time in NSW, which leads me to wonder if Harold was born in NSW? Is anyone able to check NSW BDM please?  We would be looking around 1887.

Australia / Re: Elizabeth Mary LINDSAY
« on: Thursday 19 April 12 03:04 BST (UK)  »
I have Harold's 2nd marriage certificate which gives his details.  I, too, have looked just about everywhere for his actual birth certificate, but can't seem to locate him, which is why I am beginning to think that either Harold is lying, or born elsewhere and came to SA (and later WA) as a young child.


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