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Lincolnshire / Re: william tateson:marriage witness, grimsby
« on: Sunday 10 July 11 16:04 BST (UK)  »
Yes please.....We have a big family website I can give you access to...will do so off this site. If you are already in touch with Mike do ask him for my email address..Best wishes DIane

Lincolnshire / Re: william tateson:marriage witness, grimsby
« on: Wednesday 06 July 11 17:36 BST (UK)  »
You can key in John Williams mariner 1812 and come up with quite a few ships...not yet got as far as looking them up further in Lloyds to see what trips they made etc......I went for this date as it was the year John married and described himself as a mariner...probably a red herring. What version of the family rumour did your uncle give you?
I have visited Claxby...lots of Sheherd family grave stones there
Are you in the UK or USA?
Best wishes Diane

Lincolnshire / Re: william tateson:marriage witness, grimsby
« on: Sunday 19 June 11 23:40 BST (UK)  »
I have sent you a personal message...have you got this?

Lincolnshire / Re: william tateson:marriage witness, grimsby
« on: Saturday 18 June 11 22:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi! I descend from Thomas Tennyson of Trevor and so John is also my GGG grandfather. Looking at the hand writing on the marriage entry in the register the name is definitely has been wrongly transcribed as Juteson.......
I am in touch with other Trevors descendants in well as descendants of Rachel, and Mary Ann.
We are still not able to prove who John was. Anther descendant from Thomas through his son Henry(Also my line) tells me her aunt talked of scandal and bigamy and all hushed up and not talked about and some Tennyson connection. The question is whose bigamy? Did a Tennyson make an unsuitable marriage which was ignored by his family and he then married someone else. This was to happen to Margaret Tennyson William who slipped off to London with Brandstorms son...only to be brought back and both she and young Brandstorm were married to other people 4 years later.
Did Solicitor George Tennyson father a child before he married Mary Turner?
Did his son George Clayton Tennyson make an unwise liaison while at College....he had a letter from his father warning him about this.......or even earlier. Just why did his father consider him unsuitable to inherit and favour his younger brother, packing George off into the church? He would have to have been a young teenager to have been our John's father given they were both producing children at the same time.
Why was Aunt Elizabeth Tennyson living as a companion at Maim head House in Devon....? Had she been banished?
Rachel Tennyson Williams married in Hedon......where Michael Tennyson father of George Tennyson this a coincidence?
So many questions and no answers! Good to be in touch
At some point I shall go to the Rotherham archives to look into William Tateson ...........
Do you want access to my family tree? Best wishes Diane Taylor(nee Williams)

Northumberland / Re: Muggleswick , All Saints
« on: Tuesday 17 May 11 22:14 BST (UK)  »
How wonderful. My Great great grandparents were John and Anne Liddell of Waskerley buried at Muggleswick. John Liddell was subpostmaster and railway clerk at Waskerley. Also buried at Muggleswick are Ann and John's daughter's family, the Grahams. MaryBell Liddell married Thomas you have the inscription details of the Graham monument? I believe it is close to John and Ann Liddell's.
John and Anne's other daughter, Anne married John Lowes of Halt Peat Moss near Haltwhistle. They died leaving 6 young children.....4 of these came to live with their grandparents in Waskerley......MaryBell Lowes was my great grandmother...I remember her . She married Amos Ayre. Her brother William is buried at Waskerley as is Amos brother Robert.
Best wishes Diane

Lincolnshire / Market Rasen or Grimsby bastardy bonds
« on: Monday 31 January 11 22:42 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone access to these..or Parish registers for 1780-1792 I am lookingfor a John...parent Williams and or Tennyson.....or apprenticeship for a John Williams..overseers often put illegitimate children into apprenticeships so they would not become a burden. can't find him in the usual places so maybe he is not lgitimate?   W-T

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / bastardy bonds Market Rasen and Grimsby
« on: Monday 31 January 11 22:38 GMT (UK)  »
Where are these located? Scunthorpe? Lincoln Archives? Parish registers ?I am looking for John with a parent Williams/Tennyson born 1780-1792.Anyone able to help?  W-T

Lincolnshire / Re: william tateson:marriage witness, grimsby
« on: Tuesday 18 January 11 14:14 GMT (UK)  »
Indeed! Look at my other thread..Tennyson-Williams mystery. Much hinges on finding out about John Williams who has no traceble birth or death record though traditionally he was lost at sea , rumoured off Indonesia in 1824..though how one verifies this ?
There are few William Tateson's to be found of a suitable date. There is in the Goole shipping records a William Tateson, master and co owner of the Princess Elizabeth registered in 1836......................may or may not be the correct one? There is a good chance that William Tateson, witness, was a mariner with John.........even a relative?
So if anyone out there has information on a William Tateson, probably a mariner who could have been in Grimsby in 1812 please get in touch. Tateson is mainly a northern name......but we are investigating the possibility John may have come to Grimbsy via the sea feom Devon/ a Tateson from there would add some credence to this. The Tennysons are Humberside/ likely John is from this area(illegitimately?) as on his witness might be very helpful in what is a massive and global quest!!!
So if you can help with William Tateson, witness at John's wedding...great!
Best wishes W-T

Lincolnshire / william tateson:marriage witness, grimsby
« on: Monday 17 January 11 21:25 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for anything on William Tateson who was witness to a marriage between John Williams and Elizabeth Harrison on May4 1812 at St James Grimsby. He may have been a mariner possibly a master. He may be from the East Riding/Humber area rather than Grimsby.....guessing a birth about 1780-90? He may have been a in law, cousin, uncle? There are Tatesons in Market Rasen.

I have found a William Tateson Master of a sloop listed in the Goole Shipping Register for 1836..........and a William Tateson lockkeeper at Rotherham in the 1851 census aged 52. He is too young to be the witness..............It is possible the lockkeeper is the same man as the master in which case that eliminates him too.
Can anyone help W-T

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