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I have only one instance out of many hundreds or more of baptisms where a parish record records the  mother’s maiden name in every entry on a page. Coincidentally it is in the same family that an ancestor was given the mmn as a middle name. And I can think of only a handful of cases of the latter practice (including a couple of examples where a single mother is thus naming a child’s father).

I think that if most tree-constructors strictly applied standards of proof, most trees wouldn’t go back far at all in most branches. Apart from my surname line, which is directly provable back to 1647 and pretty secure to 1600, only one other line even approaches that (to 1757). In this case there are no wills but a poor law removal, an apprenticeship indenture, and freeman records. Ironically this branch was pretty much at the bottom of the social order.

Writing some years ago W.G. Hoskins suggested that it would be an exceptional Leicestershire family descended from a yeoman farmer which could not trace its descent back to about 1600 with persistent searching, but he also refers in his paper to the use of “strong circumstantial evidence”, which is surely not up to the required standard.

Hoskins researched families in Wigston pretty thoroughly and included in one of his articles was one of my family lines, the Pawleys. He asserted that they were descended from Pauli. a Viking who settled after a big battle. There's nothing else to prove it of course so I just keep the suggestion in my mind.
But when people ask how far back I've got on my tree I do enjoy saying "Winter, 878"!

The Common Room / Re: So disappointed in RootsChat - What rubbish !!!!
« on: Sunday 27 November 22 14:05 GMT (UK)  »
I just thought it was someone feeling a bit disgruntled about something, didn't take much notice.
I've now looked at her profile and posts and something doesn't add up.

Profile says 'last active yesterday (26th then)at 00.13.'
But that post was made on the 18th.

And anyway her last post was made on the 18th at 22.09.   Both perfectly normal.

So I think something has gone wrong with her account, should we pm her or leave it to Sarah? I don't want to interfer, but she's maybe feeling awful and can't tell us?


The Common Room / Re: Ancestral Memory Is It fact or Fiction?
« on: Sunday 23 October 22 12:17 BST (UK)  »
Is it in any way like instinct? The Britannia Dictionary gives this definition: : 'a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is not learned : a natural desire or tendency that makes you want to act in a particular way'.
  It's always puzzled me how a cuckoo, dumped in another bird's nest, never having known it's mother or other cuckoos, knows to migrate back to where it's mother came from; and then return to the same place it was born. That's not learned, it's inbuilt. So instinct must have a physical form, but can you see it or touch it? It has to be in the brain and there should be a gene governing it.
  Doesn't it sound very much like 'ancestral memory'? Perhaps there's a gene for memories.

  I don't know, perhaps someone scientifically inclined can explain. I'll keep an open mind on this because new discoveries come to light every day.

The Lighter Side / Re: The "Thin Air Register"
« on: Saturday 23 July 22 13:28 BST (UK)  »

 "Thin air" ancestors can also count for ones untraceable before their marriage.

Before I started my research, I watched a TV programme where a woman was showing a TV  presenter a large volume.

She explained that her late father had been a vicar and the book she was holding was the register he filled in of BDMs in his church. 

Now that I'm seeking my ancestors, I do wonder if some descendent of a vicar has a register or has the register been thrown into the garbage bin.

I can't remember where it was now, but our Leicestershire Family History Society newsletter told the story of a man who was a churchwarden at a village in the Belvoir area who owned a chip shop; he used the old Registers to wrap his fish and chips in.

The Common Room / Re: Historical Places in Rowley Regis, West Midlands
« on: Thursday 21 July 22 00:16 BST (UK)  »
The Nationial Archives has some listings for Rowley Regis. Most seem to be held at Dudley Archives or the Records Office. I would think you could pick up some interesting snippets from them. It was a kings' hunting site in the 12th century, there should be some references to that as it would seem to have been a turning point in it's history.
You could explore why it burgeoned in the 19th century, and also look at it's connections with Dudley College.
These suggestions might not be precise enough for your project, but might open up some ideas for you.

Thank you, Biggles :)

i'd like that but I'm worried about this Amazon Prime thing. How do you cancel it, is it easy?

The Common Room / Re: Could my dad be adopted via family
« on: Friday 06 May 22 01:50 BST (UK)  »
My dad use to tell the story of his mum leaving him in hospital for 18 months after pulling down a pot of boiling water onto himself...But even still would a mother leave her child for 18 months in hospital?  It just doesn't make sense. 

Actually it does make sense. Recently I watched a TV interview where an entertainer mentioned the same thing happened to him when he was a toddler. He was in hospital for two years, as a result. Apparently he nearly died. This was about 70-75 years ago.

It happened to me, I managed to pull a pan of boiling milk over my chest. I know that I didn't go to hospital, the doctor attended to me. Possibly not so severe as the other 2 instances, but my brother recently reminded of it and I have a scar to this day. It happened in 1944/43.

A note about Godparents; The church where I was christened noted my Godparents - one of whom was my father.

The Common Room / Re: Lost in 1841
« on: Monday 07 February 22 12:30 GMT (UK)  »
Have you checked if she's staying at her parents' home, and listed under her maiden name? I've found a couple of  missing married women like that.

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