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Clare / Re: GINNANE/HENNESSY family of Clare
« on: Thursday 28 January 21 01:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Heywood
You ae bang on with most if not all of the information you have posted it thank you very much for your help
Pete Flynn

Clare / Re: GINNANE/HENNESSY family of Clare
« on: Thursday 28 January 21 00:53 GMT (UK)  »
All of this information is fantastic thanks every one, Regards Richard Hennessey the dates his occupation all ties in to some information I already Have via a memorial card I have. the card did'nt show his occupation but the photo on it showed him dressed as you would expect a train driver /fireman to have dressed (a bit like Casey jones)  :) Also another member of my family suggested that he had something to do with the railway. He is buried in Inchicore I think this also used to be near the railway yards which would tie in.
I also have been led believe one of his (Richards) family was involved in professional football either for Utd or Arsenal possible both ... i ll have to keep digging away.
I remember once my granddad watching a match and him pointing some one out and telling me it was his cousin. but that's granddads full of tall stories  ;D.
Once I find the card of Richard I post it here just in case anyone else is interested.
stay safe every one .

Clare / Re: GINNANE/HENNESSY family of Clare
« on: Thursday 14 January 21 02:43 GMT (UK)  »
I have Guinane Hennessey connections although I do not have much information on them . My great gran and grandad were the Guinanes but was told by a relative my great gran (Bridget Guinane) was sister to Ellen Hennessey . Her Mother was also called Bridget we believe that she was first married to a William Hennessey then married Patrick Guinane we think this is why her sister had the name Hennessey and she didnt .
Ellen also had a brother, Ritchard Hennessey that we know of .I know he died about 1959 in the Dublin area and is burried there.
Ellen Hennessey married William Riley in Accrington lancs
Bridget married Charles Flynn in Accrington lancs
their other brothers were twins John and Dan Guinane
John Guinane died in 1904 in Poona india whilst serving with the East Lancs Regiment
Dan Guinane Married Barabara Fergusen and went to Canada I think they went to Montreal via NY

Europe / Re: Malta birth records
« on: Saturday 21 November 15 16:52 GMT (UK)  »
I have a Madeleine Coleiro death card somewhere, I got it through my mum, I don't know how she sits in my Family apart from we do have Coleiros in our family. my great grandparents where Coleiro's and going further back they also inter- married with my mothers side of libreri's in Malta.
I do know that in Malta the name you name be given at Birth can differ from the name they use on Documents and by what others knowthem as so it can confussing.
The Coleiro's in my family were known to be living in Valletta , Floriana, Pieta they had a furniture stores in these areas in the early 1900s.

Cork / Re: Visit to Cork
« on: Thursday 16 December 10 00:28 GMT (UK)  »
 there are a few way I have seen Guinane spelt including guinnane Guinanne Gynan, and these have been people that are in my family tree ... my family were "Guinanes"
I see that you were looking for these family in the Cheshire area , in the 1901 UK census I have found Guinane's in Accrington lancs Salford lancs Bolton lancs one in yorkshire and a couple in London.
I dint know how far you have got with your searching this is a considerable amount of guinanes (including other variant spellings) that you can find in the Irish 1901 census.
I also search the Lancashire BDM (birth death marriages) it free and it give you a chance to search variants ,I believe there is a similar one for Cheshire

Tipperary / Re: Maher Family - Tipperary
« on: Wednesday 03 November 10 22:26 GMT (UK)  »
looking for any information regard Hennessey , Guinane, Maher or Ryan from the Accrington area. I believe all these families may all be related. and originate from the Nenagh area of Tipperary Ireland.
I have a Dan Guinane half brother of the Hennessey family travelling to Montreal via USA with some Maher Family members. All were listed as living in Wellington Road/street Accrington at the time of travel. The Ryan connection to the Family I believe is Dan Mothers Bridget Ryan was was married to William  Hennessey prior to marrying Patrick Guinane......i having a night finding information on these lot GGGGRRRRR!!! ;D
( Henessy, Hennesy, Guinanne, Ryan, Gynane, Flynn, Silvermines, Ballinaclough, Ballnaclogh, Temple Derry, Muklyn) = JUST TAGS

Tipperary / Bridget (Ryan) Hennessey Guinane
« on: Monday 25 October 10 22:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi all Looking for Bridget Ryan Born Templederry Tipperary .
I believe bridget married twice once to William Hennessey and second to Patrick Guinane.
William and Bridget  had about three children Ellen Hennessey, Richard Hennessey,Mary Anne Hennessey and William Hennessey ( I believe this is correct ;-))
Patrick and Bridget had four children that I know of TWINS Dan and John Guinane, Bridget Guinane, and Catherine (Kate) Guinane all the guinane children, Ellen Hennessey and Mary Anne ended up living in Accrington.

Ellen Hennessey married William Riley Accrington (accy) both died in Accy
Mary Anne Hennessey married ________ Moore Accy then believed to have moved to the USA
Dan Guinane married Barbara Ferguson Accy living in Wellington street Accy then believed to moved to Canada Montreal via USA
John (LOST)
Bridget Guinane married Charles Flynn Accy both died in Accy
Kate Guinane married Ehpriham Mayes Accy  both died in Accy 

Armed Forces / Re: Is this a 'long shot' too far?
« on: Sunday 10 October 10 20:42 BST (UK)  »
I had something similar with the surname Fleming.  I've looked on genuki and see that there are two places called Marden; one in Wiltshire and the other in (hmm senior moment) I think it's Herefordshire.  If you do the 'advanced search' for the full name of Frederick Butcher with the keyword being the county you'll see there is only a choice of 3 Frederick(s) in Wiltshire and with any luck they'll all be on the same card (there's 6 names to a card).  The Fleming I'm researching was a year older than your man.  This age group were called up in the latter stages of the war.  Due to Fleming being a common surname I also did a bit of web research to see what sort of Battalions were stationed in local barracks which eliminated countless Flemings who were in Scots Guards, West Yorkshire Brigade, etc.
Another angle is that many towns had 'Pal' regiments - a famous one was 'Accrington Pals' - with any luck the area you're interested in could have a local historian who has published a list of the members of those Pals online.

Good Luck,

Hi Rena
I saw this post and wandered if you are looking for Fleming's from Accrington? I have been trying to find information on these Flemings ,I believe they may have lived in Bolton prior to Accrington. Ellen /Elizabeth fleming married my great great grandfather Thomas Flynn in Accrington/Church St Oswalds RC Church Hyndburn Road.

Mayo / Re: Thomas Flynn
« on: Saturday 09 October 10 23:04 BST (UK)  »
Thomas Flynn was born in Westport in 1841 he moved to England and married Ellen Fleming in 1869 in Accrington Lancashire.Could anyone please give me any info about his family ie:his birth,parents names,siblings,parents marriage etc:I think his Fathers name was Charles Flynn.  
I don't know if Ellen Fleming was born in Westport,but i think her Fathers name was James Fleming.

As well as they children named by Dee .They also had A son named Thomas he died very young in infancy , another son Edward ,Edward died in the 1920,s .
Their marriage although recored as Blackburn was actually at St Oswald's in Accrington /Church on Hyndburn road.
John their son Married Ellen Hogan and lived in spring Hill he owned the fish mongers He and his Wife Ellen Hogan adopted on of the Henry Brothers the other brother I believe also lived with them in springhill. One of the UK census's also show Ellen's mother living with them 9she was born Nenagh Tipperary)
Charles Flynn (son) married Bridget Guinane in Accrington Sacred Heart Church Blackburn Road.
Charles joined the East Lancashire Regiment address at the time was Napier Street Accrington, he seemed to move around the local area quite a lot other addresses in the area were South Street ,13 Augusta street and Grange Lane ...I recon he was dodging the rent man!!Charles died abt 1923 of injuries sustained during the war (he was gassed) and is recorded on the Roll of Honour now housed at St Mary's in Ossy. i have also been told that he help dig the "hump" out of Accrington Stanley's former ground Peel park which this aggravated his chest and ultimately caused his death.....
Annie (daughter)married Alfred Lewis and lived in Baxenden the children i can remember are Bertha ,Annie,James, I cant remember her name but I think they had another daughter .
I sure some one already Knows this ....CROZBI was Alfreds Lewis's mother surname ??
I have seen the record of Thomas and Ellens marriage Charles was recorded as Thomas's father.
I noted when searching the Church Records a lot of the christenings of the children showed the Bolton/Boultons as the children god parents.

ah well I cant remember much more at the moment i ll keep an eye on these posts and add what other info i have when I remember. For any one who is interested I do have quite a few Certificates of the Flynn's you can have copies if you wish along with photo copies of the church records.

All the best

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