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It definetly makes you feel more connected going to where we know our ancestors have been. 
I'm going to focus mainly on Irish relations. My grandmother was from Belfast so l'll go there as well.
Also planning to go to Bellacourt Military Cemetery in France for a Manchester Pal relative and do a bit more cemetery visiting in Manchester and Rossendale.

I'm going to Ireland next year but l have been unable to find where Edmund and Margaret are buried,  so whilst that is unfortunate, at least l can go to the towns where they spent their final years.


I thought you said you had nothing on Margaret other than the details in your first post.
I must have missed it.
So she is the one who dies in Strokestown, Roscommon district.
I have been searching Griffiths etc to try to confirm /exclude her. I should have continued reading.

Glad you seem to be sorted now.

No sign of a Margaret Whittaker death in Strokestown S.R.D. Is her name Margaret Whittaker or something else. OP, can you provide a link to her death?

Can anyone find it?

I have no conclusive proof that the daughter Margaret Ann Whittaker born in Paisley, Scotland in 1831, and appeared in the 1841 and 51 UK & Wales Census with the family, ever did go to Ireland.
I have searched far and wide and no one else researching this family on Ancestry appears to have ever found her either.
The most obvious record to find for proof would be a marriage but any Margaret Whittaker l find just doesn't pan out.
I've gone through every site l can think of but nothing and l've been looking for years.

No details post 1851 UK & Wales Census for the daughter also called Margaret.
This lot stuck to naming patterns so it gets very confusing! My husband can't understand how l separate them all :D

Edmund and Margaret's deaths are accurate. I was able to trace their other daughter whose husband was the informant on Margaret's death certificate. I was able to trace Edmund's death through his Chelsea Pension which then led me to his death certificate. The daughter lived in Lanesborough and Ballytoohey and her husband like Edmund was a Tailor when they married.
Edmund was a Tailor in the army and l'm guessing the daughter's husband may have worked with Edmund in Lanesborough and when Edmund died they moved and took Margaret with them to Ballytoohey where they had employment.
Once Margaret died they settled permanently in Mullingar.
So, l'm back to where l started but feeling more confident l have the right James. Thanks.

Then if that is the case then l will disregard the Conversion record. It just complicates things.
It could very well have been a mix up at the Parish Church.

No  l haven't checked the RIC. I think that's on FindMyPast which l havent got atm.
There is a discrepancy because the James Whittaker who is a Timekeeper in Dublin on the 1911 census is married to Teresa Ellen Byrne and he was born in Lancashire so is it just a coincidence that the other James converts to Catholicism the year before the marriage in exactly the same place?
That is really unlikely.
There are definitely 2 different James Whittakers. It's just really odd.
I can look the RIC records up in the library but maybe l just forget about the conversion record altogether.

Thanks again,
I have come across a Irish Catholic baptism record for a James Whittaker son of Edmund and Margaret Whittaker nee McGuiness from Ross. This James was born 16 June 1849. It is this James who marries Teresa Ellen Byrne.
I've now ended up with no burial place for Edmund or Margaret. No birthplace for their eldest son who was also James nor one for my ancestor Edmund ( l have trawled through so many records without success) and no idea of what happened to daughter Margaret. This family is so frustrating!!

Thanks Heywood,
Those are his sons. It's what happened to James in Ireland. He would have been about 8 when Edmund and Margaret left Rossendale, Lancs for the Longford area.
John Munn and Elizabeth (daughter) both went with them.
I can't find the eldest daughter Margaret anywhere after 1851 UK and Wales Census and now l dont have what happened to James either so it seems.

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