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Yes parents are Thomas Kedge and Joane Pratt
Thank you garstonite

Hello garstonite,
Although I am still working on this I am aware that there is more than likely a Richard Kedge,
who was buried 29 Apr 1630 in Denham Buckinghamshire.
It is thought that he MAY have been born in abt Nov 1629. (i am still trying to locate a birth / baptism record.

Thank you trish1120

Hello trish1120 and Vance Mead,
Thank you both for your replies. I am aware of the details you have both given.
Richard as mentioned was a joiner. A Richard Kedge is also recorded as carving the font cover for St Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, the first church restored and rebuilt by the office of Sir Christopher Wren after the great fire of London.
I will continue to look for a baptism record.
Once again thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply.

Family History Beginners Board / Richard Kedge circa 1643 Denham Area Buckinghamshire
« on: Wednesday 31 March 21 07:26 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to locate a baptism record for him.
It is thought that he married Joyce (surname not known).
As far as I can tell they had two children.
Elizabeth Kedge Baptism Date9 Jun 1670 @ St Katherine Coleman, City of London.
Joyce Kedge Baptism Date8 Aug 1672 @ St Katherine Coleman, City of London.
Any assistance will be appreciated

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Garrett or Gerett Fitzgerald circa 1700
« on: Thursday 18 March 21 06:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hello garstonite,
I will contact the tree owner. Hopefully they can help.
I have also now looked at the link and have coopied the details for me to look at asap. I have also sent a message to that tree owner.
Thank you for you help.

Family History Beginners Board / Garrett or Gerett Fitzgerald circa 1700
« on: Wednesday 17 March 21 07:13 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find a baptism and marriage for him.
Thought to have been born in the Piccadilly / Westminster area that was in Middlesex (now in London)
His wife’s name appears to be Mary. This has been taken for their son Thomas Fitzgerald baptism record. Baptism Date 19 May 1728 St James, Piccadilly (St James, Westminster).
City of Westminster Archives Centre; London, England; Westminster Church of England Parish Registers; Reference: STM/PR/8/18.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: William Rooke (Rook) circa 1760-1765
« on: Friday 05 March 21 06:12 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Emeltom.

Family History Beginners Board / William Rooke (Rook) circa 1760-1765
« on: Thursday 04 March 21 07:53 GMT (UK)  »
Thought to have been born circa 1760-1765 maybe in the Bideford maybe Northam Area in Devon.
His wife name is Mary (do not know her surname)
As far as I can tell they had three / four children.
Charlotte Rook Baptised 1 Apr 1792 Bideford Devon.
William Rook Baptised 9 Feb 1794 Bideford Devon.
James Rook Baptised 28 Feb 1796 Bideford Devon.
Possibly Mary Ann Rook Baptised 11 Jan 1802 Northam Devon. (Not certain if this is correct!?)
Northam is the next parish to Bideford
Any assistance would be appreciated.

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