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London and Middlesex / Re: George WINGRAVE - 1811 - ?
« on: Thursday 16 March 23 16:34 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for that - All sounds very possible.  I'm sure I came across the surname FOX when I was looking for George but can't remember where!  The was an Arthur Wingrave FOX but he's probably a red herring!  I'm grateful for the tip.  I'm very wary of Ancestry Trees as a rule but this does seem likely.  Thank you.

London and Middlesex / George WINGRAVE - 1811 - ?
« on: Thursday 16 March 23 14:34 GMT (UK)  »
George WINGRAVE was born in Middlesex about 1811 - his father was Joseph WINGRAVE and they were Oil and Italian Warehousemen.  George married Sarah PRIMER at Cheltenham in 1845 and they had 3 daughters by the 1851 census when they were living in Fleet Street, St Bride.  Sarah died later in 1851 and by the 1861 census the 3 daughters are living in Cheltenham with their maternal grandfather David PRIMER and are entered with the surname PRIMER.  My question is "What happened to George WINGRAVE?

Wiltshire / Re: Mary Louisa Kate JONES - born Chippenham 1864
« on: Friday 27 January 23 01:33 GMT (UK)  »
This is the entry on the Free GRO Index

Wiltshire / Mary Louisa Kate JONES - born Chippenham 1864
« on: Thursday 26 January 23 22:14 GMT (UK)  »
When this birth was registered the Registration District is given as "OF CHIPPENHAM" on the GRO Index - what does the "OF" mean?
Mary Louisa Kate was the daughter of David JONES and Sarah ELLY who were married in Bath in 1860 and appear on the Chippenham Census of 1861.  By 1971 they were living in Gloucester but had two children born in Bristol in 1865 and 1867.  I can find no trace of Mary Louisa Kate after her birth.  There is a death of a young Mary JONES in "OF CHIPPENHAM" registered in the Dec qrt 1865 but the birth of a Sarah Maria JONES was registered in Bristol (mmn ELLY)in the Sept qrt 1865 makes this seems unlikely. Can anyone help? Thank you.

Gloucestershire / Re: Burials in Gloucester
« on: Tuesday 24 January 23 20:05 GMT (UK)  »
Hi tillyc.   Many Thanks!   Pat

Gloucestershire / Re: Burials in Gloucester
« on: Monday 23 January 23 18:16 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, that's him.  After swimming in the canal.

Gloucestershire / Burials in Gloucester
« on: Monday 23 January 23 17:45 GMT (UK)  »
I have been unable to find burials for these members of my family who died in Gloucester. 
Kate Elizabeth JONES (aged 1) in 1875
Walter Elly JONES (aged 17) in 1891
Sarah JONES (aged 51) in 1892
David JONES (aged 71) in 1909

Kate & Walter were twins and were christened at St Luke's Church in 1874.  Sarah & David were their parents and my g grandparents.  Thank you.

Lancashire / Re: Married at Ss Simon and Jude, Bolton
« on: Sunday 19 June 22 16:07 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all.  I think the time has come to purchase Mary Elizabeth WILKINSON's birth certificate and possibly Ellen ADAMSON's marriage certificate.  It has been great having all your opinions which have supported my research and given me confidence to proceed.  Many thanks

Lancashire / Re: Married at Ss Simon and Jude, Bolton
« on: Saturday 18 June 22 19:11 BST (UK)  »
Thank you all so much - I did have those census and school entries and you have agreed that there is a prospect of Ellen ADAMSON being the mother of at least Mary Elizabeth but I have yet to find the registration of Mary's birth.  I have not found Ellen on the 1881 census yet either - it's all very intriguing.  Benjamin was registered with Rebecca's maiden name of ROTHWELL. I'm grateful for your interest.
PS Today, I found the WILKINSON connection which does seem to answer a few questions - but hadn't found John on the 1891 census so thank you for that. I see that John WILKINSON married Ellen  ADAMSON in 1880 at Emmanuel Church - next question are those records online?

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