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Once again thank you Monica for a swift reply. (You put me in touch with Robert, regarding a previous complicated search).
It seems a bit complicated to try to find headstones in an area I don't know, but you never know!
Thanks again for the suggestion.

Caithness / Help with locating headstones please? Donald Fraser, Mowat William, Catherine
« on: Thursday 14 September 17 16:47 BST (UK)  »
I am visiting Caithness shortly and I would love to find any of the graves relating to my ancestors.
Donald Fraser died Feb 24th 1862 in Freswick, Canisbay. In 1861 he appears on the census with his second wife Christina as a grocer residing in Ruthers of Howe. Can anyone direct me to the likely spot where he is buried please?
Also Catherine Fraser (m.s. Mowat) his first wife and my 3 x gt grandmother died on Dec 5th 1855 aged 29 and "buried at Canisbay Churchyard". How would I go about finding the stone?
Also William Mowat (her grandfather) died Aug 15th 1877 in Thurso aged 83 (Thurso must have several churchyards I imagine?)
And his parents William Mowat and Rose McKean died around 1844. I have found an inscription on 'Highland Memorial Inscriptions' which states burial at Canisbay no 433. Any help with what this means please?
I've had some tremendous help from this site in the past. Fingers crossed!  :)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: 1871 Census records Scotland Missing relative
« on: Friday 30 September 16 12:44 BST (UK)  »
Attaching the details of George and Rosina's marriage at Dalkeith. I don't think my last post worked! I'm off to Edinburgh tomorrow so running out of time now. Don't know how to look for banns but as always, grateful for your help.
I was hoping to go and see the church at Dalkeith but I am reliably informed it is now a 'posh' furniture showroom!
Kind regards, Audrey.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: 1871 Census records Scotland Missing relative
« on: Thursday 29 September 16 15:37 BST (UK)  »
Hello Monica! Once again you come to my aid! You may recall it was you who introduced me to Robert (Macfarlane) when I was looking for George Macdonald, my gt. grandfather around 2010. Rosina Fraser was his second wife whom he married in 1875. I am grateful for finding out where she lived in 1871 -  long before she met him. I am intrigued to find out why they married at Dalkeith......George did not live there; by this time he was a Police Constable in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh. So I had assumed (always wrong!) that she was working in the Dalkeith area to qualify for banns being read there. She might well have been by 1875, but I was told that she named my Grandfather Douglas Maclagan Macdonald after the surgeon Sir Douglas Maclagan whom she worked for. He resided at Heriot Row why Dalkeith? I shall probably never know. Thanks again. A great website and another piece in the jigsaw.  :)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: 1871 Census records Scotland Missing relative
« on: Thursday 29 September 16 09:33 BST (UK)  »
Once again Rootschat has helped me find a missing piece of the jigsaw. Thank you SO much for your posting.
I have now located Rosina indeed as you say registered as Rosia (I should have guessed, but my searches came up with nothing remotely like her name)
I now think she lived at 9 Gardners Cres, in the St Cuthberts Parish of Edinburgh.....but the writing is hard to decipher if you are not familiar with the locality. I am going to Edinburgh next week, so this has come just in time to help me look for where she lived.
Thank you so much,

Family History Beginners Board / 1871 Census records Scotland Missing relative
« on: Wednesday 28 September 16 18:46 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone able to give me advice on where to start searching for my great grandmother Rosina Fraser on the 1871 records. I have found her on the 1861 census when she was 10 and know of her whereabouts from 1881 onwards, but the 1871 census defeats me! She was a domestic servant and possibly lived around the Dalkeith area as she was married in the Church of Scotland there in 1875. I believe she was working for Douglas Maclagan - the eminent Scottish Surgeon who became Sir Douglas Maclagan.....and whom my grandfather was named for.  I have found their record at Heriot Place Edinburgh....but no sign of Rosina. Any ideas please?

Inverness / Re: Tracing grave for Isabella McKillop Laggan
« on: Sunday 06 January 13 17:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Skoosh - many thanks for your reply.  I have visited Roybridge & Chille Choirill while searching for the Macdonald side of my family - a wonderful tranquil spot. I think though that 'my' Isabella will likely be have been laid to rest around the Newtonmore, Laggan area as she was born there and died there too. Circumstances meant she did not travel far from there plus her parents (Mackays) and siblings are there too (in Banchor).   She married and became 'McKillop' quite late in life and she had no children by him. I imagine it was a 'convenient' marriage - he needed a housekeeper after his first wife died - she needed a home. I would like to find out where Donald McKillop was buried after his death in 1902. Perhaps he had her (Isabella) buried in the same graveyard as his first wife?

Inverness / Re: Tracing grave for Isabella McKillop Laggan
« on: Tuesday 01 January 13 14:54 GMT (UK)  »
Brilliant!  Thank you so much.

Inverness / Re: Tracing grave for Isabella McKillop Laggan
« on: Tuesday 01 January 13 12:47 GMT (UK)  »
Just when you think the brick wall has finally closed for good - you get a positive lead like this Gordon.  I can't thank you enough! I had not heard of the 'deceased online' site and I have checked it out. However, the McKillops there are not Isabella or Donald. They are for Johanna McRae w/o James McKillop and Henrietta Hay also w/o another McKillop (I think another James) just in case you or anyone else finds it of interest.
The Canmore site is the one that has 'blown my socks off' because I can now see photos of the actual dwelling place that my gt. gt grandmother lived in around 1880 - 1890 and therefore where she died . I can see what you mean by the white building close by and I must now try to locate it and visit if I can when I am next in the area. I'm so pleased it has been protected as an 'historical building'.
So..... Banchor Graveyard is ruled out plus Laggan too as I have made enquiries and had no luck there. As I don't know the area well I am unsure if there is another possible site.  I might try to see if there are records for Donald's grave when he died in 1902 because he had already lost his first wife in 1876 and therefore he might have had a family plot? Worth looking at anyway!
Thank you again for your help & good luck in your own search.

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