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Fife / Re: Bain,Kirkcaldy
« on: Saturday 11 December 10 17:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Diddy,

I think Elizabeth Bain (Bennett) died in Scotland in approx. 1855 and her husband  James Bain died in 1872 in Scotland,

thanks for your help,


Fife / Re: Bain,Kirkcaldy
« on: Saturday 11 December 10 08:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Sid,

I am amazed, thank you so much. I had been told by a friend who uses Rootschat how helpful people are but I never expected to hear something so quickly,

many thanks,

kind regards,


Fife / Bain,Kirkcaldy
« on: Friday 10 December 10 16:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am new and hoping to get some help researching my Bain family history.
my G,G,G, Grandfather was called James Bain, born 1795 in Abbotshall, Fife, died 1872 Kirkcaldy, Fife. My problem is he married an Elizabeth Bennet in 1816, Kirkcaldy but she is shown as being born in in approx. 1796 in London, I think her father was called William and was a builder but I can't move any further back on her family as I don't know how to trace someone with such a huge birth area as london, anyone and ideas?


Scotland / Re: Elizabeth Stewart Kyle b 1913 search?
« on: Wednesday 08 December 10 16:45 GMT (UK)  »

 no I didn't know and it is somewhere for me to start,


Scotland / Elizabeth Stewart Kyle b 1913 search?
« on: Wednesday 08 December 10 11:24 GMT (UK)  »


New to this board and im looking for information on Elizabeth Stewart Kyle who was born in 1913 in Scotland, Edinburgh area.
 She married John Stark in Church of Forth in 1932 and last heard of in 1946 in Edinburgh when she left her marriage and daughter Helen.


If this is the wrong area please let me know which specific area of the forum I should post. Ta.

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