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Welcome to Rootschat

Can you provide some dates please

Jonathan Plowman who immigrated to the USA at age 12
  What year did he emigrate so we can determine his birthyear

Elizabeth Lianer Plowman who I saw via findagrave that might be his mother and John Samual Plowman as his father as well as an Edward Plowman who is his father.

He can't have had 2 fathers?

Is this his birth reg

PLOWMAN, JONATHAN   mothers maiden name     LACK     
GRO Reference: 1862  S Quarter in TOWCESTER  Volume 03B  Page 18

If yes

Marriages Dec 1853   

Lack    Henrietta         Towcester    3b   52    
PLOWMAN    Henry     Towcester 3b   52


Griffith Ellis L Jones aged 85 Born August 1887  died June qtr 1973  Carnarvon   Volume 8a  510

From freebmd

Births Dec 1887 
Jones    Griffith Ellis L     Carnarvon 11b   413

Using  shows his 3rd christian name was Lloyd & his mmn was Ellis

You need to look for his parents marriage then check the 1891 census etc for more info on his father

Glamorganshire / Re: Mary Elizabeth Evans' parentage
« on: Yesterday at 23:37 »
William & Elizabeth were both born in Aberdare, around 1867 & 1869 respectively. They married in 1889.
I am less concerned about finding out about William's parentage than I am about Elizabeth's. Her parents were not present on the marriage certificate, so I have no immediate way of finding out what her maiden name was.

Mothers names are never shown on English or Welsh marriage certs.  You must have Elizabeth’s maiden name if you have the 1889 marriage cert?

Lancashire / Re: James Graham
« on: Yesterday at 20:56 »
Son b 1909 was Patrick Smith Graham.  Died 22.3.1941 Killearn Stirlingshire according to a tree on Ancestry.  Same tree shows James died Barrow 1940 but the only death in 1940 was aged 57

Lancashire / Re: James Graham
« on: Yesterday at 20:46 »
No obvious death in Barrow.  Suspect they may have moved

The Common Room / Re: 1921 Census
« on: Yesterday at 12:06 »
There are a number of threads about the 1921 - use the RC search facility to find them.  Latest one today deals with the costs announced by FindMyPast.  See my last reply on this thread

Simplest way is to look for any births on freebmd then use GRO online to determine the mothers maiden name.

Alternatively -you can just use GRO online to do a maiden name search.  As Busch can be spelt differently - use the option “similar sounding variations” or “phonetically similar variations” from the right hand menu

Lancashire / Re: James Graham
« on: Tuesday 26 October 21 20:19 BST (UK)  »
There is another Graham/Smith marriage in Barrow so be careful if you are looking for births post 1911

Marriages June qtr 1904 
Graham    Joseph         Barrow F.    8e   1628   
Smith    Catherine         Barrow F.    8e   1628      

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