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Thank you Terry, they're very good.

Thanks to all who replied and to Loord74 for your great restoration and yes, I agree it is difficult to imagine how she must have looked but having another opinion on who it could have been on the wedding photo is a great help.
Many thanks

Does anyone think there is something wrong with the bridesmaid with dark hair, I've only just noticed, but it appears she has a massive lump on her stomach which is making her dress ruche.  anybody else see it?

I'm having trouble uploading the one of the couple but I'll keep trying as that's the one which needs restoration.

Hi to all you great restoration members, I'm back again!

I have 2 photos, the wedding photo taken approx. 3 or 4 years prior (maybe) but certainly no longer than 4 as the young woman in the couple photo died in 1942 age 22 and the wedding photo was taken in 1937.  I don't know what happened to the couple photo but I obtained it in this condition, so wonder if anyone can make anything of it at all.  This may or may not be a help, but the reason I have posted the wedding pic is because the lady in the couple photo is one of the bridesmaids in the wedding photo I'm just not sure which one it was.  This lady was my Aunt and as I never knew or saw her I have no idea what she looked like.  The bride is also my Aunt but they were only half sisters so they didn't obviously look alike.
In the wedding photo, my grandparents are one side with a young darkish haired bridesmaid, who I thought was my Aunt.  On the other side is the groom's mother.  Standing next to the grooms mother is my young pageboy Uncle and standing next to him is the blonde haired bridesmaid who a relative has said is our Aunt not the other one.  I have no idea at all which is which, as in my Dad's family there were 3 dark haired and 3 blondish, so that's not a lot to go on.

The couple photo I am now wondering, is this the same person/bridesmaid we see standing next to the pageboy and the same man from the couple photo standing between her and the bride??  Would the groom be standing next to the bride or behind the bride as I have no idea what the groom looked like as he also died before I was born and I have no other photos.

Any ideas and feedback appreciated as would any restoration can be made if at all.

Many thanks in advance.

Australia / Re: John Edward Blake
« on: Monday 11 April 16 13:42 BST (UK)  »
Well there were different Blakes at different times at Flower Hill Gundagai.  I need to check them all again but I think John Edward lived at Windowie around 1940 as it would seem he had a few visits to him (I have this stated on documentation).  On 1943 Edward John born Gundagai approx. 1920 was living on his own in flower hill.  His parents living at Jones Creek.  John Edward Blake born 1881 in Ireland, in 1943 was living with his half cousin Julia at Gilmore. 
ON the 1949 I can't find John Edward (he died in 1951) but can't find him anywhere after 1943, maybe he was staying somewhere else, but I found Edward John living in Flower Hill with his aunt Julia and uncle James.  I'm not absolutely certain where John Edward died but know he was living local to Gundagai/Tumut and that his cousin Julia was either living with him or with him or went to him when he had his heart attack as she called a family member who called the doctor but by the time the doctor got to him about 5 hours later he had already died.  I don't have an address of where he was living though.
The geography of the whole area is not known to me so these are just area names to me.  Julia's brother Samuel and his wife were the ones living in Jones Creek throughout til their deaths.  Edward John was their son.  I wonder if it was Edward John who you remember, I very much doubt it would have been John Edward as you would have only been 3 when he died.  It may also have been James Blake who the brother of Julia and Samuel or even Charles another brother.
Gosh! living in a hut in a paddock!!  I wonder why?  I'm sure though that Edward John inherited the family home and land in Jones Creek when his parents died one year apart 1961/2.
Ok I just found James Blake brother of Samuel, in 1958 living in Flower Hill.
Just found Edward John living in Jones Creek 1963 after his parents died and James, his Uncle still lving in Flower Hill so it must have been James you saw.  He was born around 1877.

Australia / Re: John Edward Blake
« on: Saturday 09 April 16 18:11 BST (UK)  »
Yes Aurora that is correct.  So you have done a lot of research on the Marshall family?  I don't know when Richard Marshall sailed to NSW but know that he and Elizabeth Blake married there.  Elizabeth sent for her nephew and niece John Edward and Margaret Blake when her husband Richard died in 1907.  Yes, I've seen the grave/headstone online, apparently there is also a huge  memorial window in the local church there bought by Elizabeth before she died I think.  John Edward Blake never married but Margaret married Harold Reardon.  You've probably read through all the posts here, its amazing how people are brought together in genealogy isn't it?

The Common Room / Re: Meaning of jargon in will.
« on: Wednesday 30 March 16 13:24 BST (UK)  »
No I havent' tried the Citizens advice.  Yes he lives in the house rent free but the house was paid for in full I believe when purchased in 1970.  He does pay all the utilities obviously but the upkeep/maintenance of the property has never been done by the legatees of her will, even though on paper they own the property.  The son hasn't been a well man for a great number of years so cannot work so in turn cannot afford to maintain the property either.

I agree, I am surprised that the  father had this in his will as apparently he was so meticulous, but maybe he didn't realise the problems it would cause after his death.  Or maybe he did!  ;)

The Common Room / Re: Meaning of jargon in will.
« on: Wednesday 30 March 16 13:13 BST (UK)  »
Maybe you're all correct, maybe I should leave well alone  ???

Thanks to everyone who has given their advice and help on this topic.


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