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Australia / Re: Pengilly family of Parkes, NSW
« on: Thursday 14 November 19 22:36 GMT (UK)  »
There iis a probate packet for Archibald Bertram Edgar PENGILLY at NSW state archives

I could photograph this for you next time I am there.   It should contain a death cert, a will and other useful family info.


That would be fantastic Ros. Iíd be very very grateful. There is a very good reason behind me trying to track all this info down, so would really help!

Australia / Re: Pengilly family of Parkes, NSW
« on: Thursday 14 November 19 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
I know that you are looking to connect with living relatives, but the more information put up here the more likely anyone looking for the same family connections, when doing a Google search, will find what they are looking for.

13402/1959 PENGILLY Archibald Bertram parents JOHN and MARY at CAMPSIE

5417/1982 PENGILLY Mary Theresa parents JOHN and AGNES MARY

Another maybe:

26646/1983 PENGILLY Eileen Mary parents JOHN and MARY

PENGILLY Eileen Mary Death notice 17-11-1983 Death 89 late of Wentworth Falls, formerly of Springwood Sydney Morning Herald 19-111983
Not available on Google SMH.

Itís interesting that no children were mentioned in the death notices for Archibald and Magdalene.

29055/1950 MICKLEWRIGHT Michael James to PENGILLY Margaret Almina KATOOMBA

28165/1960 MICKLEWRIGHT Margaret Almina parents THOMAS GILBERT F and JANE KATOOMBA

Margaret at Katoomba Cemetery:

GivenName: Margaret Almina
Cemetery: Katoomba
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Age: 34
Section: KRC2
Row: 5
PlotNumber: 4
DateDeath: 05-Sep-1960
PlotType: Monumental

Could these be the folks of Michael?


MICKLEWRIGHT Lillian Death notice 6 Nov 1976 Death 81 late of Yagoona, formerly of Springwood Sydney Morning Herald 8 Nov 1976

1st page:


MICKLEWRIGHT John Talbot Death notice 28 Aug 1969 Death late of Springwood Sydney Morning Herald 29 Aug 1969
Not available on Google SMH.


Iíd not thought about helping others make connections by posting extra info / relationships. Thatís a really good point!

Managed to confirm the first Archibald was the uncle of the Archibald whose family Iím trying to trace. 7 brothers and sisters from the uncles generation. Iím assuming that Leonie (perhaps short for Athlone), Warwick and Kristine (named on their Auntís headstone) are Archibaldís children but there may well be other siblings Iím not aware of.

Re Micklewrights: Mick Micklewright was born in England which is presumably why he took his daughters back there following his wifeís death. We are trying to trace any family who may know more about why that happened to get my friend some answers. Potentially have a lead for the presumed son of one of the 3 so hoping to follow that up.

Thanks again for all your help. Much appreciated.

Australia / Re: Pengilly family of Parkes, NSW
« on: Tuesday 12 November 19 19:54 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Jamjar. The second Archibald (d 1964) is the correct guy and Magdalene was his wife. Iíd traced their death records and Mary (his sister)ís headstone but hadnít got the funeral notices or knew how to do it so thatís very helpful.

The first Archibald is a relation, I think his Uncle but canít get NSW BMDís to load today to check.

Itís the generations following Iím really after and of course trying to navigate Australian records which are closed for 50/100 years. Been PMíd a couple of resources so going to have a hunt there too. All much appreciated.

Australia / Pengilly family of Parkes, NSW
« on: Tuesday 12 November 19 11:03 GMT (UK)  »
Bit of a long shot but here goes!

Looking to trace any descendants of Archibald Bertram Edgar Pengilly of Parkes, NSW, Australia (1917-1964) and his sisters Margaret Almina Micklewright (nee Pengilly) (1920-1960) and Mary Ellen Pengilly (1921-2007).

Margaretís children (Margaret / Sharon b 1951 and Pamela b approx 1953) moved to England with their father after her death. Am researching on behalf of one of their family and would love to make contact with Australian connections.

I know Leonie (Archibaldís daughter?) was trying to trace Sharon and Pamela a few years ago but have been unable to make contact.

IHi - any ideas of the approx date for this one? The family were pretty prolific so without a date itís difficult to figure out who it shows.  It was taken on the Fife/Perthshire border in Scotland and the family were farmers. Unfortunately I donít have access to the rear of the photo, just this digital image.

Thanks in advance

World War One / Thomas Abel Archer - records burnt?
« on: Thursday 08 October 15 14:09 BST (UK)  »
Hello afraid it's me again. This time I'm looking into my paternal great grandfather.

I have found his medal card on Ancestry so have his rank and regiment but again I can't find anything further. Now, this could be because I'm struggling to get to grips with the databases but as I understand it could mean his records were destroyed during WW2? Is that right?

He was Thomas Abel Archer. Born Great Bowden on 11 Aug 1889. He was in the Royal Ordnance Corp and his number was 014114. I've been told he was in the Sherwood Foresters.

Any help or confirmation gratefully recieved. Thank you

Oh so I was. These are all brilliant! Thank you so so much  ;D

That's wonderful, so much better. Thank you!


This is my husband's great grandfather. I've been researching his WW1 service with the help of the WW1 board and they suggested I should post the picture of him here to be restored.

My children (6 & 8) are going to take the photo and records into school to show their class. They have really enjoyed the research.

Thanks in advance.

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