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Oxfordshire / Re: Burial for Ann Taylor
« on: Tuesday 05 October 21 16:29 BST (UK)  »
The OFHS have transcripts for the Radcliffe Infirmary but it looks like they only go up to 1855.

It might be worth getting in touch with OFHS to see if they know if burials continued after 1855
A report in the Church Times says the burial ground was closed by Order-in-Council in 1855.

Thanks tazzie for explaining the absence of burial records after 1855.

I have a copy of the CD mentioned by cuffie81.  The preamble to the Radcliffe transcripts includes the following:

"A single entry for 1771 is recorded in the burial register; otherwise the register dates from 1815 to 1855.

The death registers date from 1845 and appear to be complete except for the period 1874-8"

Steffyj, my copy of the CD isn't the most recent version.  It's possible that the missing death records for 1875 have been found since the Health Authority archives were transferred to the Oxfordshire History Centre (about 10 years ago?).  If I were you, I'd check with Oxfordshire Family History Society as they did the original transcribing; their email is help[AT]


Oxfordshire / Re: Studley Priory Family Lairs
« on: Thursday 30 September 21 19:16 BST (UK)  »
Larger view of Studley Priory map; 1919

And there's 'The Enclosure (Burial Place)' again, complete with the path to the Priory  :D

I want to go there and have a look now  :(

Oxfordshire / Re: Studley Priory Family Lairs
« on: Thursday 30 September 21 19:11 BST (UK)  »
Well just to be pernickety (it's the mood I'm in!), Find a Grave only shows us the churchyard memorials for Robert and Margaret.  There's no conclusive proof that they were buried there.

Baird, I meant to ask - are you and the Hendersons related, or were you just curious?

Oxfordshire / Re: Studley Priory Family Lairs
« on: Thursday 30 September 21 15:21 BST (UK)  »
Baird, I'm wondering who would feel the need to have the remains moved from Reichswald Forest between 1946 and 1954?  Was this unusual?

Was he an only child?  His father died in 1932 (abode Studley Priory) but his mother lived until 1959.  Here's her record in St Barnabas' burial records:-

"1959 / 23 June / HENDERSON / Margaret Frances / 73 / abode Cirencester formerly of Studley Priory / died 28 May 1959, the bones (cremated) of"

If Margaret left instructions for her own remains to be returned to Studley, might she previously have done the same for her son?

Maybe they're all in the brick grave/vault - is this it in 1898, bottom of the map?

Oxfordshire / Re: Studley Priory Family Lairs
« on: Thursday 30 September 21 10:42 BST (UK)  »
Hello Baird,

If it helps, there are four HENDERSON burials in the parish records of St Barnabas, Horton cum Studley.  All four show the person's address as Studley Priory and the first two mention a brick grave or vault in Studley Priory Wood.  Your David isn't listed but his parents are.  (Incidentally the term 'lair' isn't usual in English records, but I knew what it meant.)

There's also a HENDERSON marriage and four baptisms in the same parish.

I don't have an Ancestry sub at the moment but the images should be available there.  Alternatively I can give you details of the above events as transcribed by Oxfordshire Family History Society on their CD (OXF-HED02).


Berkshire / Re: Reading borough police service 17
« on: Sunday 12 September 21 17:16 BST (UK)  »
In the late 1960s (from memory), the Reading force was absorbed into the new Thames Valley Police.  They have a museum which is closed for the time being, but in normal times they have handled research requests like yours.  I would suggest you keep an eye on their website - here's a link:

Apart from that, you could look for newspaper reports mentioning him or 'service 17'.  I wonder whether that phrase identifies the area/beat he was assigned to?


Oxfordshire / Re: Phipps of Littlemore
« on: Friday 17 April 20 18:01 BST (UK)  »
The banns record at St Mary the Virgin in Oxford states that Edmund and Ann are 'both of Littlemoor in this parish'.

As far as the Church of England was concerned, Littlemore (modern spelling) was a chapelry of the parish of St Mary until 1847.  The village did have its own church from 1836 for baptisms and burials.  Its main claim to fame is that the first vicar of Littlemore was John Henry Newman, who later joined the Roman Catholic church and was recently made a saint.

Edmund and Ann's daughter Caroline was my great-great-grandmother.  Do you have a direct connection to this family?


The Stay Safe Board / Re: state of emergency
« on: Saturday 14 March 20 17:43 GMT (UK)  »
What's the 'Australian predicament'?  Serious question as I wasn't aware we had a special one.

I live in a region where there are no reported cases of the virus so far.  Despite that, when I was on a bus the other day and did a tiny cough after drinking some chilled water, the driver immediately stopped in the middle of a suburban street and demanded to know whether I was unwell.  A surprising over-reaction as we'd just had a face-to-face discussion about my destination.  I explained about the cold water and was allowed to remain aboard.  For the remaining fifteen minutes of the journey I was treated to his ramblings on the theme of 'we're all going to get it'.

He's probably in the wrong job ::)


If you're a member of the Oxfordshire Family History Society, go to their website and you'll find past issues of the Journal in the 'Members-Only Area'.  They go right back to the founding of OFHS in 1977.

Otherwise, try emailing:  help(at) (replacing (at) with @).

Just out of curiosity, what was the article about?


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