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Travelling People / Re: Lavender in Warbleton, Sussex
« on: Friday 19 August 11 22:49 BST (UK)  »

I can't help you with the Warbleton Lavenders I afraid, but wondered if you were related to the Ruislip ones? I'm decended from the Ruislip ones and don't think they were travellers (although one distant branch of mine married into the Hearn travelling family).


The Lighter Side / Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« on: Thursday 18 August 11 01:48 BST (UK)  »

Walter James RADLETT m Maria Antionette DOUGHTY 1877 Rotherhithe, London
John Alfred BRAY m Elizabeth Anne RIVERS 1894 Rotherhithe, London
William Bartholomew CHAMBERS m Anne Elizabeth LOCK 1893 Malmesbury, Wiltshire
George DAVIS m Emily WICKS 1888 Malmesbury, Wiltshire


James SMITH m Catherine WALLEDGE 1858 Edmonton, Middlesex
Benjamin FLOOK MONKS m Sarah Frances GUNNELL 1865 Lambeth, London
David LAVENDER m Ann LAVENDER 1862 Ruislip, Middlesex
Edward ABREHART m Ann SIMMONS 1875 Mitcham, Surrey

 ;D Kim  ;D

The Lighter Side / Re: Why am I always so disappointed...
« on: Sunday 14 August 11 22:08 BST (UK)  »
In reply, the housing was awful, I have pictures! As you say, there was some terrible rebuilding in the 60s and 70s, which is now being replaced with much nicer/practical social housing. To be fair, a lot of the original slum housing was demolished during bombing raids in WW2.

On the subject of 'most' of the women being prostitutes', it very well documented after many years of (other people's) research. I don't want to say where it is, as I don't want to give away too  much personal info, but this is a large street in Portsmouth, which has had much written about it from a lot of documented evidence (one that I found particularly interesting was a survey, much like the Charles Booth records of East London, done by a local church official). So, whilst I welcome your comments Jenny, I feel I am justified this time  ;)


The Lighter Side / Re: Why am I always so disappointed...
« on: Sunday 14 August 11 14:44 BST (UK)  »
My daughter thought that a long time ago the entire world was in black, grey & white, and one day color appeared.
She got that from the fact that all old movies were black & white.  New movies are in color,......

To be fair, I still imagine my ancestors living in a black and white world!

I agree that it is sad that so many places no longer exist but I wouldn't turn the clock back for anything. Where I live, has been built on an old brewery that was surrounded by slum housing. Poverty was everywhere, children were generally mudlarks with no education, women were prostitues or worked every hour possible raising large families and taking in odd jobs. It is now completely redeveloped, apart from a few Georgian buildings. We now have safe streets, good quality housing and a far better quality of life. I'm just glad so many places were photographed before redevelopment so we can enjoy the areas without the reality that came with it.


The Lighter Side / Re: Four Trees -Our Great Grandmothers
« on: Saturday 02 July 11 10:41 BST (UK)  »
I have looked into all four branches of my tree and was lucky enough to have met one of my great grandparents (only just!)

Maria Bray (Radlett) 1894-1967
Rose Davis (Chambers/Pike) 1892-1983
Martha Monks (Smith) 1868-1951
Mary Abrehart (Lavender) 1878-1963

I remember Rose. I have an image of her sat in a chair with a croched blanked over her knees watching me play at her feet. I'd have been 3 and she was 91!

I don't have pictures of Maria, as they were destroyed when their house was bombed in WW2, but I have got pictures of the last three. I'm on the wrong laptop, so can only post one. Here's Rose:

The Lighter Side / Re: What do you remember- seems impossible now
« on: Wednesday 22 June 11 18:32 BST (UK)  »
I use my 1996 mobile phone in history lessons - they think it is a brick and were very shocked that although I had one at sixteen, not everyone had one and we rarely sent text messages.

The fact that computers made a noise when connecting to the internet and you had to wait for what felt like hours for it to load.

We didn't use MS Word but a blue screened Word Perfect to type documents

We had a black and white TV in our kitchen as late as 1985.

My classroom had one of the giant chalk boards that you rolled round, no Interactive white boards or plastic white wipe-clean numbers.

We had one computer for the whole school when I was at primary school in the late 1980s, but no ever used it because a) it only had one program on it and b) none of the Teachers could use it.

If I wanted to talk to my friends privately (or more likely, a boy, secretly) on the phone, I would have to walk into town to the red phone box and put money in it to use the phone.

Having yo fast forward a cassette tape in order to rewind the other side because not all cassette players had rewind buttons.

I teach primary aged kids, so I have this conversation all the time. I'm only 31 but so much from my youth seems alien to them, especially anything to do with technology.

Kim ;D

The Common Room / Re: Identifying photos for future generations
« on: Monday 13 June 11 22:26 BST (UK)  »
Heather - yes I think that's the one! My parents met there in the 70s and my grandad and aunt also worked there. Small world...

The Common Room / Re: Identifying photos for future generations
« on: Monday 13 June 11 20:43 BST (UK)  »
This has worked quite well as I'm able to not only record the names but also a brief description such as 'Brother in Law, married to no.4' or 'Workmate from Philips TVs'

Just being nosey Heather, but did you really have relatives who worked at Phillips? Was it in Croydon? I only ask because most of my maternal immediate family worked there!


Somerset / Re: Monmouth Rebellion Info please!!
« on: Monday 13 June 11 17:56 BST (UK)  »
I don't know if this is any help or not, but before my grandad died, he did alot of research into the Monmouth Rebellion and amongst his possessions that i inherited i have a folder of names of the rebels.

These appear:

Humphrey Hitchcock (from Thorncombe in Dorset)
John Hitchcock (from Chard Town Tithing in Somerset)

There are no Dukes or Hitchcock-Duke

There is a John Duce (from Colyton in Devon)


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